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November 21, 2000

A compilation of articles written by Madison County School students.

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A sidelined view
The 2000 football season for MCHS saw the Red Raiders conquer the gridiron as they accomplished the previously unthinkable: going 10-0, a first for the school.
Much of the credit for this perfect season goes to the head coach for the Red Raiders, Coach Tom Hybl. It is Hybl's third season as commander- in -chief for the Red Raider squad, but his responsibilities run deeper than merely football, since he is also the school's athletic director.
With the glory of a history-making season now over, things are a little different for Coach Hybl. The everyday pressures of practice and strategizing for the next opponent are now gone. Coach Hybl instead finds himself honoring his other athletic responsibilities, overseeing the beginning of winter sports: basketball, wrestling and the like. This, of course, is not to say that coach Hybl does not have football on his mind at all. To the contrary, he has already committed the Raiders to a rigorous off-season training program. Success for the veteran football coach is an ongoing thing. There is always another level to reach and a new goal to obtain.
Indeed, success is not a new concept for coach Hybl. In fact, he has been a part of many successes, both academic and personal, in his lifetime. And he has seen such achievements at all levels of athletic competition. His coaching career got its jump start while he was a graduate assistant for Mississippi State, where he received his master's degree in history. From his days as a graduate assistant for the Bulldogs, he and his wife, Cheryl, who has been a constant source of support for the football coach, have impacted the halls of many high schools and the sidelines of countless football battlefields.
His expertise, it should be noted, is not limited to X's and O's of gridiron warfare. Coach Hybl is also experienced at the great game of golf. In fact, during his Floridian days, apart from full-time football in the late 70s, he mingled in and out of the mini tours, missing qualification for the PGA by a mere stroke. Of course, his most recent successes are those of true fatherly pride. His eldest son, Nate, is currently a quarterback for the top-ranked Oklahoma Sooners, and his younger son, Ryan, is making his college debut for the University of Georgia golf team, the defending national champions.
Coach Hybl, though, does not dwell too long on his past glories and anything completed is a glory of days past not present, because he understands that he should take everything with a grain of salt.
"Good seasons come and good seasons go," he says and then adds, "but it's the relationship with the players that is important."
It seems his players have grasped this concept about life outside of football. And because they have grasped this concept, they have come to respond to the harsh demands that Hybl makes in an effort to prepare them for combat on and off the field.
Hopefully, for Hybl's sake as well as the sake of the Madison County Red Raiders, there are still many victories left for Coach Hybl to place under his well-seasoned belt.

Ruby Raider
Dear Ruby,
Lately, I have been feeling very overwhelmed. I recently had a car accident which was my fault. So now I have to pay a whole lot of money to have my car fixed. I do have a job, but I am really unhappy there because I think a lot of my co-workers don't like me. I want to quit, but I really need the money. My schoolwork is also suffering because I don't have time to do my homework and work and extracurricular activities, which I can't quit now. Plus, my girlfriend has been getting mad because I don't spend enough time with her. All of these things are hitting me at once and I just don't know what to do. What do you think?
- Stressed Out

Dear Stressed,
Whoa! I can tell you're having a really hard time right now. I suggest that you talk to your parents and see if they can help you out with the car at all. They might be able to lend you some money until you can find a job that you like better. If they know that your grades are slipping, they will probably want you to quit your job anyway. That's really all I can tell you, but I hope that everything works out for you. Good luck!
- Ruby

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FCA is a very busy club
Fellowship of Christian Athletes are busy these days. A lock-in was held at the high school Nov. 21 from 11:30 p.m. to 6:30 a.m.
On Nov. 27, at Hull Baptist Church, FCA hosted a banquet for all the football players, cheerleaders and softball team. Pizza was served and everyone had a good time socializing with each other. There were speakers to talk with the group.
There is one more big event for FCA this year, Winter Recharge. This is an annual event where all FCA members are invited to go and get away for three days and two nights. Winter Recharge will be Dec. 20-22. If any member of FCA is planning to go, they will need to pay a $95 balance to Mrs. Maureen Berryman in the front office by Nov. 29.
With all of this going on, FCA will be a very busy club for the next month.

Madison Co. FCCLA hosts food drive
If you visited MCHS at any time over the past few weeks, you would have noticed a large assortment of cans in the school lobby. This pyramid of canned food was due to the annual food drive put on by the Madison County Food Bank, which is sponsored at the high school by the FCCLA. This year, over 800 cans of food were collected during the drive. Thanks to these efforts, many less fortunate will be able to better enjoy the upcoming holidays.

DCT feature: Helen Akins
Helene Pauline Adkins is an exceptional student. She balances school and work while keeping a positive attitude. She is employed at Golden Pantry in Danielsville as a cashier. She really enjoys her job as well as DCT because it helps get goals accomplished that she normally would not have time to complete.
Her supervisor Tammy McKnight said in regard to Helen: "Hard worker, very dependable, always has a good personality with the public."
This is a flattering comment and she deserves all the praise for her hard work.
When she graduates from high school, she would like to become a nurse. Her hard work and dedication will certainly pay off as she furthers her education.

Yarbrough stands out among the rest
One of the most active students at MCHS, senior Emily Yarbrough says she's trying her best to make the most of her high school years. Being an active member of PRIDE, a member of the girls' soccer team the last four years and a junior and senior class secretary are just a few of the things Emily occupies her time with.
Selected captain of this year's varsity football and basketball cheerleading squads, Emily devotes her after school time to pumping up our sports teams. She was named "most spirited" her tenth and eleventh grade years, but her proudest accomplishment was winning the spot as captain for scoring the most points during tryouts. Showing her devotion to the sport, she plans on basing her college decision on wherever she can cheer.
During the summer, Emily spends her time as a counselor at Extra Special People, a camp for developmentally disabled youth and adults. This year will be her sixth at the camp and she plans on being a special education teacher after college.
Emily is looked at by her peers as someone who always makes them laugh with her witty personality. Her hard work and dedication in being a leader in various things will pay off in her future career.

Students of the week announced
The "students of the week" for Nov. 13-17 are Erin Fitzpatrick, Kandace Fitzpatrick, Thad Pruett, Lacey Kirk, Lisa Purcell, Aiyana Hunter, Ashley Shubert, Amanda Cowart, Zach Audelewicz and Katie Garrett. These students have done extraordinary work and are rewarded with an early lunch pass or a parking pass which allows them to park in the DCT lot or the teacher parking lot. Congratulations for a job well done.
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