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June 28, 2000

The Banks County News
June 28, 2000

Have a safe and happy July 4 holiday
The sky will light up with fireworks Tuesday night in Homer when the annual July 4 celebration is held.
Businesses and individuals, along with the city, have provided the funds to make this night possible. They are to be commended for working for a town celebration that can be enjoyed by everyone.
This time of year, the night skies also often light up with illegal fireworks. Remember that not only is this illegal in Georgia, it is dangerous.
Children, and even adults, have been injured while setting off these explosives. Let's leave the fireworks to those who know how to handle them and have a safe July 4.

By Drew Brantley
The Banks County News
June 28, 2000

Addresses label schools as
much as mascots, colors
The summer heat slows down the pace every year.
The easiest thing to concentrate on is not thinking too much.
With that thought, I took another look at the schools in the Georgia High School Association.
Having already talked about the mascots and colors that intrigued me, I started to look at schools' addresses to see what seems right and wrong.
The first thing that I noticed was the problem the state of Georgia has with its cities and counties. I don't really care where Decatur County is. But I would like the city of Decatur to be somewhere near it. Why are there just a handful of counties and cities that match in Georgia? Other states seem to have done a good job of lining this up.
Clayton County is not near Clayton city. Jackson is not near Jackson County. Jefferson is not near Jefferson County.
Why can't this make better sense? Well, some things about high schools come together nicely.
Several schools are located on their own mascot's street. The Richmond Hill Wildcats can be found at #1 Wildcat Drive. The Ringgold Tigers are on Tiger Trail. The Starr's Mill Panthers are on Panther Path.
There are plenty more, but those examples tell the story well enough.
Those names took a little creativity. But other schools took apparent painstaking efforts not to stretch their minds on coming up with an address.
West Laurens High is on West Laurens School Road. But the winner of the least effort into naming a street must be shared. Milton and Lumpkin County are on both a street named School Drive. Kind of rolls off the tongue with a resounding thud.
Other schools are located on streets that were made famous in other cities.
Colquitt County is on Park Avenue. Savannah High is on Pennsylvania Avenue. But that should not be confused with Atlanta's Washington High on Whitehouse Drive.
Pike County High seems to be a rough place to visit, located on Old Meansville Road. But, then Berkmar rests on Pleasant Hill Road. Ridgeland rides high on Happy Valley Road. Hephzibah welcomes all on Brothersville Road. Trion and Mt. Paran are both on Allgood Street.
Dalton boys walk tall, knowing they go to school on Manly Street. Greenforest Academy shines brightly on Rainbow Drive. Screven County alumni are able to reflect back on their Halcyondale Road days in Sylvania.
Marietta inspires success on Winn Street. Several schools share Victory Drive.
Though I'm not sure what to make of Lafayette's Round Pound Road address.
Woodland and Cass are two high schools in Cartersville. But Woodland is on Cassville Road. Sounds like Cass owns Woodland.
Pierce County High students seem to do hard time on County Farm Road in Blackshear.
On the other end, Temple High should raise wise students on Sage Street.
Chattooga is on Lyerly Highway, or maybe it's not.
Make sure to adhere to the speed limit in Gray when driving past Jones County High on Cumslo Road.
Maybe a name is just a name. An address is just an address. Just things to think about as the summer creeps along.
Drew Brantley is the sports editor for The Commerce News and The Banks County News.

By Angela Gary
The Banks County News
June 28, 2000

A tale of two
cats and one tail

Quincy lazily walks through the house, stretching and yawning. He is the king of the house. He does whatever he wants to, whenever he wants to. He doesn't appear to know that he is a cat. He is in charge. Everyone caters to him and pets him. He is spoiled.
Suddenly, a flash of fur bounces into the room and onto Quincy's back. The funny little ball of gray fur is on his back­riding him like a pony. Quincy is furious. He growls and slaps the little pest to get him to go away. This excites the small cat, who thinks Quincy is ready to play and joyfully slaps him back.
In minutes, the two are rolling around on the floor. Quincy is mad that someone has dared to invade his domain. The small kitten is ecstatic that the big cat is finally playing with him instead of ignoring him and looking down at him in disgust.
Unfortunately, the above scenario is a common occurrence at the Gary household. We haven't had more than one cat in the house at a time in years and had no plans to change. We also had decided we couldn't take a kitten to the shop behind our house because two new puppies had claimed it and they probably wouldn't get along too well with a small kitten. God apparently had another plan, as he sent this adorable little kitten to our home unexpectantly one Sunday morning.
The kitten had got caught in the truck of a man who stopped by to see my Dad. It came out of the truck yowling with its tail in a bloody mess. I took it out to the shop. We fed it and thought it would probably get better. Instead, the tail turned black and looked infected.
A trip to the vet brought the news that the kitten would lose its tail. It was more traumatic for me than him. He doesn't seem to notice that he doesn't have a tail. However, he is fascinated with Quincy's tail and often grabs ahold of it and lets the big cat drag him through the house. Needless to say, Quincy doesn't find this amusing.
When I brought the kitten home from the vet, I took it back to the shop and left it. I thought it would be OK, but the dogs kept picking at it. Since it was still weak from losing the tail, we brought it to the house "temporarily" for it to recover. I put it in the sunroom where we would keep it. We weren't going to let it into Quincy's territory.
I named the kitten, who I had been calling "baby boy," Socks because of the white fur around its feet. Socks is adorable and I spent a lot of time visiting him in the sunroom. Whenever I left, he would cry and cry. He eventually started coming out for short visits. This is when he became fascinated with the big cat. Quincy didn't return his adoration and gives me an evil look every time I let Socks out for a bit.
The plan was to return Socks to the shop when he got his strength back. Of course, we are all so attached to him now that we want him to stay. The only problem is that Quincy doesn't like cats. I keep hoping that he will enjoy being a "pony" and giving Socks a ride around the house. I have a feeling that he is going to kick me out to the shop soon if I don't get rid of the new addition to the family. Until then, I will continue to referee.
Angela Gary is associate editor of The Jackson Herald and editor of The Banks County News.

The Banks County News
June 28, 2000

Urges readers to pray for rain
Dear Editor:
I have an opinion request for us all in Jackson County and the surrounding counties. Our God is a loving God and meets our needs if we come to him in prayer. But it is up to each one of us to ask.
So if you would, and to all in all our churches and at home or work, whatever your way of talking to Jesus, let's all pray for life-giving rain in our area to break this drought to help our farmers and to bring our streams and lakes back up.

Sincerely, J.E. Gray, Maysville

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