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January 10, 2001

A compilation of articles written by Madison County School students.

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College decisions big for seniors
As seniors get ready for one of the biggest decisions of their lives, they have to make many complicated choices. Scholarships are what everyone looks for and full-ride scholarships are like money in the bank. Very few people receive a full ride, but to those who do, it certainly makes your decision a lot easier.
North Georgia College is giving seniors a chance at a wonderful opportunity like this. If a senior is planning to attend their incredible military program, they are eligible for a full-ride scholarship equaling about $52,500. The requirements for this scholarship are a 1010 on your SAT, 3.0 GPA, and meeting certain physical requirements. Three seniors will be chosen from each of Georgia's eleven Congressional Districts.
This is an excellent college and if you want to be involved in the military, this is an excellent opportunity. Many other smaller scholarships are also available. So before you decide on a college, be sure and scope out the many scholarships and options that are available.

Are you a future firefighter?
Do you want to serve your community? A good way to serve is to become a firefighter. The Fire Services Explorer classes is a good place to start, and these classes are part of the Athens-Clarke County Fire Department.
The classes include competitions, training and offer scholarships. The classes are held two or three times a month. The firefighters actually help with the class. These classes are the same type training that you have to experience to become a firefighter, only on a smaller scale. The explorer groups compete with other explorer groups from surrounding states.
This would be a great way to meet new people and learn more about firefighting. The class can be very rewarding, also. After the classes are complete, members of the training group may come to the fire department and stay for a day, or even a week. The members will be able to go out on calls and ride in the truck with the other firefighters.
If you have thought about a career as a firefighter, or even volunteering as a firefighter, then you should consider taking the classes.
For more information, please contact Jimmy Montoya at 613-3388, or Steve Bolin at 613-3364.

Fine arts holds fund-raiser
The fine arts departments in Madison County schools can collect points off Pepsi products and earn free instruments. The more points you get, the more equipment you can possibly earn. Our school goal is 30,000 points. In order to get students to bring points, a breakfast was offered to the first period class who brings in the most.
Cindy Hayes-Colley's first period class won the free breakfast in the first round of collection.
There are many different products you can get the points off, including Pepsi two liters, three liters, 12 pack and 24 packs of the drinks.
Frito Lay products also have the points on them. In order to reach the goal set, band instructor Paul Anderson is trying to get the elementary schools around the county involved.
The fine arts are important to the school because they are an outlet for creativity for the students and they are one of the few activities that require the students to use both sides of their brains. It also trains students in self-discipline.

Leah Worrick - gaining work experience through DCT
In an effort to earn more money and gain work experience, Leah Worrick enlisted in the Diversified Cooperative Training Program (DCT).
This program, which allows students to leave school early to attend a job, has been highly successful in preparing students for life after high school.
Leah, a senior at MCHS, currently works at the Levi Outlet in Commerce. She enjoys her job as a sales assistant because it gives her a chance to get into the real world and lets her know what to expect when she gets out of high school.
Her supervisor, Dawn Pittman, describes her as an "A plus worker" and commented that she is a self-starter and can be trusted to go above and beyond what is required or expected. Leah is just one of the many students on the road to success via the DCT highway.
After high school, Leah plans on becoming a meteorologist. Her dedication and hard work, as well as the discipline and good work habits developed through the DCT program, give her a very good chance at achieving her dreams.

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Ashley Sobhani is both engaging and disciplined
Ashley Sobhani is one of several outstanding juniors this year. Ashley continuously excels in academics and still finds time to relax and have fun. Those who have the pleasure of being her friend would describe her as trustworthy, considerate, friendly and optimistic. As junior Tabitha Parker comments, "Ashley is always smiling."
Ashley resides in Hull with her mother, Leigh, her stepdad, Steve, and her sister, Marlina. Before Christmas break Ashley received a special present - her new baby brother, Ian, who she is very proud of.
Ashley also has three cats and three dogs which she loves very much. She has not lived in Georgia her entire life; Ashley was born in Texas.
Her father's side of the family is from Iran, and this foreign influence makes her unique.
The most advanced classes are tackled by Ashley from honors English to AP U.S. History, her favorite class. She looks forward to it because she loves the people in the class and Mrs. Coile's variety of teaching methods never bore her.
Her main extra curricular activity has been color guard, in which she has participated for three years.
Ashley is planning on an education at the University of Georgia and a career dealing with children.

One of the many wonderful teachers at Madison County
When you think of the term "school," many things come to mind. People remind themselves of the rules, homework, assignments and the grades they made.
Some forget to remind themselves of how their teachers affected their lives. Teachers are probably one of the many people who will make the greatest impact on students' lives.
One teacher that deserves recognition for all she does to make a difference in a student's life is Robin Jones.
Jones attended Central Florida and UGA to gain her degree. She began studying nursing, but soon realized teaching was a better choice.
With 14 years of teaching under her belt, eight of those here at MCHS, every day is a new experience. She has previously taught chemistry, biology, ecology and study skills. She now is teaching physical science and human anatomy. Her inspiration to begin teaching came from her love of science and from two outstanding high school teachers.
When asked about the school, she replies, "MCHS is a great school with a supportive staff and terrific students - I would not want to work any other place."
Outside of her busy day of teaching and grading, she finds time to do other things. She exercises, reads, volunteers and most of all enjoys spending time with her daughter, Kathryn.
"I love to see the desire to learn and a smile in a student every day," she says. The best part of teaching for her is to see her students succeed. Whether it is as simple as understanding the day's lesson or getting a diploma from high school, these are the few experiences that make her love her job.
"There is nothing more frustrating than to see a student with a lot of potential give up," says Jones.
"While the subject can be found difficult, her method of teaching allows me to easily grasp the concept," said student Wendy Tiller.
Students at MCHS should feel privileged to have such a great staff of teachers. Teachers here not only provide us with knowledge, but teach us lifelong lessons that we will carry with us.
Teachers do not always get recognized like they should, but we should always give them a big thanks because they have inspired some students to become their biggest dream.
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