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DECEMBER 29, 2004


Mike Buffington
Big issues in 2005
If you thought there would be a lack of news after the old board of commissioners leave office, don’t worry; there will be plenty of newsworthy events to read about in 2005.

Time to rebuild trust
A new year is upon us. With the new year comes new hope for a better Jackson County.
In past years, we have often adopted a list of major goals we believed were important to the citizens of Jackson County.
There are a lot of things that need to be addressed in Jackson County during 2005, but rather than list those individually, we want to focus on the one major goal that is paramount to all the others: The county government must work to rebuild the trust and confidence of county citizens.

Virgil Adams
We start from here
It is December 29, 2004. Let us begin.
This may start out gloomy and morbid. It won’t stay that way. It will wind up optimistic and upbeat, and will help us face the New Year with hope and happiness. This is my wish for all of God’s children.


Mark Beardsley
Mixed Results In 2004; Good Luck In 2005
It is said that as one ages, the years seem to pass by more quickly, which would account for why it seems that 2004 started just a month or two ago but comes to an end Friday.

Citizens Should Share Planning Panel’s Anger
Members of the Commerce Planning Commission have expressed anger that the city council has allowed R-1 zoning to a project that does not meet R-1 guidelines. The citizens should be angry too.
While the council made a mistake in allocating 114 lots for the controversial Whitehill School Road project – when under R-1 it should have been 94 lots – the real mistake occurred when three councilmen voted to ignore the recommendation of the planning commission in the first place.

Susan Harper
A Disorganized Christmas
At church this past Sunday, someone was telling my brother that she had never even gotten her decorations up this year. “You’re not alone,” he told her, and he had the decency not to glance at me, so I think she figured he was the one with the cheerless decor, and she gave him that forgiving look men so often get when they confess to domestic shortcomings.

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