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The following are mobile home permits issued by the Jackson County Planning office during the year 2000. They do not include mobile home permits issued by the City of Commerce, City of Braselton or City of Hoschton.

·Aaron McDougald, owner; 1509 Bill Wright Road.
·Albert Howington, owner; 127 Yarborough Ridgeway.
·Alesia Sanders, owner; Azalea Drive.
·Alma Faulkner, owner; 879 Trayham Road.
·Amy and Terry Price, owners; 247 Garrets Way.
·Andrew Ledford, owner; 453 Martin Road.
·Anita Jane Cook, owner; 698 Charlie Cooper Road.
·Anita Weeks, owner; 6515 Hwy. 53.
·Aubrey Arnold, owner; Hwy. 330.
·Austin Todd Fulcher, owner; 61 John Collier Road.

·Barbara and James Baxter, owners; 604 Sandy Creek Road.
·Barry Dutton, owner; 1886 Yarborough Ridge.
·Benny Brock, owner; 622 Pocket Road.
·Benny Brown, owner; 238 Ednaville Road.
·Benny Stansel, owner; 28 Lady Bird Lane.
·Betty Freeman, owner; 1025 Pocket Road.
·Bill Moody, owner; 243 Ednaville Road.
·Billy L. Shepherd, owner; 628 J.T. Elrod Road.
·Bountieng and Chuyi Ly, owners; 660 Pettyjohn Road.
·Brian Adams, owner; 302 Kings Ridge Drive.

·Carolyn Satterfield, owner; 2019 Hwy. 82 South.
·Cecil and Robin Sykes, owners; 8846 Holly Springs Road.
·Charles A. Daniel, owner; 1435 Thyatira Brockton Road.
·Charles M. Chestnut, owner; 110 O.B. Garrison Road.
·Cheryl and Marvin Sewell, owners; 3110 Ridgeway Church Road.
·Chris Campbell, owner; Brock Road.
·Chris Chambers, owner; 510 W.O. Smith Road.
·Christopher Hollis, owner; 304 Crooked Creek Road.
·Christopher Parrott, owner; 3488 Holly Springs Road.
·Clyde Rochester, owner; 1467 Unity Church Circle.
·Cynthia Estep, owner; 300 Azelea Drive.

·D. DeLaPerriere, owner; 4750 Hwy. 124.
·Dan Hamrick, owner; 124 Kings Ridge Drive.
·Daniel C. Wilson, owner; 212 Old Indian Trial.
·Danny Edwards, owner; 3700 Hwy. 60.
·David Cochran, owner; 108 Jackson Woods.
·David Corby, owner; Tara Farms.
·David Hembree, owner; 799 Berea Road.
·Dean Sailors, owner; 887 Lewis Sailors Road.
·Dean Williamson, owner; 137 Cabin Creek Road.
·Deanna and Will Young, owners; 156 Cecil Clark Road.
·Debra and Lamar Toney, owners; White Oak Trail.
·Delores Looney, owner; 901 Ford Road.
·Don Francis, owner; 2612 Gum Springs Church Road.
·Donald Doster, owner; 377 Sam Freeman Road.
·Donna Waters, owner; 4871 Hwy. 60.
·Dorothy Jarrard, owner; 1162 Lebanon Church Road.
·Dr. Tilman Vancel, owner; Harris Lane.
·Dwayne Peavy, owner; 9459 Hwy. 334 Hunters Road.

·Earnst Franklin, owner; 1358 Stockton Farm Road.
·Ed Conner, owner; Wages Bridge Road.
·Eddie Butler, owner; 2099 Davenport Road.
·Ella Mae Damons, owner; 325 Peachtree Road.

·Faye W. Mullins, owner; 2403 Brock Road.
·Fred Lawrence, owner; 783 D. Williams Road.

·Ge Vue, owner; 463 Heaven Circle.
·Gene F. Cantrell, owner; 1063 Old Winder-Jefferson Road.
·Geraldine Gaddis, owner; 1826 Davenport Road.
·Greg Duncan, owner; 214 Ethridge Road.

·Henry E. Ahysen, owner; 32 Woods Edge Drive.
·Hilda Gee and Jerry Pittman, owners; 451 Wayne Poultry Road.

·Ionia Hunter, owner; 298 McCreery Road.

·J.S. Akins, owner; 6005 Winder Hwy.
·Jackie Braswell, owner; 741 Cane Creek Road.
·James Barrow, owner; 401 Wheeler Road.
·James Halley, owner; Mauldin Road.
·James M. McGinnis, owner; Bob Mann Road.
·James Sharpton, owner; 444 Whipporwill Circle.
·James Wood, owner; 1330 Ward Road.
·Janet T. Gaton, owner; 459 Lewis Sailors Road.
·Janie and Leslie Cox, owners; 133 Azelia Drive.
·Jerry Hollis, owner; Hoods Mill Road.
·Jimmy and Dawn Rowan, owners; 964 Old Hoods Mill Road.
·Joe Ashby, owner; 291 Garrets Way.
·Joe Barrett, owner; White Oak Trail.
·Joel Oliver, owner; 505 Lewis Sailors Road.
·Jon and Susan Foy, owners; 170 Azalea Drive.
·Joyce Hale, owner; 194 Wildflower Road.
·Juanita S. Williamson, owner; 139 South Homewood Drive.
·Julie Keith, owner; 6453 #3 Hwy. 53.
·Junie Davis, owner; 1530 Crooked Creek Road.

·Karen Stinchcomb, owner; 259 Azalea Drive.
·Katie Hagerman, owner; 271 Kings Ridge Drive.
·Kenneth Bryant, owner; 1437 Buffington Road.
·Kevin Crowe, owner; 2714 Athens Hwy.
·Kevin Sargent, owner; Belamy Road.
·Kim Beauchamp, owner; 6259 Brockton Loop Road.

·L.C. Funderburk, owner; 49 Old Barn Trail Road.
·Lamar Martin, owner; 157 Reynolds Road.
·Lamar Page, owner; 962 Pettijohn Road.
·Larry Allen, owner; 28 Reece Drive.
·Lewis R. Bowles Jr., owner; Creekside Drive.
·Linda Manuel, owner; 342 Nichols Road.
·Lois Mullinax, owner; Ralph Garrison Road.
·Lonnie Johnson, owner; 127 Rock Forge Court.
·Lossie D. Rowan, owner; 109 Hickory Trail.
·Lurina Wilson, owner; 74 North Trotters Way.

·Mandy Baxter, owner; 654 W. Freeman.
·Manuel Leandro, owner; 111 Duck Road.
·Margie Snead, owner; 174 Pinetree Circle.
·Marie Hughes, owner; 3606 Sanford Drive.
·Marion and Peggy Shaw, owners; 2364 Brock Road.
·Marlene Bennett, owner; 89 Maverick Drive.
·Marshall Varnum, owner; 455 Trayham Road.
·Martha Pass, owner; 1151 Ward Road.
·Martha Watkins, owner; 134 Deerbrook Drive.
·Marvin Whistnant, owner; 2125 Hwy. 82 S.
·Mary and Denni Stancil, owners; 3659 Brockton Road.
·Melissa Standridge, owner; 5122 Brockton Loop Road.
·Michael Hardy, owner; 164 Ansley Lane.
·Michael Muench, owner; 117 Musket Court.
·Micheal Karpowski, owner; Trotters Ridge, Lot #25.
·Mike and Penny Latty, owner; 2549 Plainview Road.
·Milton Muse, owner; 212 Ethridge Road.
·Mindy K. Reed, owner; Ellis Banks Road.
·Murphy and Potts, LLC, owner; 172 Pleasant Acres Drive.

·Norman Baird, owner; 1118 New Cut Road.

·Oliver Hardesty, owner; 181 Deerbrook Drive.
·Opal Patrick, owner; 1282 Savage Road.
·Oral Rakestraw, owner; 575 Traynham Road.
·Otis Tate, owner; Mountain Creek Church Road.

·Pam Wright, owner; 255 Hidden Oaks Lane.
·Pat and Earl Hardeman, owner; 65 Hardiman Way.
·Patricia Holt, owner; Trotters Ridge.
·Patrick Chestnut, owner; 120 O.B. Garrison Road.
·Peggy Littlefield, owner; 2646 Athens Highway.
·Phillis A. Westmoreland, owner; 886 Old Harden Road.
·Presidential East Properties, owner; 193 Fairlane Avenue.

·Rex Looney, owner; 693 Maley Road.
·Rex Motes, owner; 110 Guy Maddox Road.
·Rhonda Bradshaw, owner; 36 Holder Drive.
·Rhonda Harper, owner; 826 Fuller Road.
·Richard Coile, owner; 179 LBJ Road.
·Richard Elliott, owner; 2990 Mountain Creek Church Road.
·Richard Lee Hollis, owner; 5021 Hwy. 82 Spur.
·Ricky Brooks, owner; 64 Old State Road.
·Ricky Speegle, owner; 3536 Winder Hwy.
·Ringwood Container, owner; 335 Jackson Concourse Road.
·Robert Chapman, owner; Edwin Reynolds Road.
·Robert Welty, owner; 160 North Trotters Way.
·Rodney Wallace, owner; 15 Abby Lane.
·Roger Martin, owner; 1082 Martin Road.
·Rose Green, owner; 97 New Liberty Church Road.
·Ross Burkhalter, owner; 533 A.C. Smith Road.
·Ruby Standridge, owner; 1012 A.C. Smith Road.
·Russell Murphy, owner; 1651 Pond Fork Church Road.

·Sharon Proveaux, owner; 1065 Ethridge Road.
·Stanley E. Tompkins, owner; 921 Adams Road.
·Stephen Mason, owner; 173 Mason Drive.
·Stephen Spangler, owner; 45 Azalea Drive.
·Steve Holmes, owner; 3352 Hwy. 124.
·Susan Neubauer, owner; Hidden Acres.

·T. & R. Properties, owner; 243 Hale Road.
·T.D. Russell, owner; 1554 Stockton Farm Road.
·Teng Vue, owner; 473 Heaven Circle.
·Terrell and Brenda Pritchett, owners; 585 Guy Cooper Road.
·Terry Kitchens, owner; 570 Pan Handle Circle.
·Thomas Garrett, owner; 1209 Lanier Road.
·Thomas Whalen, owner; Tara Farms.
·Todd E. Sorrow, owner; 1671 Cooper Farm Road.
·Tommy Boyd, owner; 65 Rock Hill Road.
·Tommy Boyd, owner; 225 Jarrett Road.
·Tommy C. Tate, owner; 509 Roquemore Road.
·Tonya Hudson, owner; Stoney Brook Lane.
·Troy and Reba Allen, owners; 166 Rock Forge Road.

·Veronica Brown, owner; 211 Peach Hill Circle.

·W. Nolan Pritchett, owner; Hwy. 98.
·William Akins II, owner; 260 Hogan Mill Road.
·William Carter, owner; 2148 New Cut Road.
·William D. Hix, owner; 2436 Brockton Road.
·William Hollis, owner; 486 Timber Ridge Road.
·William Mooney, owner; 4735 Hwy. 334.
·William Youngblood, owner; Cecil Clark Road.
·Willie Mae Nations, owner; 1452 Joe Bolton Road.

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