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March 22, 2000

The Banks County News
March 22, 2000

Jamieson solves annexation worries over Banks Crossing
Banks County officials have long wrestled with how to get rid of the possibility of Commerce annexing Banks Crossing. The city hasn't made any public move toward doing that, but the fear of losing all of that revenue has bothered Banks County leaders and citizens for years.
It wasn't too long ago that Homer and Banks County officials debated the merits of Homer annexing the property or Banks County and Homer consolidating. Neither option got the full support of those involved and the matter remained unsettled.
That is until Banks County's fireball at the capitol took control of the issue and moved full speed ahead until it was resolved. Rep. Jeanette Jamieson worked tirelessly on this issue and didn't back down until she had come up with a method to get rid of this fear once and for all.
She introduced House Bill 1439, which says first-time cross county line annexation can not occur without the consent of the county into which the city wishes to annex. This bill helps not only Banks County but counties and cities across the state who fear annexation cutting into their tax base.
Banks County had a lot at stake if Commerce had annexed Banks Crossing. The action could have caused a loss of revenue to Banks County estimated as high as $2.5 million a year. A property tax increase of this magnitude could have created a situation where the homeowners of Banks County, especially the elderly, would be required to sell their homes due to the inability to pay the tax.
Thanks to Rep. Jeanette Jamieson, this is no longer a concern. She has a reputation for tackling tough issues head on and fighting until she accomplishes what is best for her constituents. Once again, she has succeeded and all of Banks County will benefit from her action.
Thanks, Rep. Jamieson. Keep fighting for Banks County.

The Banks County News
March 22, 2000

Thanks Patty Reed for help with G.E.D process
Dear Editor:
I am writing this because I can. I dropped out of high school in 1979 and, after all these years, finally found the courage to go get my G.E.D. I didn't know where to begin but, after my sister put me in contact with Patty Reed at the Adult Education Center, everything fell into place. Mrs. Reed was so friendly and helpful helping me to prepare for taking the G.E.D. test. She went over every step of the process including signing me up to take the test. I was able to take the assessment test and practice tests right here in Banks County.
If anyone is out there trying to make the decision to get your G.E.D., I encourage you to do so. If you see Mrs. Reed out and about, stop her and tell her what an incredible thing she is doing for the residents of Banks County.
Scott Broome

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By Mary Ann Robinson
The Banks County News
March 22, 2000

Finding a friend
Not long ago, a co-worker, Drew, casually asked if I knew of anyone who wanted a puppy. I hesitantly replied that I might. Apparently, Drew's roommate, Carol, had acquired a puppy that she couldn't keep. She's a cat person and her three felines weren't real fond of their new friend.
We already had one dog - Chipper, a Dalmatian, who lives outside. Chipper is a good dog but my daughter Aly had pleaded with us to get a "little" dog that she could cuddle with. I talked with my husband Chuck and we made arrangements to pick up the puppy.
Aly went with me to Carol's house in Athens. We took a box and a blanket just in case our new addition didn't like riding in the car. I knew the puppy was a poodle and shit-zu mix, but I was completely unprepared for the little fur ball that came running to meet us. He was so little and so cute. Aly was immediately in love with this tiny creature.
We expressed our thanks to Carol and took "the puppy" home to meet the rest of the family. On the way home, Aly and I discussed a name for the puppy. We still had not reached a decision when we got home, but it didn't take long for our new friend to be fondly dubbed "Buddy."
Buddy quickly became Aly's shadow. He followed her everywhere. He got stepped on more than once in his enthusiastic effort to keep up with her. Aly was flattered at first, but when Buddy started nipping her ankles, she quickly let him know she wasn't going to put up with that. A few pops on the nose and he quit.
At night, Buddy would sleep on the foot of Aly's bed or on the floor in her room. Aly's dream had come true. She had a friend she could cuddle with.
Well, times have changed. Aly still loves Buddy and he still follows her around, but now it's to run and play - not so much to cuddle. His new cuddle partner is Kate.
Kate is 18 months old, and like most toddlers, she is everywhere. She doesn't want to sit in her high chair to eat a snack anymore, she wants to get down and go. So we let her, and Buddy is definitely the beneficiary.
Manners are important at our house, and we start teaching them to our children at an early age. We have successfully taught Kate to share, and she will gladly share any food she might have with the dog. Buddy follows her around hoping for a snack. It has gotten so bad that we now have to scold the dog to leave Kate alone or try to explain to Kate that she isn't supposed to share with Buddy. Either way, we usually lose and they both win. Kate is happy to share and Buddy is happy to receive.
And just like Aly, Kate loves that dog. She will pull his tail, grab hands full of fur and generally be rougher than she should be, but Buddy just stands there. Never growls, never bites, never even whimpers. He understands that Kate is a baby and doesn't know that she might be hurting him. She crawls all over him and gives him hugs. Buddy very calmly and very happily receives these, too.
I have to admit I was skeptical about having another dog, especially one that lives in the house. I was concerned about house-training, but Buddy proved very quickly that he understood what he was supposed to do. And I worried that the "new" would wear off and I would be stuck feeding and taking care of the dog. Wrong again. Aly feeds and waters the dog and is happy to take him for walks.
Overall, Buddy has been a wonderful addition to our family and, as for the girls, I know they have found a friend. One they love who loves them in return.
Mary Ann Robinson is a reporter for MainStreet Newspapers.
The Banks County News
Homer, Georgia
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