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 March 15, 2000

A compilation of articles written by Madison County School students.

Robertson is a man of many talents
"Buenos dias, Senoritas and Seniors."
Stanton Robertson teaches Spanish I and Peer Mediation at our high school. He has been teaching here since 1994, when he came after substituting in Oconee and Elbert Counties.
Mr. Robertson graduated from Clarke Central High School in 1981, and then attended the University of Georgia, where he majored in psychology with a minor in Spanish. He earned his undergraduate degree in 1985, then started on his master's. However, he did not like the focus of his master's program, so he quit school and became a manager at the Georgia Square Mall Cinemas.
While working at the theaters, he met his wife, Tammy. He was filling in for a friend one day and hired her as a secretary. They began dating and were married in December 1990. They have two children, Tyler, 7, and Morgan, 2.
In 1991, Mr. Robertson decided he wanted to teach. He was at a Van Halen concert that had many teenagers in attendance. Looking around, he realized that this was the age group he wanted to work with. He went back to Georgia to get certified to teach high school Spanish, and after certification, took up several long-term substitute teacher positions in nearby counties. He came to MCHS after one of our Spanish teachers switched jobs.
Spanish and psychology are not the only things that interest Mr. Robertson. He also enjoys technologically oriented activities, listening to classic rock, attending concerts and watching satellite TV.
The part of his job that Mr. Robertson finds most satisfying is when his students understand what he is trying to teach them. He enjoys working at the high school because of our administration and their flexibility.

Tolbert in the spotlight once again
Picture this: you are 18 years old, about to graduate from high school, and have already decided on a college. That is every senior's dream. Despite this, Scott Tolbert still has many tough life-changing decisions to make in the near future.
Scouts from countless colleges and professional baseball teams have made efforts to recruit Tolbert for their teams. Over the past year Tolbert has been put on display for over 400 scouts. They have made him offers and promises that could entitle him to a solid future.
"I am weighing all of my options and am not ruling out any of them," said Tolbert. "It is sometimes overwhelming when scouts and representatives from Major League baseball teams call the house at night and ask how I would feel about playing ball for them. All I know to say is, 'How do you think an 18-year-old boy would feel about playing baseball professionally?'"
The experience of playing professional baseball is every Little Leaguer's dream. Scott was no exception. "Ever since I was 8, I have always hoped of having the option to play for a big name team," said Tolbert.

Why we need an animal shelter
One little, two little, three little... kittens? Four little, five little, six little... puppies? Wait! This song is not about animals, but it does illustrate that the uncontrolled animal population is puzzling pet owners and county residents. In Madison County, the animal population has exploded and it has many residents worried about the safety and happiness of their pets.
Every year there are hundreds of stray animals dropped around the county. Owners or caretakers of these animals feel they cannot be responsible for them any longer or do not have the means to feed and care for them properly. They consider killing the animals to be inhumane and a distasteful act. However, they do not see dropping animals out of a house or in the middle of nowhere or along a back road to be an inhumane act.
Madison County is in need of an animal shelter. This shelter would help monitor and restrict the out-of-control stray animal rate. Stray animals have nowhere to go and can rarely help themselves. The shelter would house strays that were brought in or picked up. In addition to shelter and food, the strays would receive medical care and vaccinations. After a period of time, if no one comes to claim the animals, or no one wants them, then they will be humanely put to sleep. Also, pet owners could bring their domesticated pets to be vaccinated and receive medical attention.
While the exact cost of the shelter is not known, the benefits of a shelter would outweigh the costs as well as enable taxpayers to better enjoy their pets. An animal shelter would be a great addition to Madison County.

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Richards awarded Presidential scholarship at Young Harris
Miranda Richards, Danielsville, has been selected as a Presidential Scholarship recipient from Young Harris College in recognition of her academic achievements throughout high school.
The Presidential Scholarship is Young Harris' second highest academic award given to an incoming freshman. Presidential scholars receive tuition and room expenses, an award of over $11,000. Richards, a student at Madison County High School, will graduate this spring.
On Feb. 19, Richards participated in Young Harris College's Recognition Day-A Day of Celebration, a ceremony to recognize scholarship recipients for the 2000-2001 academic year. Former Governor Zell Miller, '51, delivered the keynote speaker's address to the scholars and their families.
Young Harris College, founded in 1886, is a private liberal arts institution with a primary focus on the first two years of a four-year education.
It is located in a resort area in the northeast Georgia mountains and is affiliated with the United Methodist Church.
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