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 November 8, 2000

By Adam Fouche
The Jackson Herald
November 8, 2000

No more telemarketing calls
Several days ago, as I slept peacefully in my bed, the phone rang.
I stumbled to my feet and walked into the living room in my apartment and searched for the cordless phone, only to find it under a stack of newspapers in my bedroom.
"Hello," I said, obviously perturbed from having been awakened.
"May I speak with Mr. Foosh," a lady said.
I hung up.
First of all, it's 8:15 a.m. I'm a college student, and by law, I'm not allowed to get up before 10 a.m.
Second, I'm not "Mr. Foosh," I'm Mr. Fouche (rhymes with couch). Anyone who calls to sell me a service that perfectly fits me better know how to say my name before proceeding to tell me what I need, especially if they just woke me up.
I get calls from telemarketers on a daily basis. Ever since I applied for a credit card and got a phone connected in my name, they just won't leave me alone.
The other day, a lady from the phone company called me.
She began to describe some intricate voice mail and long distance service plan that was guaranteed to save me money on my monthly phone bill while answering the one call I get a month while I'm not home.
"Well," I told her, "we really don't call long distance and the three callers we've missed so far this year just left a message."
"But don't you want to save money?" she pleaded.
"I don't call long distance in the first place."
"But Mr. Foosh, our plan has only a $1.95 connection fee per call and a low rate of."
I put the phone next to the TV, which I had strategically turned to an infomercial about a broom with magic star fibers. Several minutes later, I hung up.
Of course, that wasn't the end of the whole ordeal. The phone company does not believe in rejection. Another lady, from the same phone company, called me the next day.
"Mr. Foosh, for a low fee of only $12 a month, you can make as many domestic long distance calls as you like," she explained.
"I'm sorry. I'm a college student and I don't have that much money to spend," I said.
"Well, we also have a $6 plan that will give free nights and weekends."
"If it costs $6, then it's not free nights and weekends-it's $6 nights and weekends," I explained to her. "And besides, under my financial plan, all my money is put away in a locked box, to protect it from greedy government spenders."
"So I'll go ahead and sign you up for the $6 plan which you can begin using free for the next three months."
"No," I exclaimed. "You better not go ahead and sign me up for anything."
"But sir, you can use it free for three months."
"Yeah, and then after three months when I try to cancel it, you'll send a group of hooded thugs into my apartment in the middle of the night to bust my kneecaps. No thanks. I don't want it."
"I don't think you understand Mr. Foosh" Click.
I hung up again.
Tomorrow, when she calls back, I think I'll turn the tables and try to sell her a subscription to the paper. Maybe then she'll leave me alone.
But I wouldn't count on it.
Adam Fouche is a reporter for MainStreet Newspapers.

By Tim Thomas
The Jackson Herald
November 8, 2000

Fall highlights
With the coming end of the prep football season, several high points from the fall sports scene bear recalling.
Obviously, nothing will stand out quite as sharply as a pair of accomplishments with state implications.
Monté Williams' rushing record will likely not soon be surpassed, though one can never be sure about such things. At any rate, it definitely takes a prominent place on the fall highlight reel. It will be interesting to see what Monté does from this point.
Also long to be remembered is Jefferson's state softball championship, the first for the school in a girls' sport. The final game itself was a thing of beauty. Remember, too, that this team only loses two players to graduation.

There are a few other events that also bear mentioning.

Sara Freeland put all of region 8-AAA to shame in winning the region championship. The race was never a contest, as Freeland looked like O.J.'s jeep barrelling down the freeway, a horde of police hanging cautiously far behind.

The Jackson County football team's manhandling of superpower Hart County in the first quarter of their game was superb. For a while, it looked as if the Panthers might actually pull off the upset of the year, as the Bulldogs were reeling on defense.

They don't get a lot of attention, but the performances of background players like Jefferson's Julie Coile and Jackson County's Nickee Sosebee in clutch situations was crucial to their teams' winning efforts. Coile came through with a big hit in the state championship softball game, and Sosebee looked like a mix of Ty Cobb and Hank Aaron in the state sectionals.

The Jackson County boys' cross country team must have scorched the soles of their shoes in October. The top five team performances in the school's history all came during the final month of the regular season. The amazing thing is that none of them graduates this spring. Keep an eye on these guys in the future.
Don't count the girls out, either. Jackson County was able to field a full girls' cross country team several times this season, though injuries plagued them late. If the program continues to grow at its recent rate, the girls' success could rival the boys'.

Madison County's football team experienced something not many will in 2000, with a perfect 10-0 season. Forget the fact that the Raiders played a non-region schedule; 10-0 is impressive.

One of the most remarkable things about the fall season is the level of success enjoyed throughout the Mainstreet Newspapers coverage area, particularly in softball. All five softball teams qualified for the state tournament, and most have a number of players returning next year.
I for one can't wait to see what the winter sports teams can do to rival their fall counterparts.

Tim Thomas is a reporter for The Jackson Herald. He may be reached at 367-2348, or via email at

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