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 November 21, 2000

By Adam Fouche
The Jackson Herald
November 22, 2000

Three years and counting
In November of 1997, I walked into MainStreet Newspapers for my first meeting with Mike Buffington and Angie Gary.
I was nervous, excited and a little intimidated. At the time, I was still a senior in high school with my only work experience being fast food and luggage sales. Still, I took a shot.
By what some may call an error in judgment, Mike and Angie decided to give me a job-not doing small tasks around the office as I had anticipated, but covering junior varsity and middle school basketball in Banks County.
Two months into the job, Gid Rowell, then sports editor of The Banks County News and The Jackson Herald, left the papers. I was thrust into the starting position, forced to cover varsity basketball and wrestling at Banks County.
Well, I guess I did all right. I'm still here.
Since then, I've been everywhere and done just about everything.
I've seen some of the most exciting high school sporting events that a sports fan could watch.
I've been to dozens and dozens of high schools across the state, from Towns County to Crawford County to Baldwin County and everywhere in between.
Last year, I visited the Georgia Dome for my first time. I got to walk on the sidelines and stand in the press box.
I've ridden in a dragster at Atlanta Dragway and I sat in the press box as the blasts of a rocket-driven tractor trailer rig shook the windows in front of me. Last year, I stood within 20 feet of 300-mph top fuel dragsters that shook my insides.
I've seen way too many wrecks and fires. I have covered armed robberies and police chases. Once, I saw a fireman get lowered into a well to rescue a trapped dog.
I've written many, many columns. Some of them were well received. Others - well, if you read the paper at all you know what reaction the others have received.
Some people have cussed at me and some have honorably disagreed. Others have offered encouragement and given me praise.
But undoubtedly the best thing about the past three years has been all the people I have met.
From the coaches and players and board members in Jackson County to all the same in Banks County, I've come across some really good people-people I'm glad I know.
And as our sports editor position at The News has become vacant once again, I'm in the driver's seat, right back where I started. Only this time I seem to have a handle on what's going on. And I'm not a senior in high school anymore-I'm a junior in college.
Am I wiser? I think. Am I smarter? Maybe. Am I having more fun? You bet.
To my co-workers (yes, even my bosses), I've enjoyed the ride. And don't worry, I'm not quite ready to get off yet.
Three years and counting, and I still love my job.
Adam Fouche is a reporter for MainStreet Newspapers. His e-mail address is


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By Tim Thomas
The Jackson Herald
November 22, 2000

Forgotten things to be thankful for
In the spirit of the season, here is a list of some often-overlooked things for which this writer is thankful.

A pair of kids who are always ready to play, even when dad's not.

The two hawks we see high in a tree three days a week on the way to preschool.

The handful of coaches who make this job much less difficult than it could be.


Madison County Journal editor Zach Mitcham, who often keeps me from being last among the Pigskin Pickers.

The beauty of a properly executed double play.

The geese and little goslings that can sometimes be found at a certain Jefferson water hole.

The ability to walk and see and hear things. Think about how losing any one of those would change your life.

Cars that have enough room under the hood for a wrench.

Cars that don't need a wrench very often.

Having seen Monté Williams carry a football.

The coloration of a wild brook trout.


A wife who doesn't grumble too much about being a sports widow.

The Georgia High School Association, which not only provides for the competitive backbone of prep sports, but also isn't afraid to do enough dumb things to warrant three or four columns per year.

The thrill our family felt as we stopped late one night to let a mother raccoon and her three tiny children cross the road.

Good coaches who are better teachers.

Georgia Tech quarterback George Godsey.

The grace of God that allows us to experience all of the above.

Tim Thomas is a reporter for The Jackson Herald. He may be reached at 367-2348, or via email at

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