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 October 11, 2000


By Adam Fouche
The Jackson Herald
October 11, 2000

America is becoming de-moralized
Get ready for a rough few years, guys.
We, as Americans, are all on a ship that is sinking and sinking fast.
We no longer care about our fellow man. We no longer take the time to be courteous.
Men don't hold the door open for ladies anymore. In fact, I don't think there are that many ladies left.
No one helps the elderly and no one offers to cook a meal for a sick neighbor.
Restaurant workers don't smile and cashiers never say "Thank you."
Husbands are brutally murdering their own wives and mothers are drowning their children in lakes.
Kids are killing kids for trading cards. Kids are killing kids for drugs.
Parents are neglecting their children. Children are becoming parents.
We are in a country where football fans will mercilessly trample over an injured girl because their team won a big football game.
Everyone is on drugs and no one seems to care.
Our President condones killing unborn babies. And so do many of our citizens.
No one's friendly. No one's happy. No one seems to care.
We don't vote anymore. We don't go to city council and board of education meetings.
Parents don't care about what their kids are doing in school and kids don't care to tell their parents.
Playing the lottery is more important than buying diapers or paying the utility bill.
Parents are spending more money on booze and drugs and less on health care and food for their children.
And our government is approving the use of a pill that kills babies. Yes, our own government is allowing the murder of innocent, helpless children.
How is this right?
Abortion is wrong; it's immoral; and it is, beyond a shadow of a doubt, murder.
People will argue for pro-choice and that a woman has the right to choose what happens to her own body.
She doesn't.
No person can decide if an innocent baby should live or die. No person has the right to erase their own mistakes by taking another's life.
And if you do make that choice, do you really know what you are doing?
You are taking a person's chance to hear music and birds chirping and people talking.
You are stealing the sunrise and the sunset from someone.
You aren't giving a little child the chance to color a picture or play in the grass.
Yes, that sounds harsh and maybe it's a little mean. But it's all true.
Abortion is harsh and trying to make it sound like it isn't is horribly wrong.
I feel sorry for the women who have had an abortion and who have to face that fact every day. I know I will never know the hurt some woman have gone through because of their decision.
I can only hope we will end this terrible practice before another young woman has to realize the mistake she made by choosing abortion.
We must save the ship America is on-if it's not already too late.
Adam Fouche is a reporter for MainStreet Newspapers. His email address is

By Tim Thomas
The Jackson Herald
October 11, 2000

What to say?
Dear God, I just can't do this. For two days, my mind's needle kept jumping back into that same groove, playing the same verse over and over.
The dreaded event crept closer with each minute: what to write about a special young man who's suddenly gone? As a crowd of people filled the Jefferson High School gymnasium, the thought played on.
Dear God, I just can't do this.
Later, as the crowd filed out, I perused the various pictures posted in the gym. Basketball awards. A skinny little kid proudly holding up a small bass for the camera. School photos. Opening Christmas presents with Annie. The framed display extolling character. All very nice.
Dear God, I just can't do this.
Suddenly, there it was. As usual, the Master's timing was perfect, even if my faith was not.
The photo of Daniel Goza with a handful of his friends immediately sent my mind back to 1986, to another photo of six smiling Jefferson High School seniors. A passer-by wouldn't have known the difference if you'd switched our names with theirs. That guy on the left, he could be Jimmy. And that one over there, he could be Bruce.
We often overlook the synchronicity of our lives with others, but as I stood there fighting back tears in front of that photo, I realized that for those two brief moments separated by 14 years, Daniel and I felt a common emotion. Most of you have felt it, too.
The world was ours for the taking. The unfair formality of a high school education was almost past, and we were ready to take our turns on the ride. Darn it, it was our time, and everyone else could either get with the program or get out of our way.
We'd gone through our time of waiting behind those ahead of us. We'd eventually found our own respective niches on the basketball court and the wrestling mat, and we'd filled them when the opportunity came. We'd rebounded and turned on a short sit-out better than anyone else, and there was nothing we couldn't do if we really wanted to.
We were immortal, at least for a while. And it was a wonderful ride.
As I stood outside, a candle flickering in my hand, the question of why this happened was at least partially answered. The details won't be told here, for fear of bringing unneeded attention. Those who were there and who understand Truth know what I mean.
I know there's nothing as trivial as basketball in Daniel's new world, but if you wish to see it this way, he's moved on to the next level. Only this time, the roles are reversed; he's on the court ahead of me.
This time, he's really immortal, and not just for a while. What a wonderful ride.

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