A compilation of articles written by Madison County School students.

FEBRUARY 23, 2000

Scoggins makes math fun for MCHS students
Is it really possible to make something like math fun and interesting? Mrs. Sandra Scoggins possesses this rare ability, and she quotes, "I feel God has called me to be a high school teacher, to be a helper and friend, not a counselor."
Even in her high school years, Mrs. Scoggin's ambition was to become a math teacher, and, as in everything else, she has been very successful.
Mrs. Scoggins graduated from MCHS and went on to earn her master's degree in teaching from UGA. Once, she tried to change her major, but said, "No matter what I do, I just can't get away from math!" She gained her first teaching position as a seventh grade teacher at Jefferson Elementary. From there she transferred to the same position at South Madison Middle, and eventually became a math teacher at the high school. Her decision to return to Madison County to teach was based upon her love for the people and the sense of familiarity.
Mrs. Scoggins states that the most rewarding experience of being a teacher is watching the "lightbulb" come on with her students. She is a firm believer that students should support and care for one another. Not only does Mrs. Scoggins enjoy helping at school, but she is also very active in her church and home.
Mrs. Scoggins has been teaching for over 28 years and will be eligible for retirement after next year, but she firmly states that she will remain for a good time yet. After all, so many students need and depend on her! She is truly a great woman; she is Mrs. Sandra Scoggins.

FFA week observed at Madison County High School
In the past few days, various people in our school were clad in boots, overalls, camouflage or FFA jackets. Last week was FFA Week.
Established in 1917 by the Smith Hughes Act, FFA was organized by farmers in Virginia. FFA students learn various skills, including electricial wiring, welding, gardening, animal science and public speaking.
Jerry Taylor, Ag teacher and FFA sponsor, says one of the most important purposes of FFA is to build leadership skills.
There was a special theme for every day of this week. Monday was FFA T-shirt day, Tuesday was overall day, Wednesday was boot day, Thursday was camouflage day, and Friday was FFA jacket day.
Each day there was a different FFA-related trivia activity, Future Farmers of America is an organization which makes a positive impact on the community of Madison County.

Madison County students of the week named
On Monday morning, eight "Students of the week" for Feb.14-18 were recognized for being outstanding students. These included: Chris Luera, Shelley Bates, Joe Zorbanos, Joseph Jones, Malinda Brock, Chris Butler, Micah Crowe and Tyler Embler.
These students got to decide whether to take a parking pass, in order to park in the teacher parking lot, or an early to lunch pass for them and a friend. Congratulations to these students for their effort and hard work!


Colbert Elementary holds DARE graduation
Colbert Elementary's fifth grade students graduated from the DARE program on Feb. 7.
Lt. David Patton instructed the students in a 17-week program that taught of the dangers of using drugs and being associated with violent groups such as gangs. The students learned that the choices they make now will have tremendous effects on their future success.
In addition to the instruction, the fifth grade students were required to write an essay about what they had learned from the program.
Two students from each fifth grade homeroom were selected as essay winners and received Darren lions, the mascot of the DARE program. The eight essay winners were Josh Arnold, Beth Ann Bardin, Jordan Brown, Meagan Callaway, Angel Dalton, Scott Hackett, Brandi Lavender and Edward Lordman. All graduating students received a DARE shirt and diploma.
A Partner in Education from Trus Joist, Mr. Scott Sherman, served as the guest speaker for the DARE graduation. Mr. Sherman told an audience of students, family members, staff and community supporters that never starting drugs was the best policy and that those offered drugs should say no and walk away.
He stressed how drugs and the workplace can be a dangerous combination. Mrs. Doris Harris, principal of Colbert Elementary, said that if only one person chose to turn away from a life of drugs as a result of the DARE program, then the program would be a huge success.

Georgia high school graduation test dates scheduled in March
The Georgia Graduation Test for any junior or senior needing to re-take or make up these tests will be given in March.
The Writing Test will be Mar. 7 and the Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies will be given Mar. 14-16.
School officials say these tests must be passed in order to receive a high school diploma.
Progress reports were given out Feb. 23.

MCHS senior parents' meeting set
A financial aid meeting for parents of Senior Madison County High School parents will be held Mon., Feb. 28 at 7 p.m. in the MCHS cafeteria.
MCHS counselors, along with Michelle Garrison, Financial Aid Co-ordinator, will be conducting the meeting.
Parents or guardians of any MCHS senior planning to attend college or technical school after graduation are invited to attend, and should bring the following information: Financial Aid Package, a copy of their completed 1999 income taxes, and a copy of the student's completed 1999 income taxes if they have one.
Financial Aid Packages can be picked up by seniors in the Guidance Office at the high school, or a few will be available at the meeting.
"You need to check with your senior to see that he or she does this," Patricia Royston, records clerk at MCHS said. "That way you can look over the application to be familiar with it."
"This process of completing the financial aid information must be done in order for an eligible student to receive the HOPE Scholarship Funds," Royston added. "If you have not had the chance to have your income taxes completed, you should plan to attend in order to know how to fill out the form when you are ready. We encourage all parents to attend. The information received will be of benefit to you."

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