A compilation of articles written by Madison County School students.

FEBRUARY 16, 2000

Debate team attends region competition
Waking up at 5 a.m. on a Saturday morning is never fun, but this time for the debate team, it was definitely worth it.
The team boarded the bus at 6:30 a.m. to head off for their final debate region competition. The debaters made a stop for breakfast, where they shared good times and great memories. Then they were off to Gainesville College for competition.
The affirmative team consisted of Nicole Cavanagh and Kelli Burroughs. The negative team was made up of Ashley Shubert and Tessa Hollis. Jenni Nation served as the alternate.
After two rounds of rigorous debating, Madison County placed third. Congratulations to all participants.

MCHS celebrates National FCCLA Week
The Madison County High Chapter of Famiy, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) will join thousands of FCCLA members across the nation in celebrating National FCCLA Week during the week of Feb. 13-19.
This national event celebrates the only youth organization that has the home and family as its focus. This year's theme is: FCCLA: Gateway to the Future.
This theme illustrates the organization's goal to improve the family, home, community, and workplace through leadership skills, life skills and community service.
To celebrate the week, daily activities have been planned for local FCCLA members. On Sunday, local churches are asked to recognize their FCCLA members. Monday has been designated as "School Project Day"; members will conduct a school service project by organizing and delivering the Valentine's Day flowers for their school.
Tuesday's celebration is "Chapter Fun Day." Members will recognize each other's birthdays with a party after school, complete with cake, ice cream, party hats and balloons. Wednesday is "Career Day."
The chapter is continuing its career emphasis with a visit from a representative from ABAC. Thursday members will travel to Atlanta for "FCCLA Day at the Capitol." They will meet with the local representative and senator. Friday has been named "FCCLA Day" as members are encouraged to wear their chapter T-shirt.
National FCCLA Week is a week of exciting activities that build leadership skills, life skills and provide opportunities for community service.
Candi Morris, President of the MCHS Chapter, says, "FCCLA Week is a busy one for our members, but it is worth all of the time and effort!"

'Wall of Love' erected at MCHS
Cupid's arrow struck again, only this time it was on the high school cafeteria lobby's wall. Y-Club continued a tradition from last year by selling paper hearts to go on 'The Wall of Love."
This was an opportunity to show someone's love for their valentine with a red heart, let the whole school know about a good friendship with a white heart or even have the courage to tell everyone that you have a crush with a pink heart. The money earned from the large hearts for a dollar each and the small hearts for 50 cents went toward the World Service/Home Extension Pledge for the Y-Club.


Dear Roger and Rory,
My boyfriend wants to get his tongue pierced, though I protest it and have begged him not to. How can I get him to understand my views and how it can be dangerous to his well-being?
Opposed to Holes

Dear Opposed,
Piercing can be very dangerous. Many diseases can be transmitted via needles that are used to pierce. If all precautions are taken in preparation, some incidents may still happen which may cause serious injury. Sure, there are several thousand piercings done every year in which no problems arise, but bad things do happen. You can get such dangerous diseases as the HIV virus if a needle is not properly sterilized. It is your boyfriend's decision whether or not to get the piercing. But do what you can to get him to understand your perspective.
Roger and Rory Raider

MCHS announces second quarter principal's list
Those making the principal's list by earning all A's during the second quarter at Madison County High School include:
Anna Adams, Summer Adams, Elizabeth Bartlett, Pam Bowen, Jennifer Costyn, Susan Couch, Chad Coulter, Alicia Crane, Daniel Crocco, Scott Dills and Trevor Floyd.
Also, Joshua Hall, Jonathan Hardy, Matthew Hatala, Joseph Jones, Brooke Kesler, Kristin Kesler, Stephanie Moore, Mitchelle Nash, Sarah Owen, Katie Phillips, Sean Smith, Cole Tonge, Paul Wildes, Trenton Wilkes, April Williams, Michael Wilson and Adam Wynn.
Helen Allen, Tyler Beusse, Elizabeth Bleakley, Andrea Bond, Vicki Brown, Thomas Caffrey, Ashley Collins, Stephanie Daniel, Michael Dinsmore, Katie Garrett, Kasey Hale, Amanda Verhnine, Joshua Stephenson and Cecil McSpadden.
Jane Aaron, Jana Ackerman, Maria Adams, Shelley Bates, Rebecca Booker, Andrew Brantley, Arrie Brown, Jamie Christian, Kristine Conley, Shamies Cross, Joshua Ferguson, Sara Fitzpatrick, Heather Jones, Bradley Kitk, Mira May, Megan McCay, Molly Menken, Travis Moak, James New, Crystal Nicholson, Drew Perry, Sonya Ramsey, Lacinda Royston, Bonnie Simmons, Stacie Smith, Alice Stone and Leigha Willoughby.
Gracie Aaron, Lee Allen, Josh Combs, Tim Costyn, Donald Crowe, Illiamar Gongalez, Heather Hanley, David Harrison, Michelle Johnson, Erica Lautenschlager, Christy McLendon, Lisa Merk, Kim Parris, Clifford Peppers, Jessica Satterfield, Ryan T. Simmons, Pam Tolbert, Manny Trujillo, Clarissa Tyner and Stephanie Tyner.

Colbert Elementary gives honor roll, merit list
Colbert Elementary School has recognized students named to the honor roll and merit list.
Students named to the honor roll include:
Chelsea Abbott, Josh Anderson, Iesha Barnett, Ariel Bates, Brianna Dills, Hayley Epps, Ashley Fields, Hannah Free, Loreanna Garcia, Jessica Goss, Kyle Himsl, Hope Marlow, Gregory Magrum, Samantha Maloney, Presly McKeever, Dylan Mobley, Jessica Morgan, Michael Timmons, Stephanie Willoughby, Samantha Woods, Sydney Yarbrough and Kayt Yeary.
Nicole Adams, Casey Brown, Anthony Caudell, Kenny Collins, Stephanie Haley, Jack May, Aundrea McKeever, Nathan Ollis, Sarah Powers and Robert Williams.
Chelsea Anderson, Kayla Arrowood, Erika Brown, Hannah Calloway, Tiffany Cheek, Brittney Corbin, Mallory Farmer, Alex Gaskin, Sam Hansford, Taylor Hart, Leslie Herring, Timothy Jackson, Crystal Kull, Jocelyn Lane, Elizabeth Manley, Jessica Martin, Sheena Mason, A.K. Meadows, Brittany Patrick, Freddie Power, Vince Sapp, Tamara Sims, Chris Smith, Shane Strickland, Zachary Thrift, Alex Tilton, Areon Walker and Trista Wills.
Stephanie Arrendale, Saxon Brooks, Jordan Brown, Meagan Callaway, Caleb Cronic, Chance Culp, Chelsea Himl, April Lang, Angela Magrum, Nick Moon, Russell Rice, Brooke Williams and Jessica Willingham.
Students named to the merit list include:
Aldreakis Allen, Tiffanie Anderson, Alex Baker, Adilene Chapa, Terry Cobbs, Kristen Crumley, Kim Curry, Thomas Ellis, Alex Faulkner, Seth Fleming, Amanda Gerrett, Shante Johnson, Claude Johnson, Marcus Kelley, Andrew Morris, Zack Nash, Stephanie Power, Nicholas Pugh, Jake Sapp and Adam Tallent.
Danielle Baker, Tranika Barnett, Justin Bray, Heather Bushy, Morgan Cheely, Sierra Christian, James Cofer, Curtis Coleman, Greg Colquitt, Chaz Crumpton, Brittany Davis, Adam Dees, Dustin Edwards, Tavi Freeman, Chris Ford, Dayna Hathcock, Jessica Jackson, Justin Lindsey, Malcom McCarty, Jeffrey McHale, Justin Milner, Blake Nash, Mandy Pilon, Darryll Reynolds, Jana Rice, Jonathan Stuchell, Morgan Williams and Kati Wyatt.
Stefanie Amendolar, Josh Arnold, Beth Anne Bardin, Michael Calhoun, Stephen Cox, Chelsea Dameron, Roisin Dodd, Scott Hackett, Blake Huff, Lee Lane, Brandi Lavender, Meagan Lindsey, Sena Loudermilk, Tracy Parham, Porsche Perkins, Bryant Price, Chad Reeves, Ben Phillips, Giovanna Soto, Jeff St. Felix, Kiki Welbon and Jimmy Welch.

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