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 May 10, 2000

A compilation of articles written by Madison County School students.

Senior rec day events planned
Underclassmen beware!
Seniors will have the first half hour of May 12th for the good-natured 'torture' activities.
Around 8:30 a.m. the seniors will be taken to the recreation department where they will have the opportunity of playing games. It will be a welcome change from the events of the senior year, a day to relax among friends without the worries of homework and tardies.
Ron's Pizza will be supplying pizza by the slice. After the "seniors' day out," they will return to school to receive their cap and gowns.
The final leg of their journey through high school is about to begin.
"I wish that we could stay at school the whole day and receive the recognition that we deserve as well as being able to display our talents in front of our underclassmen peers," said senior Sally Rodges.

Madison County prom 2000 set for Saturday
Hair appointments made. Tanning salons full. Tuxes rented. The signs of the Junior/Senior Prom are all apparent.
Every year the Juniors host the prom, a junior-senior formal affair held at the Classic Center in Athens.
The prom is scheduled on May 13 at 8 p.m.
Prom is anticipated by many, especially juniors who are attending for the first time. Junior Cynthia Jones noted, "Girls run themselves ragged preparing on the morning of prom, but when the evening approaches you realize that it was all worth it."
After questioning several students, the average amount most spent on prom was $271.
Even though prom can become an expensive, time-consuming event, most will agree that it is definitely worth it all for the memories you get in exchange.

The 'Real Lloyd' shows authority and teaching prowess
Picture a teacher with authority and teaching prowess. Second, picture a child, simple and rambunctious. Now, put them into a blender and hit "mix." The result is Mr. A.J. Lloyd.
Mr. Lloyd is a student teacher who previously helped out with Writer's Workshop and is currently into literature. He was interested in teaching because it was something enjoyable and something he was good at.
Before teaching, Mr. Lloyd worked at CNN after graduating from UGA. Then he sold hardware and software for computers.
What does mr. Lloyd enjoy about teaching? Interaction is the answer.
"When I was in school, I saw a void between teacher and student," he says. "I like to be taught, not told."
On the other hand, Mr. Lloyd totally dislikes apathy. "When neither student nor parent care... it's as if I were just babysitting," he says.
Mr. Lloyd's policy in teaching is to make learning enjoyable and to gain respect from his students.
If he had not been a teacher, Mr. Lloyd may have been either a politician or a salesman.
Mr. Lloyd's favorite pastime is mountain biking. He is single (scream, ladies), and has a loving family. As words of advice, Mr. Lloyd says: "Live forever or die trying!"

Elective sign-up day gives students opportunity to pick and choose
The teachers behind the sign-up tables tensed as the students flooded into the gym to sign up for electives.
Elective sign-ups lasted through first, second and third periods and each group of students was given a 15-minute time period to look around and choose which elective classes to sign up for.
The guidance counselors tried out a new idea this year; the alphabet was flipped and the names at the end of the alphabet got a chance to sign up first!
As expected from polls of last year's sign-up day, certain classes filled up fast. Among the most popular classes were drafting, driver's education, team sports, and business classes.
Because of the time and hard work of the guidance counselors in preparing for and planning the sign-up day and the cooperation of teachers and students that participated, this year's elective sign-up day was a success.





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