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FEBRUARY 2, 2000

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Madison County High School welcomes Sanford
Please welcome the new addition to the faculty - Mrs. Amy Sanford. Sanford now teaches English and says she enjoys it immensely. She feels it is a worthwhile job and it gives her an opportunity to help students realize and live up to their potential.
Mrs. Sanford received a B.A. in English at Mercer University after attending high school in Stephens County. Even though she is now working toward a master's degree at the University of Georgia, she still finds time to do the things she loves, like traveling, reading, gardening and visiting with family and friends.
She resides in Athens with her husband of eight years, Jeff, who works for the Business Outreach Services department at UGA.
When asked why she thought education was significant, she commented, "It's important for students to learn to think critically and independently...and for them to learn responsibly."
We know that she will do the best she can to help her students. Welcome to our school, Mrs. Sanford!

Chandler has his priorities in order
Josh Chandler is 17 years old but has the mature responsibilities of a young man. He balances his schedule, which consists of many school and non-school related activities.
Josh is involved with all the functions that go on at his church and helps run the family business of farming and developing.
While all this is happening, he also finds time to be in Student Council, FCA and basketball. He also keeps a 94 average, good enough for a rank of 17th in a senior class of 237.
But even among all this commotion, he always makes sure he sees his friends. Riding ATVs in the mud on weekends or fishing, it is all in good fun.
All high schoolers could learn from Josh's skill of balancing a schedule to get everything in that needs to be done.
If everyone could have their priorities in order like Josh, a lot more would be accomplished.


Student feature: Pam Beck
Who can handle being treasurer of the senior class, editor of the yearbook staff and a member of the color guard auxiliary? Pamela Marie Beck.
Pam spends most of her time putting the finishing touches on layouts for the yearbook and thinking of ways to raise money for the senior class.
When asked who has been most influential to her duirng her high school career, she replied, "Mrs. (Renee) Carey for her understanding of teenagers and the advice she gave to me about life."
Pam also stated that she relies on "Mr. (Jimmy) Phillips for encourgement and support (during) her reign as editor" of the yearbook staff.
Pam's goals are to finish college and pursue a career in the medical field.
Her advice to underclassmen is to "study hard, have fun and retain you own uniqueness."



Danielsville Elem. honor roll released
The following students made "A's" in all academic subjects and in conduct the second quarter at Danielsville Elementary School.
Frankie Abercrombie, Christopher Alexander, Josh Allen, Justin Arthur, Abby Atkinson, Christopher Boggan, Jeannie Bowen, Tyler Bridges, Kelsie Brookshire, Robert Brown, Bryanna Davis, Nikki Dixon, Jacob Fleming, Jake Frei, William Gassis, Derek Gillespie and Cody Greene.
Also, Kelly Haines, Tyler Haralson, Kayla Hilley, Jenna Janson, Skylin Jimmerson, Brittany Kirk, Victoria Lampe, Benjamin Larkins, Kyle Manning, Sam Marcotte, Daniel May, Carly Mayne, Kyle McLendon and Luna Mohr.
Also, Samantha Moore, Lee Morgan, Randi Norman, Brandi Osborne, Kayla Phillips, Leann Pulliam, Ericia Reynolds, Zachary Rhoden, Tyler Robertson, Jessie Rowe, Addie Sanders, Kayla Stamps, Zack Taylor, Jordan Thomas and Jessica Willoughby.
Kendall Birkett, Katie Bolin, Kayla Bond, Brandon Boswell, Elisa Brown, Kaitlin Carter, Christopher Cooper, Alberto Costilla, Jessica Croya, Agilsa DeJesus, Brandon Doolittle, Christopher Dove, Amber Drake, Sierra Farris and James Forrester.
Also, Erin Gibson, Steven Goldman, Whitney Hall, Chase Harbin, Samantha Harper, Nicole Harrison, Robert Jennings, Courtney Johnson, Paige Keese, Coty Luttrell, Crew Mayne, Derek McCollum, Mallory Miller and Weslin O'Kelley.
Also, Elijah Paski, Andrew Pruett, Taija Richardson, Jake Scarborough, Michelle Scott, Ben Smith, Brantley Smith-Wentworth, Olivia Smith, Larry Starkey, Sabrina Strickland, Rainy Sullivan, Autumn Swartz, Autumn Triplett, Bracken Turner and Monifa Yearby.
Tyler Alewine, Ben Andrews, Katie Argo, Christin Austin, Kelli Barrett, Marcus Bowen, Kay C. Wilson, Corey Coker, Meredith Cole, Bo Dalton, John Dial, Cody Esco, Molly Hill, T.J. Chandler, Jessica Jansen and Brandon Jones.
Also, Megan Kesler, Dylan McCurley, Megan McSpadden, Jenna Meadow, Taylor Morgan, Bobby Pittard, Priscilla Pruett, Ethan Seagraves, Molly Smith, Jordan Thrasher, Stefani Turner, Isham Whittington, Jake Wilmot and Rachel Yuhas.
Stephen Anderson, Molly Atkinson, Katelyn Baker, Matthew Beard, Anna Chastain, Katie Cross, Carey Crowe, Carrie Dalton, Brianna Graham, Harley Hanson, Elaina Haralson and Tommy McDonald.
Also, Jennifer Mitchell, Kayla Perry, Courtney Poole, Ethan Scarborough, Lauren Scogin, Nathan Slusher, Caleb Smallwood, Jessica Stamps, David Thompson, Aaron Wammock, Ashley Warwick and Elizabeth Williams.
Chris Abercrombie, Colton Archer, Elizabeth Austin, Jake Beasley, Jesse Boleman, JoAnna Brown, Heather Bruce, Dennis Chandler, Edward Claytor, Lindy Cole, Vicky Costilla, Katie Dalton, Stephen Embler, Lindburg Faust and Candice Flores.
Also, Laken Gibson, Brandon Guest, Levi Hanson, Kaitlin Harper, Heather Harris, Tiffany Jennings, Christa Jones, Jessica Kappeler, Timothy Rowland, Sarah Scarborough, Jennifer Smith, Ryan Turpin, Brittany Williams and Aletta Zelley.

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