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September 13, 2000

A compilation of articles written by Madison County School students.

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Wardlow reaches beyond what is expected
Senior Nicoe Wardlow is one of the new additions to the DCT program. She chose to join because of a great opportunity to get a jump start on her career, not to mention that Nicoe, like many other students, would rather be at work than at school!
Nicoe has a very bright personality; she tries to be friendly and include everyone as much as possible, which enables her to be a valuable asset to the workforce. She works at the Timberland Outlet in Commerce, where she performs store maintenance duties as well as customer service in her sales associate position. In the DCT program and in her job, Nicoe has learned how to handle her finances and she hopes to be successful at what she does.
One person that truly inspired Nicoe to join DCT was Miranda Booth, a recent graduate and former DCT member. Miranda advised Nicoe that DCT helped her further her career goals.
Nicoe encourages others to consider DCT while in school. She said, "You will have a wonderful opportunity to get ahead and learn what the real world is all about!"

Burroughs: Not just another face in the crowd
She is intriguing, talented in many ways, creative and unlike anyone esle at school. Tyler Mc-Spadden describes her as an "intelligent and insightful person," and Jenni Nation says, "Being in her presence is always an adventure."
Kelli Burroughs says she is not much of an athlete.
However, she is involved in a variety of other activities.
She has been on the debate team since her freshman year, participating in policy debates, impromptu, dialogue and monologue presentations, and humorous and dramatic interpretations.
Last year she played the characters Prissy and Aunt Josephine in "Anne of Green Gables."
Kelli was in FBLA for her freshman year. Although her interests are varied, she has already made her career decision: psychology.
Playing the piano, watching movies and visiting her boyfriend at college are Kelli's favorite ways to pass the time.
She looks forward most to taking trips to Savannah, her favorite city.
She spends time with her Shih Tzu, "Lady Chablis," who was appropriately named after the same character in "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil." In the event of extreme boredom, she adds to her rubber band ball, which is currently at 50 pounds.
Chemistry and American literature are her favorite classes this semester because they are interesting and taught well.
Kelli looks forward to her junior year because school allows her to continuously "mature and develop mentally as a person and to become more responsible and organized."

Mr. Ring impacts students
His education and experience make Mr. Jim Ring the guru of drafting technology at MCHS. He has given his life to passing down his drafting skills to his students. After graduating from Athens High School, Mr. Ring went on to earn a bachelor of science degree at Western Kentucky University and a master's of education from the University of Georgia.
"Mr. Ring is an excellent drafting teacher," said senior Zach Audulewicz.
Moving from MCHS to MCMS and back again, Mr. Ring has been teaching for 31 years in Madison County. He also coached the rifle team for four years, leading his teams to many victories.
When asked how he can stand four block classes on end with only a lunch break, he responded, "The kids keep you young!"
In his spare time, Mr. Ring collects miniature tractors and small farm models. He also fishes on a regular basis.
"My favorite kinds of fish to fish are the largemouth bass, and I'm the master," said Mr. Ring. Mr. Ring deer hunts on occasion. He also enjoys cooking and does so almost every night.
Mr. Ring has always provided quality learning and used his teaching skills for more than drafting and CAD (computer-aided drafting). He befriends his students and is able to get through to even those students who think they lack talent. Most students enter Mr. Ring's drafting class not expecting to be able to map and draw an entire house by the end of their third year with Mr. Ring. When students leave their last drafting class they hold pride in the work they have done and they remember all the lessons Mr. Ring has taught them.

Officers introduced at first junior class meeting
The junior class had their first meeting of the year last week in the cafeteria where they had the chance to be introduced to this year's class officers.
Jessica Chambers is class president, Courtney Yarb-rough is vice-president, and Ashley Mullins is secretary. Tapley Bennett and Mays Dixon are the class liasons, which means they talk to the class members and get their ideas to bring up at class officers meetings.
Sabrina Bennett, one of the class sponsors, spoke to the class about this year's prom, which will be held on May 19, 2001. For juniors who do not pre-pay, the cost will be $75 and $75 for their dates.
Renee Carey, also a class sponsor, talked to the class about homecoming. Class members will be bringing in money to help defray the cost of the decorations for the hall competitions that are held during homecoming week.
After all this was mentioned, Shaun Smith, our Balfour representative, came and talked to the class about rings. Mr. Smith said that rings ordered now will be back in December, before Christmas break.
It looks as if the Juniors will have a very busy year and a lot to look forward to.

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Class ring orders placed
As a junior there are many important decisions to make. One important decision is selecting a class ring.
The Balfour Company sent a representative to speak with the juniors about ordering class rings. Every junior received a packet with an order form, a ring catalog and a price list.
A class ring represents the individual wearing it. The catalog provided a variety of styles and designs. Ordering a class ring is important for many reasons. The reason most often used is to have a memorable piece of jewelry that represents your high school years.
The Balfour representative returned to take the class ring orders. With every ring order a T-shirt was given out representing the class of 2002.
The juniors are now anticipating the arrival of their long-awaited class rings.

Club fair held at MCHS
With many opportunities to join clubs and participate in different events, students are blessed with an easy way to find information about their favorite clubs and learn more about those that are new. The second annual club fair was held in the gym. Each club represented had colorful booths and literature telling about their individuality.
The clubs present were the Senior 4-H Club, Academic Team, Anchor Club, Drama Club, Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), FCCLA (Family, Career and Community Leaders of America), Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), Future Georgia Educators (FGE), Future Farmers of America (FFA), the Multi-Cultural Club, National Honor Society, PRIDE, Student Council, Skills USA (VICA), Vocational Opportunities Club of America (VOCA), Y-Club and Students Taking a New Direction (S.T.A.N.D.).
A new club added among the old this year is the Anchor Club. The Anchor Club's purpose is to work united in friendship and loyalty; to render service to our home, school and community guided by the bright stars of hope, faith and truth. The club's focus is leadership and service in the community. The Pilot Club is the parent organization of the Anchor Club. Any student interested in becoming a member of the Anchor Club must fill out an application and they must be accepted by club standards. The new club is advised by Ms. Renee McCannon. Ms. McCannon said, "I am very excited to be serving with quality student leaders in our community."
Every student had a chance to participate in the club fair and sign up for membership to the clubs of their choice.

Rahjah the Rambunctious Raider
Football season. For some, it means nothing, but for others, it means everything. Fans come rolling in with their cars decorated in red and gray, windows rolled down, cheering for the Raiders before the game even begins. I am one of these dedicated fans.
I've seen how hard these guys work for just two hours of intense game time. I've watched them practice every day in the hot, grueling sun, pushing themselves to the level of exhaustion. They've worked hard for this, so I support them.
I remember last year's games. Those were exciting. The band comes on the field for a little pre-show entertainment, and then we sing the national anthem.
My friends give their usual smart-aleck remarks: "Rahjah, why don't you get on the loudspeaker and lead us all. You're such a good singer!"
I ignore them and then cheer for the guys as they run through the colorful banner the cheerleaders made. They rip it apart, and the game begins.
"R-E-D R-A-I-D-E-R-S, RED RAIDERS!" the cheerleaders shout up to us. Seems like those girls never stop smiling, never stop jumping, never stop with the wiggly finger things. I think that's great, though. Somebody has got to keep the crowd going when it seems like we just can't cheer any more. The chest-painted boys in front of me have more spirit than I have ever seen. I don't see how they don't lose their voices by halftime. Two have a megaphone, letting the visiting stands know who's got spirit ("Yes we do, we've got spirit, how 'bout you?!").
Others in the student section have cowbells - making noise is part of the game, you know.
The halftime show was just as good as the game. It was great to see our band improve each time and neat seeing a different show from the visiting band.
Thinking about all of this has really gotten me excited about the season. I can't wait to be there, start to finish, rain or shine, lose or win. I think our boys have really worked hard this year and we're really going to surprise some people with our game.
I know I can't wait for the season to really get going. We might lose a few, but we will surely win a few, too. It's going to be a good year, I can tell. I hope to see all of MCHS at the games, supporting our team. I want to see the stands packed like never before, especially the student section.
The players get their energy from their fans, so we've got to pack that place in. And I want to let the Raiders know that their school is behind them, through it all. Good luck guys, get em!
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