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 March 1, 2000

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Be sure and vote Tuesday
Chances are, most of Banks County's registered voters won't go to the polls on Tuesday. No local candidates are on the ballot. No local issues are to be decided.

Neighborhood News...
Two ambulances wreck Sat. night
Nine injured from three county wrecks in less than 30 minutes
In less than 30 minutes Saturday night, nine people were transported to area hospitals as the result of three wrecks, two of which involved ambulances rushing to the scene of the first accident.

Construction to begin soon at Freightliner in Jefferson
Freightliner is set to begin construction on a new $13 million truck dealership in Jefferson.

Marketing Survey Says Commerce Should Concentrate On Restaurants And Retail
By the year 2003, Commerce could support possibly seven downtown restaurants, according to the authors of a $10,000 marketing study conducted for the city at the request of the Downtown Development Authority.

Ho-Hum: Not Much Interest Seen In Presidential Primary
JEFFERSON -- A low turnout is expected Tuesday when Jackson County voters go to the polls to cast their ballots in the Presidential Preference Primary.

News from
Keep it rural!
A controversial rezoning request on Floyd Road was withdrawn Monday after neighboring residents voiced fears that the zoning change would spark more residential development in the agricultural area.

No county coverage
BOC says 'no' to health insurance for county's elected officials
Madison County's elected officials will continue to seek health insurance apart from the county.

County voters to show presidential preferences
Madison Countians will get their turn to select their favorite party hopefuls in the race for president Tuesday.

Lady Leopards kick first goal
Landrum boots end to drought
Every game the Banks County girls' soccer team had played ened in a shutout before Friday night.
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A group of 45 volunteers from three northeastern states spent last week helping to rebuild New Salem United Methodist Church on Hwy. 59 in Banks County. The church was destroyed by an arsonist on Dec. 31, 1998.
Photo by Sherry Lewis


Low voter turnout expected Tues. for Presidential Primary
A low turnout is expected Tuesday when Banks County voters go to the polls to cast their ballots in the Presidential Preference Primary.
Banks County probate judge Milton Dalton expects the turnout to be low with no more than 20 percent of the county's 6,158 registered voters actually voting. Dalton said Monday that only six absentee ballots had been requested.
The Republican candidates in the presidential primary are John McCain, George W. Bush and Alan Keyes. The names of Steve Forbes, Gary Bauer and Orrin Hatch will also be on the ballot, but they have dropped out of the race. Democrat candidates are Al Gore and Bill Bradley.
The polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. in the various Banks County polls.
The board of commissioners' chairman's seat, sheriff, two board of education posts, along with other county and state offices will be up for grabs in the July 18 primary. Qualifying will be from 9 a.m. Monday, April 24, through noon Friday, April 28, for the county seats up for grabs.
The qualifying fees are as follows: commission chairman, $900; tax commissioner, $838.83; probate judge, $1,000.83; clerk of court, $982.35; sheriff, $1,112.67; magistrate judge, $744.03; coroner, $126.75; surveyor, $18; board of education post 1, $51; BOE post 2, $57; and BOC post 4, $51.
If a run-off is necessary for the primary, it will be held on Aug. 8. The general election will be Nov. 7 with the run-off scheduled for Nov. 28.

Volunteers help New Salem UMC rebuild
In a gesture of good will, teenagers and adults from three northeastern states spent last week helping to rebuild New Salem United Methodist Church.
"It's good to see the love of Christ and the fellowship of Christians working side by side," said Marge Gonya of Millbury Federated Methodist Church in Millbury, Mass. "It's a great opportunity to work to build the Lord's house back again."
The church on Hwy. 59 is the site of a week-long mission project for the 45 youths and adults. For Gonya and her group, this is the fourth year they have traveled south to lend a hand to rebuild a church that was destroyed by the hands of an arsonist.
"Every year, we can't wait to get back to our church and share our experiences," Gonya said.
Gonya worked to build the altar, while others put in windows and did the frame work for a stained glass window.
For Maja Stankovic, 16, of New York, she said she just wanted to return the good will that she received when her family moved to the United States from Bosnia 14 months ago.
"My sponsors helped me when I got over to the United States and I just wanted to return the good will," said Stankovic.
She said it has been a learning experience for her as well.
"It is good to help people," she said. "I learned to do a lot of things which I didn't know. I had never had a hammer in my hands until this week."
Many of the members of the group say they will be back to Banks County later this year for the dedication service. Pastor Luiz Ortiz projects that the church will be finished by mid-summer.
Ortiz said he has just been overwhelmed by the support the church has received.
"Not only are these people volunteering their time, they also donated $400," he said. "We've reached $380,000 of our $400,000 goal."
Ortiz said the church will hold its annual Easter Sunrise service again this year. They will also have a Easter service and lunch.


Bush, Gore win in 'mock election'
Banks County Middle School students favor Republican George W. Bush and Democrat Al Gore as the top two candidates in the presidential race.
Seventy-six percent of the 669 students voting as Republicans cast a ballot for Bush, while 65 percent of the 135 students voting as Democrats selected Gore.
Students voted Feb. 22 in the "mock election" at the school. The students have been studying about the election process all year. They will continue to study the process and vote again in November for the general election.
"The students had to choose a primary, Democrat or Republican candidate just like their parents will," said principal Kay Rogers.
The students also used a real voting booth to cast their ballots. It was purchased from Polk County.
A breakdown on the number of votes each candidate received at the school follows:


George W. Bush -- 506
John McCain -- 102
Gary Bauer -- 43
Alan Keyes -- 8
Orin Hatch -- 6
Steve Forbes -- 4


Al Gore -- 88
Bill Bradley -- 47

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