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- W -

·W. Fred Henderson TO John M. and Staci M. McAvoy, 6.71 acres, 465th district.
·W. Fred Henderson TO Steven B. and Aleshia M. Phillips, 4.51 acres, 465th district.
·W. Michael Strickland TO Samuel L. Chesnutt, 0.03 acre, 1765th district.
·W. Vance Strickland TO W. Vance and Doris F. Strickland, 3.455 acres, 1704th district.
·W.F. Forehand Jr. TO ML-Jackson, LLC, 203.314 acres, 428th district.
·W.J. Brook Inc. TO Becky L. Davis, 2.47 acres, 1407th district.
·W.T. Nunn Jr. TO Marvin T. Nunn, an undivided interest in 1.51 acres, 255th district.
·Walt Rowsey TO Southern Oaks, L.L.C., 35 acres, 255th district.
·Walter J. and Lynn S. Holland TO Joseph L. Jr. and Elizabeth M. Head, 0.47 acre, 255th district.
·Walter W. and Edna G. Hall TO Joey D. and Gail W. Brice, 9.37 acres, 1765th district.
·Walter W. Embrick TO Bryan E. Wood, 30.62 acres, 253rd district.
·Wanda B. David TO Shade W. Storey Jr. and Miranda R. Storey, Lot 24, Block A of Academy Woods Subdivision, 245th district.
·Wanda Hicks TO Ronald R. Silva, 9.00 acres, 245th district.
·Warren E. Gilbert Sr. TO Linda G. and Bobby J. Cranford & Concepts Inc., a 51% undivided interest owned by Gilbert known as 20 acres lying in Randolph District given in exchange for 12.64 acres located in Monteagle Subdivision of DeKalb County.
·Waters Brothers Inc. TO John and Jan E. Van Veghel, 0.165 acre, 255th district.
·Waters Brothers, Inc. TO Clifton R. McCully, 1.23 acres, 255th district.
·Wayne and Lamar Wilbanks TO Bobby and Frank Caudell, 54.86 acres, 255th district; Less and Except 3 acres.
·Wayne and Mildred Mullinax TO Ken Byce and Wayne Booker, 8.10 acres, 455th district.
·Wayne D. Bourgeois TO Winfred Ladd Jr., 3 acres, 465th district.
·Wayne I. Gentry TO Ralph E. Saylor Jr., 2.06 acres, 1407th district.
·Wayne L. and Kenneth L. Ledford TO Francisco J. Camacho, 1.06 acres, 1691st district.
·Wayne Miller TO Wayne and Jill Miller, 49.29 acres, 1691st district; Less and Except: 3.8286 acres.
·Wayne R. and Margaret J. Everhart TO Patricia D. Bomar, 2.507 acres, 248th district.
·Weldon L. and Janet S. Williams, Jr. TO Delinah L. Williams and Chad S. McDuffie, a tract or parcel of land known as Lots 6 and 20 of Westwood Heights, Unit 2, 255th district.
·Wendell Butler TO Carlos and Christine Mitchell, Lot 49 of Stone Creek Subdivision, Phase II, 248th district.
·Wendell Butler TO James D. Jr. and Linda Sexton, 1.16 acres, 1407th district.
·Wendell Butler TO S. Kyle Bryant, Lot 10 of Stone Creek Subdivision, Jackson County.
·Wendell Butler TO Wayne A. Gifford, Lot 2 of Stone Creek Subdivision, 248th district.
·Wendell T. and Deborah H. Fowler TO David F. and Rebecca C. Rush, 10.00 acres, 245th district.
·Wilbur T. Doster TO Martha N. Doster, a 1/2 undivided interest in 30.327 acres, Attica District.
·Wiley Black TO James L. Johnson, 7.221 acres, 245th district.
·Wiley S. Black and Clyde W. Turner Sr. TO William M. Roberts and Ellen H. Roberts, 3.72 acres, 245th district.
·Wiley S. Black TO James L. Johnson, 7.221 acres, 245th district.
·Wiley S. Black TO Jeremy and Kimberly Johnson, 5 acres, 245th district.
·Wiley S. Black TO Robert L. Bankston Sr. and Robert L. Bankston Jr., 26.916 acres, 245th district.
·William A. Bagwell and Douglas A. and Donald J. Carter TO Curtin, Starr, L.L.C., 91.67 acres, 1691st district.
·William A. Simmons TO Susan S. Gray, 13.496 acres, 245th and 248th districts.
·William B. Abee TO William B. Abee and Ellen C. Abee, Lot 4, 245th district.
·William B. Jackson TO Bradley E. Edwards, Lot 53 of the T.C. Hardman Estate, 255th district.
·William B. Jackson TO Herbert E. and Edna K. Jacquin, a 1/2 undivided interest in 12.18 acres, 245th district.
·William Bolton TO Don E. and Madge J. Brooks, 12.00 acres, 257th district.
·William C. and Andrea S. Waldrip TO Susan E. Campbell, Lot 38, Block A of The Vineyards Subdivision, 1765th district.
·William D. Bolton TO Barbara J. and Vaughn H. Sweezy, 8.601 acres, 257th district.
·William D. Carter TO Ronson Westmoreland, 2.53 acres, 253rd district.
·William D. Hinton TO Robert Q. and Carol L. Smith, 8.43 acres, 1765th district.
·William D. Mathis III and Rita G. Mathis TO Rick A. and Amy L. Flint, 0.19 acre, 255th district.
·William D. Varner TO Robert Clinton, 3.01 acres, 255th district.
·William E. and Naomi R. Butler TO Julie M. Hernandez, land known as Tract I lying in the 1765th district.
·William E. Whitfield TO Ricky W. Boyd, 1.837 acres, 242nd district.
·William E. Whitfield TO Troy S. and Misti H. Colley, 1.500 acres, 242nd district.
·William F. Webb TO Russell S. and Carole L. Williams, 0.70 acre, 245th district.
·William G. and Carol C. Klugh TO Anet L. Springthorpe, 9.9 acres, 465th and 255th districts.
·William G. Duck Jr. TO Brian and Amy Holder, 2.04 acres, 248th district.
·William G. Duck Jr. TO Doris J. Goff, 3.51 acres, 1765th district.
·William G. Verner Jr. and Jonnie D. Fincher TO Howard B. and Jennifer Bartlett, Lot 15 of Panther Creek Estates, Phase One, 1407th district.
·William H. and Robin E. Carter TO Thomas B. and Lucy E. Wagner, 2.99 acres, 1765th district.
·William H. Owen III TO Dennis and Susan R. Szabo, a tract or parcel of land lyining in the Town of Maysville.
·William K. Ariail and Homer J. McCannon TO Harmony Grove Hardware Wholesale, LLC, 1.994 acres, 255th district.
·William L. Florene III TO Mayer Chevrolet-Oldsmobile, Inc., 10 acres, 255th district.
·William L. Ledford TO Mary Jo Watson, a tract or parcel of land lying in the City of Maysville.
·William M. Studdard TO Bill Warnell, two tracts of land lying in the 255th district.
·William P. Dismukes Jr. TO William P. Jr. and Sue C. Dismukes, Tract A - 146.11 acres, 255th district; Tract B - a two-story building, City of Commerce; and Tract C - 66.21 acres, Banks County.
·William R. and Earlene P. Rogers TO Willis J. White, Lot 14 of Pleasant Acres Subdivision, 455th district.
·William R. Hadaway and Patricia A. Hadaway TO Herbert A. and Elsie B. Roberts, 1.5002 acres, 455th district.
·William R. Murphy TO Tracey and William R. Murphy, 1.550 acres, 1691st district.
·William R. Roberts Jr. and Rose M. Roberts TO John E. Taylor Sr. and Lydia D. Taylor, 7.612 acres, 248th district.
·William S. Britt and Jeffrey B. Potts TO B & H Homes Inc., 18.559 acres, 257th district.
·William S. Britt, Larry Wood and Joe Elrod TO Peachtree Satellite 85, L.L.C., 147.642 acres, 257th district.
·William S. Johnson TO Sara Johnson, a tract or parcel of land lying in the City of Commerce.
·William S. Perrin TO William S. and Terri L. Perrin, Farm #15 of Trotters Ridge Farms Subdivision, 245th district.
·William T. and Luradine Hargrove, aka Luradine Hargrove Timberlake, and Mary L. Hargrove, aka Mary L.H. Guion TO Stacey Britt, 1.219 acres, 245th district.
·William T. Barrett and Betty J. Barrett TO Jason L. and Erica V. Porter, 0.67 of an acre, 253rd district.
·William T. Clark TO Martha Gunter, 6.32 acres, 245th district.
·William T. Dean Jr. TO George C. and Margaret A. Vogel, 46 acres, 455th district.
·William T. Hargrove, Luradine Hargrove, aka L.H. Timberlake, and Mary Linda Hargrove, aka Mary Linda Hargrove Guion TO Gregory K. Love, 35.502 acres, 257th district.
·William T. Nunn TO William T. and Penny S. Nunn, a tract or parcel of land lying in the 255th district.
·William W. Looney TO Mark L. and Cinthia D. Harper, 11.331 acres, 257th district.
·William W. Shirley and Betty Jo Shirley TO William J. Brown, 3.22 acres, 255th district.
·Willie Clark TO Alina Sfita, 10.789 acres, 245th district.
·Willie Clark TO Bailey and Cathy Bailey, 3.586 acres, 248th district.
·Willie Clark TO Jerry W. and Carolyn Gunter, 1.85 acres, 245th and 248th districts.
·Willie Clark TO Mark and Janie Bennett, 20.86 acres, 245th district.
·Willie Clark TO Michael Waldrop, 1 acre, 248th district.
·Willie Clark TO Ronald and Robin P. Bennett, 4.000 acres, 245th district.
·Willie Clark TO Tracey A.K. Archer, 1.507 acres, 245th district.
·Willie L. and Annie J. Hughey TO H.D. Michael Company Inc., a tract or parcel of land known as Lot 2, Block A, lying in the 245th district.
·Willis H. Jr. and Cindy L. Wilbanks TO M. Elizabeth Wright, 0.40 acre, 245th district.
·Wilmyth S. Davis TO Donald Abbott, Lot 31 of Hood Orchard Co. Subdivision, Minish District.
·Winfield Properties, LLC TO Joseph T. Emily, 11.29 acres, 1347th district.
·Winford Lindsay Associates, Inc. TO Keith Hayes, 7.550 acres, 245th district.
·Winfred Bingham TO Winfred J. and Helen P. Bingham, 6.000 acres, 455th district.
·Woody and Elizabeth Bennett TO Charles M. and Barbara J. Garrison, 4.00 acres, 465th district.
·Worley D. David Jr. and Robbie K. David TO Brian K. Barnett and Manda L. David Barnett, 5.861 acres, 1704th district.
·Worley E. and Rebecca J. Scogin, Lots 62-65, Section II of Rancho North Subdivision, 455th district.

- Y -

·Y.J. and Elizabeth A. Harrington TO Joel A. Wallis, a/k/a Andy Wallis, Tract 1 containing 420 acres and Tract 2 containing 40.20 acres, Talmo District.
·Yvonne Brown TO Jon M. Gross, 1.965 acres, 242nd districts.

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