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December 13, 2000

By Shar Porier
The Banks County News
December 13, 2000

Hunters at the door
Well, maybe not at the door, exactly. But Tommy Glavin could sure nail one with a fast ball easy enough.
Now, it's not I'm against hunting, exactly. It just seems to me that spraying scent and sitting in a deer stand waiting for some poor deer to wander by really doesn't meet the definition of "hunting".
According to Webster, hunting means: the act or practice of chasing and searching for wild animals. But, back to the subject - hunters on my land. A big no-no and a sure-fire way to set me off.
The boundaries of all wildlife areas where hunting is permitted are clearly marked. I even nailed "No Hunting" signs to many, many trees along the boundary line. I figured I'd let them know that there's folks around here, so they should be careful and stay where they're supposed to. The signs didn't last a month. Boundary lines do not make a difference.
I understand that maybe a guy can get bored out there. Maybe thinks that deer he's waiting for is just over the hill. Still, when he goes over that hill and sees a rooftop, a barn, a fence, anything that shows "homestead," he ought to just turn around and head the opposite direction. Bullets travel a long way. Their ultimate target needs to be considered.
I've been in the woods a lot (for wildlife photos) and managed to pick up a few pointers in tracking deer. Webster says under tracker: one who hunts by following the track (to follow step-by-step).
And, it's not that hard to do. Deer make these great footprints that are pretty easy to follow. They also leave faint trails through brush that can be followed if you go slow and look. Bucks root up the ground in spots and leave marks on small trees, even break branches, from rubbing their antlers.
Once you know their spots, then it's OK to sit up there and wait. Or follow their trails until you figure out how to get downwind.
If you get one, fine. If not, hey, you've had a great day in the woods and avoided that "Honey-do" list. You won't have to lie to your kids either about those burgers being cow when it's really Bambi or his Mom.
But, back to the subject, hunting on my land. I can assure you that there are no deer hiding out on my 12 little acres or the other private acreage around me. They're really not smart enough to say, "Well, let's all go to Shar's place and hang out till deer season ends."
And guys, if you really want to be a "manly man" and a "true hunter" - go to tracking school. Learn to track. Hunt with a bow. It's a lot safer, more exciting and quieter.
Most importantly, it's far more romantic to the ladies. In a survey of some 31 hunters' wives (friends and ladies in the grocery store), the majority agreed that chances are "Do-Honey" would be at the top of your "Honey-do" list. Exactly!
Shar Porier is a reporter for MainStreet Newspapers.

Letter to the Editor
The Banks County News
December 13, 2000

Memories of Christmas
Dear Editor:
I am writing this about what Christmas is about in Banks County. My name is Kenneth Poole. I live on Brady Creek Road.
On Dec. 9, we had a Christmas dinner in memory of our parents, James Wilson and Florence Poole. There were 14 children in my family, and there are still 11 of us alive. We still carry on my mother and father's reunion in September of each year, and have the Christmas dinner in memory of them in December of each year. We have been having the Christmas dinner every year since 1982 when our father passed away. Our mother and father started the family reunion in the 1940s.
There were 10 of us present at the Christmas dinner, along with each of our families, and we had a very merry time for the most part. Some of us have had some very serious illnesses in the year of 2000, but we all give thanks to the Lord above for all the blessings we have had the past year.
We may not see each other every day, but when sickness or tragedy strikes, you can bet we will all be there just as soon as we get word. If any of us wants to have a get-together, the rest of us are ready to pitch in and help. I and all of my brothers and sisters try to teach our children to try so that they should stick together and love each other and they should also teach their children the right way in life also.
Also, our entire family would very much like to thank Mrs. Bonnie Hill, Mrs. Edith Banks and Mrs. Vee Attoway for the help they give us in preparing and decorating the civic center in Homer so we could have our Christmas dinner.
These three ladies spend a lot of hours in the center getting it ready for anyone that needs to use it. These ladies are real little angels in my mind. They just seemed so happy to help. Mrs. Bonnie Hill has been there since we started using the center about eight years ago and she always seems so happy and pleased to help.
Mrs. Hill needs some help now. She is trying to raise some money for an ice machine for the center so it will be there when anyone needs it. If anyone wishes to help, you may call Mrs. Hill at (706) 677-4433 or me at (706) 677-2126. I will help her in any way I can. If you get to know these three ladies like I do, you will see how dedicated they are and they don't ask anything in return except a kind word and a little appreciation.
I would very much like to wish these ladies a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy, Happy New Year. I believe I am speaking for everyone in my family.
May God bless each and every one, not only in Banks County, but the whole world in this Christmas season and the new year ahead.
Kenneth Poole
Dorothy Poole

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