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This week's Banks County News

This week's Banks County News


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Michelle Snipes moves toward the basket for Banks County's Lady Leopards last week at the WJJC Holiday Classic Tournament in Commerce. Both Banks County teams finished second in the tournament.
Photo by Drew Brantley


'Session for Education' ahead for legislators
Education will be key during legislative session, Jamieson says
When the state legislature convenes next week, it will begin the "Session for Education."
"I agree with Governor (Roy) Barnes, it will be the session for education," said Rep. Jeanette Jamieson during a telephone interview on Tuesday.
Jamieson has worked tirelessly on the education review commission, as well as the accountability subcommittee. Barnes is expected to introduce the education package late next week.
"It will include an increase in funding to more equally distribute the cost of education so that all children in Georgia, regardless of economic background, can expect the same quality of education," said Jamieson.
Jamieson said the package will ask for accountability from everyone involved in the education of a child.
"We expect the package to call on parents to be accountable, teachers to be accountable, administrators, students and those of us in the General Assembly to be accountable as well," she continued.
Jamieson said she believes the bill will address the needs of all students.
"It will address the needs of all students, from those in academically needful positions to students who are extremely bright with all the advantages who need to be constantly challenged," Jamieson said.
Jamieson said the bill should contain incentives for some teachers and warnings to others.
"I expect the bill to address the fine professionals we have, especially classroom teachers, and contain incentives to keep these professionals in education," said Jamieson. "At the same time, it should send a message to educators who have failed to keep their professional skills up to par."
Jamieson said she believes the education package will have the support of Republicans and Democrats alike.
In addition to education, Jamieson said she believes rural counties will be interested in Barnes' Rural Development Initiative.
"This is a program to make money and grants available to rural counties to allow counties such as ours to compete for industry," Jamieson said. "We will compete with states such as North Carolina, Alabama and South Carolina. It is a terrific initiative for the governor to show his support for rural counties."
Jamieson also noted the renovation at the state capital.
"This is truly one of the most historic projects the state has ever seen," she said.
The renovation goes back to the days of the first legislature. The light fixtures, paint and ceiling have been reformed to the original design and colors of days gone by.
Jamieson said she is excited about the session.
"I look forward to a good session and appreciate the support of my constituents in Banks County," she said.


BOC asked to place moratorium on new motel units at I-85
The Banks County Board of Commissioners has been asked to place a moratorium on additional motel units at I-85.
The request came from other motels located in the Banks Crossing area, according to chairman James Dumas.
"Motel operators say people gravitate to new units and the occupancy rate drops at old units," Dumas said. "They could become 'by the week' units."
Families living in motel rooms would not be good for the county, said Dumas.
"We could end up with whole families camped out in motel rooms," he said. "They are not designed for long-term stay. This could put a burden on the school system."
Commissioner Pat Westmoreland agreed that some type of regulation should be put in place, but he did not elaborate. But commissioner Ernest Rogers said he does not agree with a moratorium being placed on regular motel rooms.
"They can lower the rates or upgrade the rooms," he said. "If a new motel comes in, it forces an upgrade."
The BOC will ask county attorney Randal Frost to research the issue before any action is taken.

Maysville City Council to look at personnel policy
At the request of city clerk Lois Harper, the Maysville City Council will look at establishing a written personnel policy for city employees.
"I think we need to put the personnel policy on the front burner," said mayor Richard Presley.
The council was to look at subdivision planning ordinances in an upcoming work session, but instead decided at its meeting Monday night to devote the work session to creating the personnel policy.
The work session will be held on Jan. 24 at 7 p.m. in the city hall.
In other business, the council:
·heard from Harper that she was still attempting to get bids for patching on Deer Run Road.
·learned the city's communication system is functioning well.
·called a special election for the council's Ward 4 seat. The election will be held on March 7 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. at the Maysville Fire Department. Qualifying was set for Jan. 24 and 27 from 8:30 a.m. to noon and 1 to 4:30 p.m. at the city hall.

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