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 August 30, 2000

A compilation of articles written by Madison County School students.

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As school opens, class size increases
As many of you know, Madison County schools opened for a fresh new year on Friday, Aug. 19. The new year brought more students than ever with a total of 1,263 enrolled at the high school. Guidance counselors are amazed at how large the high school has become. Last year there were 1,161 students enrolled at Madison County High School.
I asked Ashley Waller if she thought the halls seemed more crowded this year than normal, and she said, "yes, definitely." This shows that some of the students at MCHS have obviously noticed the larger class size.
The freshman class is the largest class with a breathtaking 473 students. The sophomore class is the second largest with 380 students. The junior class has 258 students and last, but not least, the senior class has 224 students.
These numbers may not seem large to a more urban school, but to rural Madison County these numbers are extremely large.

From the desk of "Rahjah the Rambunctious Raider"
Well, I've made it through a whole week. Most of my underclassman days were full of anxious dreams of my big Senior year. Now it's a reality for me - my senior year is here.
It's definitely been different, that's for sure.
I think that first day was the toughest. As soon as I stepped out of my ferocious silver Ferrari, I knew it just wasn't going to be the same. Yeah, I was now parking in the Senior parking lot, and I could "bust up" any underclassman that tried to park in my spot.
But that's not what I'm talking about. These past years, when I opened my car door, there was always a friend waiting on me, starting off the day with a huge hug and shining smile. This time, there was just the car parked next to me.
As I walked up from the parking lot, I took a look at everyone, seeing how they had changed over the summer, waving to them, and nodding a "what's up" their way. I continued walking, went through the doors, and down the halls with this "big senior" role I had now taken on. As I passed through, there were the usual "Hey Rahjah, looking good!" "Foxy Rajah, how ya' been?" and my favorite, "Rahjah Baby, can I get your digits?" I just flashed a smile and began to think how good the year could be. I have to admit, before school started, I was a little leery of going back, knowing that my closest friends would be gone off to college.
I got to the lobby and tried to catch up on how everyone had been. The bell rang, and I headed for my first class. It seemed weird being the oldest in the class, everyone asking me the questions. It was like that in every class; I kept expecting to walk in and see one of my best friends sitting in the back of the room with a pack of rubber bands ready to shoot. I kept expecting to walk through the door and almost get hit in the head with a peppermint flying across the room. But my fellas were gone.
The saddest part of the day was when the final bell rang, and I went to meet everyone to go down to the parking lot. I got to the lobby, and no one that used to be there was there. So I went on down to the parking lot and hung out with the new seniors - the Class of 2001. We talked a while, joked around, just kind of hung around and I had a good time. But it wasn't the same as last year - it felt a little empty and low-key. Last year it was wild chaos in the afternoons. My keys were stolen and thrown all over the place, my friends and I would try to break into each others' cars, antennas were stolen, cars were rolled, footballs were thrown, after school plans were made and laughter was shared. We laughed so hard. I missed all that really bad, but I knew that thinking about it wasn't going to make it better.
So I decided to take the advice from a recently graduated friend to "suck it up and get on with it."
And I will - I'm going to have to. I am going to have just as much fun this year as I did last year, laughing, cracking jokes, and being the big senior at MCHS. I will meet new people, I will bond closer with old ones. All of the seniors will. We are a new class, with new memories to make, new moments to share. These are our last days before we have to grow up and go to college.
So I say we enjoy it, Class of 2001. We can make every class interesting, homecoming dance unforgettable, sport events historical, and prom amazing.
And you know, I think that it just might not be so hard.


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New principal holds class meetings
Students do not normally get up and leave class at 9:30 a.m., but on Wednesday and Thursday, Aug. 23 and Aug. 24, certain classes were dismissed early to go to the gym and meet with the new principal, Mr. Bob Rhinehart.
During the meeting certain handbook policies were discussed and the students were given more information about certain topics such as drugs, weapons, dress code, general behavior and attendance. While seniors and juniors were used to most of the handbook policies, many underclassmen are still making adjustments.
"I agree that we need certain rules and regulations, but policies concerning the dress code and drugs and weapons could use some work," said freshman Patricia Daniel.
In addition to Rhinehart, Lara Sanders, a senior and the student council vice-president, spoke to the juniors and seniors about changes that the student council is planning on making. Some ideas that are in discussion are a winter dance and a school newspaper, ideas which many students are excited about.
"I'm real excited to see student council taking such an active role this year. They've got some great ideas going and I hope to see things like the dance happen, especially my senior year," Senior Jennifer Helms said.
Overall the meetings were a success and many of the students appreciate the principal taking the time to get acquainted with the student body and letting us know what he expects of us.
"Mr. Rhinehart seems really nice and as a freshman I hope that I will get to know him better as I progress through school," freshman Ashley Stanfield said.
Many agree and all hope that Mr. Rhinehart feels welcome in our school.

Kasey Hale excels in and out of classroom
One of our outstanding juniors this year is Kasey Hale. She is optimistic, dedicated, friendly, and "someone we all admire," according to junior Kelli Burroughs. Kasey lives with her 7-year-old sister Kaitlyn and her parents, Marc and Debbie, who are very supportive and close to her.
Kasey is active in extracurriculars and academics. She has participated in football, basketball, and competition cheering and had the highest GPA on the cheerleading squad last year.
Being inducted into the National Honor Society and having the highest World Geography for 1999 are two more of her achievements. When she isn't dedicating time to school, Kasey is hanging out with her friends or attending Colbert Baptist Church. "God is the most important thing in my life," Kasey says.
Over the summer Kasey visited the beach and attended a marine biology camp in San Antonio, Texas. Although she greatly enjoyed working with a diverse group of high school students, she is now focusing her career interests elsewhere. Kasey is looking forward to a challenging junior year because she enjoys "being introduced to new things, spending time with people and recognizing your identity."
But the worst part of school to her, as with most students, is waking up bright and early at 6 a.m. for a brand new day.
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