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October 11, 2000

A compilation of articles written by Madison County School students.

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Fine art student: Jennifer Sams
To some people, drama is nothing more than getting on stage and gaining attention. To others, it is a lifestyle. Jennifer Sams is one of these individuals. She has been participating in drama since a very early age. She has always had a flair for acting, performing scenes from her favorite movies as a child. She views acting as more of a passion than just a hobby.
Jennifer has been influenced by her mother, who has helped and encouraged her along the way. Jennifer said that Ms. Westmoreland has also been another of her influences. "She has been a friend, as well as a teacher, and her honesty and support mean a lot." Katherine Hepburn and Audrey Hepburn have also been major influences to this aspiring actress.
She has participated in school plays since her freshman year and has been a drama officer for the past two years. She is also currently student director of "Strength of Our Spirit."
Jennifer has extended her acting experience past school grounds. She participated in a production of "My Fair Lady" with Town and Gown Theatre.
She says that she would love to act in an actual paid position as a stage actress, but her true aspiration is to be a teacher. She wants to teach theater to high school students. She claims that she won't be the average teacher. She wants to find a way to incorporate dance into her class.
Ms. Westmoreland said, "Jennifer is a very bright and enthusiastic individual. She has a passion for improving and ultimately perfecting whatever her task may be."
There couldn't be a truer statement.

Crouse is excited to be here
Coach Steve Crouse, who moved from Lumpkin County, is a new addition to our staff this year. He teaches world geography and study skills this semester, and is very excited to be teaching and coaching here.
Crouse is into sports and will be coaching the boys' varsity squad in basketball. During the spring, he will be the assistant coach to the boys' varsity squad of soccer, and will be the head coach of the JV boys' soccer. He is also a coach with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.
Crouse is really enjoying the staff and said they were making him feel very welcome. He became a teacher because he believes that teaching is a way for him to hopefully make a difference in kids' lives.
"I enjoy teaching because I have the opportunity to interact with students and challenge their minds." He considers the biggest problem facing educators today is student apathy and lack of respect, and the best part is when a student comes back to say thank you.
Crouse and his wife Robyn have four children. They have three sons - Joshua, 7; Taylor, 5; and Jonathan, 1. They also have a little girl, Anna, who is 3. Crouse enjoys spending time with his family and water sports.
Crouse is liking it here very much and is excited about what the future holds here for him at the school.

SAT test dates announced
You continuously hear your parents, teachers and college representatives talk about how important the S.A.T. is for college admission. Colleges today are requiring higher S.A.T. scores so they can admit a freshman class that stands out in academic achievement and altogether enhance their student body.
S.A.T. fall test dates this year are Oct. 14, Nov. 4 and Dec. 2. S.A.T. preparation classes are offered on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 3:15 to 6:15, the week before each Saturday test date. The fee is $15 and you pay on the first afternoon of class. Sign-up sheets are outside room 23 (Mrs. Bullock's room). These classes have been helpful for students in the past to really raise their scores.
Good luck to all students taking the S.A.T. this year-make the MCHS teachers proud!

Homecoming ahead
Homecoming is a time of tradition, a time when people celebrate their school pride. This year will be no different for MCHS, which has scheduled homecoming for Friday, Oct. 20. The week leading up to that Friday will consist of the usual traditions, with days being set aside for a particular style of dress and having the ever-popular Thursday evening pre-game bonfire. An originality for this year's homecoming is the theme, which is tropical.
The homecoming football game, a crucial match-up against new opponent Wesleyan, will be followed by the homecoming dance, which will be held in the gym. Dress for the dance will be semi-formal. Tickets will be sold during lunch Oct. 16-20 at $3 per person and $5 per couple. Tickets at the door on Friday night will be $5 per person.
Between the football game, which is sure to be a dramatic part of the Red Raider season, and the traditions that will be celebrated throughout the week, homecoming 2000 is guaranteed to be a grand event.

Students of the week
Each week a group of students are chosen to be recognized as the Students of the Week. This week the students were Tyler Beusse, Jennifer Costyn, Myra Ash, Katie Phillips, Jennifer Grizzle, Brittany Escoe, David Duncan, Rusty Smith and Heath Hix.
The students are awarded with a choice of either a parking permit that allows them to park in the teacher parking lot or an Early-to-Lunch pass.

'Hilltopper' one-day sale held
The yearbook staff recently held a sale of the "Hilltopper," a relief to many parents and students. The book was sold for $35 for underclassmen and $38 for seniors. The three-dollar difference on the seniors' books is for the student's name to be stamped on the book.
After the sale the price of the book increased to $40 for underclassmen and $43 for seniors. Students can purchase yearbooks again in Nov.
The "Hilltopper" staff will hold other sale dates throughout the year before annual signing day when the annual will be unveiled.

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DCT Student of the week: Nikki Browning
Walk into Best Buy on most afternoons, and you're bound to see a smiling face greeting you. With a sunny disposition, Nikki Browning adds a warm touch to everything she does, including her work. She has been working as a cashier at Best Buy in Athens since November 1999.
Nikki is recognized by her coworkers as being very helpful, friendly, and attentive to her customers. Rebecca Ryder, Nikki's manager, said, "Her positive attitude definitely helps her, and us, to provide outstanding customer service!"
One of Nikki's coworkers, Jeremy Lopez, said that Nikki is a "very special person. It is a pleasure to work with her."
Nikki's work attitude has earned her an MVP award and Employee of the Week.
Nikki, who recently turned 18, lives in Danielsville and aspires to be an investment banking analyst in the future. She enjoys going out with friends and spending time with her family in her free time.

Cheerleading golf tournament to be held November 11
The MCHS Cheerleaders Pep Club is sponsoring their annual fund-raiser golf tournament again this year. The tournament is scheduled for Saturday, November 11, at 8:15 a.m. It will be played in Lauderdale format in four-player teams, at $50 a player. As usual, there will be cash prizes, and the $50 fee includes lunch, which will be catered by Zeb's.
If you are interested in registering for the tournament or if you are interested in sponsoring, contact Ms. Kara Rebitch at 613-6092. The proceeds from the tournament will aid the cheerleaders in buying supplies and letterman jackets.

Y-Club attends district rally
Y-Club officers and members from both the high school and the middle school had the time of their life at the Y-Club Northeast District Rally. The students were at MCHS at 8:30 on Sept. 30. They got on a bus that took them to Banks County High School in Homer.
Upon arrival the students played games such as Twister, Frisbee and tug-of-war. Everyone then went to the auditorium to the opening assembly where they participated in energizers and sing-alongs and watched some great skits. The students had a short break and the high school students had an assembly, while the middle school students had classes.
Everyone had lunch in the lunchroom where BCHS had pizza delivered. After lunch the middle school had their assembly while the high school students went to class. There was an awesome closing assembly that ended the wonderful day.
At district rally students had the opportunity to learn new energizers, more projects to help out the community and had a load of fun in the process. It was a day to remember for all that attended.

One busy senior
Most people look at their senior year as a time to relax and enjoy their last year of high school. Most, in fact, try to arrange everything so they can have as much free time as possible. Not Crystal Nicholson.
Nicholson stays busy with marching band, drama and work. She has been in the band all four years of high school. She started off playing the flute, however, the last two years, she has made a drastic change from flute to drums. She did not begin taking part in the drama program until her sophomore year, but she came in with a bang. Finding out opening night that one of the key actors had decided to drop the play, Crystal had to fill in at the last minute. At first she panicked, but she pulled it off without a hitch and has participated in drama ever since.
Another activity that takes up a great deal of her time is her job. She works at Ty Cobb Health Care as a nurse's assistant and a secretary.
When asked about her spare time, she sarcastically replied, "What spare time? I hardly know the meaning of the word!" There has never been a truer statement. However, on those rare occasions that she does have a little downtime, she likes to spend time with her friends and boyfriend.
Nicholson also has a very dry sense of humor, and can crack a joke at anything.
"Whenever I'm having a bad day, Crystal can always make me laugh; granted, I'm usually laughing at her, but it still brightens my day," stated Arrie Brown, after being asked what she considered one of Crystal's key character traits.
Two of Crystal's best friends include her dog, Sassy, and her cat, Nicodemus.
Next fall, Nicholson wants to attend UGA. She plans to go into the medical field as a nurse specialist.
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