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May 3, 2000

The Banks County News
May 3, 2000

Check out rabies clinic
Any pet owner needs to take the responsibility to get rabies shots for their animals. This is important not only for their pets' sake, but for their own safety. A pet who comes into contact with a rabid animal will be a danger to every member of the family.
A rabies clinic will be held May 13 at various locations across the county. A news story in this week's paper gives the locations and times. Pet owners should take advantage of this to get their animals the proper care.
To take pet care a step further, all animals should also be spayed or neutered. Unwanted pets lead to stray animals that fill the roads in our county. Before getting a pet, look into all the costs involved and be ready to make a commitment.

Guest Column
By Mary Ann Robinson
May 3, 2000

Never enough time
I've noticed lately that I never seem to have enough time to get everything done. I don't think it's because I have all that much to do. I just don't seem to be able to plan my time very well. I have become one of those people who waits until the last minute to do almost everything. I have become the dreaded "P" word. Yes, I've become a procrastinator.
I had known for several weeks that we were going to the Peace Place Gala this past Saturday evening. Jason was in the court and Chuck and I were his escorts. So when did I decide to go shopping for a new dress? Saturday morning, of course. You should have seen me.
I was a woman on a mission. I attended the practice session for Peace Place at the Winder Community Center at 10 a.m. We finished there about 11:15 and I was off to Athens to shop. I had to find a dress, get some panty hose, pick up some makeup and find a pair of shoes. I was lucky. I found a dress at the second store I went to. I was able to get the panty hose and makeup there also. Then I was off to look for shoes. I looked at every store that sells shoes at the mall. No luck. I was looking for something "strappy." You know, sandals with lots of little straps. I decided my best bet was to go with Chuck to another mall at 2 p.m. to pick up his suit. Maybe procrastination is contagious since Chuck seems to have it too.
We arrived at the mall, and off I went. Jason, Chuck, Aly and Kate were all having ice cream and Smoothies while I raced around searching for the perfect shoes to match my new dress. Jason saw me as I ran past and handed me a Smoothie, too.
Unfortunately, I wear an 8 1/2, which seems to be a rather popular size. I found several pairs that I liked but never in my size. There was one pair of shoes in particular that I saw at almost every store.
I really liked them but again, not in my size. Finally, in about the fifth or sixth store, I found them. The same pair I had seen in other stores, right there on the shelf, in my size. I almost shouted with joy. I took them out to try them on and they fit perfectly. They still had the packing in them, letting me know that no one else had ever tried them on. What a find. I raced to the cash register to pay, afraid that if I hesitated, the shoes might somehow disappear.
We arrived home at about 5:45 p.m. and were supposed to be back in Winder at 6:30 p.m. We were about 15 minutes late, but no one seemed to notice. The rest of the evening was very entertaining, and I thoroughly enjoyed the Gala.
I tell myself I'm going to plan my time better and get things done ahead of time. I try, but somehow I never allow enough time. Maybe someday I'll get ahead of schedule. Until then, if you see me racing by, rest assured I've procrastinated again. It's not the first time and I'd be willing to bet it won't be the last.
Mary Ann Robinson is a columnist for MainStreet Newspapers.

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By Angie Gary
The Banks County News
May 3, 2000

'A Journey Into Prayer'
Thousands and thousands of people across the country will join together Thursday in prayer. They will pray for their country, state, county and city. They will pray for the children who are our future. They will pray for the leaders who take us into a new century.
The National Day of Prayer is a wonderful opportunity for a "prayer chain" of people raising their voices together for the same cause. Prayer is powerful and anyone who has ever been involved in a prayer chain knows the power of people joining together to pray for the same thing.
I have learned a lot about prayer over the years from two wonderful influences in my life, my grandmother, Mozelle Clark, and my mother, Sarah Gary. Both women have certainly endured hardships. Their lives have not always been easy­although their friends note the smile on their faces and the inner peace in their eyes. Why is this? It is because they have peace in their hearts and pray faithfully.
I have also learned a lot about prayer from a book, "A Journey Into Prayer" by Evelyn Christenson. It has encouraged me and taught me so much about prayer. I encourage anyone who wants to learn more about prayer to read it.
One common theme throughout the book is that we should always be aware of our motives when praying. When praying for a lost soul, are you doing it to make your life easier or to make their life easier? Think about it. The answer may surprise you.
Christenson points out that those who pray for something with a selfish motive may wonder why their prayer isn't answered. She writes, "Here are some of the common, everyday motives that creep into our praying: praise, fame, love of power, love of display, love of preeminence, status over others, ease, comfort, personal satisfaction...." Don't have these things in your heart when you pray.
Christenson also writes a lot about forgiveness. If we expect God to forgive us of our sins, we should forgive those who sin against us. Anyone who reads the Bible knows this, but do they live it in their life? I am as guilty of this as anyone. It is something I struggle with and will continue to work on and pray about.
While I believe every day should be a Day of Prayer, I hope everyone joins together Thursday on the national observance. It's important to place emphasis on prayer and make everyone more aware of its place in our lives. It is also important for parents to be good role models by praying with their children. Don't just listen to your child pray, let him hear your personal prayers.
It is an important time to pray together. It is an election year and we need to pick politicians who have selfless motives, those who want to serve people instead of gain personal gain and satisfaction. We need to pray for our schools as violence continues to erupt across the country. We need to pray for each other.
Angela Gary is associate editor of The Jackson Herald and editor of The Banks County News.
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