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February 7, 2001

A compilation of articles written by Madison County School students.

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Valentine's Day - a tradition with a strong meaning
Valentine's Day may mean different things to different people.
To me it means that we can show love to those we care about. Valentine's Day is represented by red, white, and pink hearts, roses or other flowers, chocolates, and teddy bears. When I think of Valentine's Day, I think about love and what it means to my life. I decided to try and share my opinion of the Day of Love and thought it might be better to include the opinions of my fellow students as well
I polled 11 percent of my classmates and found their opinions to vary as much as the students themselves. The majority of students I polled, 30 percent, said they really didn't have an opinion of Valentine's Day and it didn't matter to them.
Some students expressed, and I tend to agree, that the side you are on depends on if you have someone to share this special day with. Joys and sorrows of this day come together to make it a holiday unlike any other. Some of us know the sorrow of watching our fellow classmate receiving gifts and flowers and not getting anything ourselves. For others, the joy of accepting gifts from those we love means more than the gift itself. It all depends on if we have a special someone to share the Day of Love with.
I encourage everyone to try and share this day with someone, whether it is a friend, boyfriend, or girlfriend, or even parents and family. Share your love with those who are closest to you. Keep the spirit of Valentine's Day alive and make it mean, to others, what it means to you.

Kiss a pig contest held
The "Kiss a Pig" contest held by the Future Georgia Educators (FGE) came to a conclusion at the pep rally on Friday, Jan. 20.
The contest was a fund-raiser for money to give scholarships to students who have the desire to become teachers. The contest was sponsored by Home Depot (a Partner-in-Education), Zeb's Barbecue, and Coca-Cola. Twelve MCHS staff members and eight students participated in the contest. People donated money to vote for the contestant whom they wished to win the contest.
The results were revealed at the pep rally.
In the staff contest, Mrs. Cindy Hayes won first place, followed by Coach Tom Hybl. In the student contest, Ben Baker was the winner, followed by Chris Roach. First and second place winners kissed a 50-pound pig while the student body watched.
First place winners received one of two smoker grills courtesy of Home Depot. Zeb's offered four free dinners to the top contestants. Coca-Cola gave a large cooler to the top staff member. Madison County Hardware provided T-shirts to each of the first place winners. All contestants received potted meat from the FGE.
The FGE is advised by Clara Crane and Stanton Robertson, with Seth Brown as the chairperson. The pig was provided by Jerry and Cindy Beck. Over $500 was raised from the contest.

Ayers finds job rewarding
Brittan Ayers is a counselor at MCHS. She enjoys being a counselor because she feels like she gets to work with students one on one.
"I like to help students try to work through their problems," Ayers said. "It really makes my job feel rewarding."
Before she joined our faculty, Ayers was a math teacher for eight years in Oglethorpe and Clarke County schools. She grew up in Oglethorpe County and then attended UGA to earn her teaching degree.
When asked about what problems face MCHS students, Ayers replied that peer pressure, apathy and time management were some of them.
"Motivated students often get involved in so many activities that they have a hard time balancing their schedules," she added.
Brittan believes that a career in counseling is quite fulfilling and rewarding, especially when you really reach a student and feel like you've made a difference in someone's life.
Ayers has been married for one and a half years to her husband, Vince. She has two Jack Russell Terrier brothers (Milo and Filo), a white tabby (Shaka), and a fish (Bronx). She enjoys reading romance novels and nonfiction books. She also enjoys shopping.

Hunter chosen to be Miss Raider
Congratulations to Aiyana Hunter, the winner of the "Miss Raider" pageant. To be nominated for "Miss Raider," you must be involved in a club, and be the hardest working for that particular club.
This year, Valerie Norman was chosen for Anchor Club, Ellie McCoy for FCCLA, Julie Atkinson for 4-H, Nicoe Wardlow for FBLA, Sarah Mosseri for FGE, Stacie Smith for Hilltopper, Katie Garrett for Multicultural, Megan McCay for NHS, Emily Yarbrough for Pride, Jennifer Helms for VICA, Aiyana Hunter for Stand, Candace Morgan for Student Council, and Dadrienne Dove for Y-Club.
Nicoe said, "It was exciting and an honor to represent my club, FBLA."
Last Friday, during halftime of the varsity boys' game, Aiyana Hunter won "Miss Raider" for her club, Stand. Aiyana was "very surprised" and felt honored that her classmates chose her. "Miss Raider" is a pageant that shows school spirit and hard work within the clubs. It is an honor to be chosen by your peers for this award, and Aiyana Hunter deserves it.

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 Valentine's dance ahead
Valentine's Day will be here before we know it. And this year there will be a special dance held. The dance is sponsored by Multi-Cultural Club. It will be on Saturday, Feb. 10, from 8 -11 p.m.
Students need to make sure that they have rides to the high school at 11 p.m. The cost will be $3 per person or $5 per couple. There will be "live" music and a band to help celebrate Valentine's Day.
Please make plans to attend this exciting event!

George W. Bush takes over
The wait is finally over!
In Washington, D.C., on Jan. 20, George W. Bush was inaugurated into office after a long battle with Al Gore.
The two battled back and forth as to whether or not the ballots were right, because of the "chads."
As president, Bush plans to change many things.
Bush's first plans for president are for public education reformation. He thinks students should be tested every year in grades third through eighth. He also plans to keep track of schools; if they do not meet standards for three years, then he will take money from the schools' funding. Bush will then use the money to offer students vouchers, papers serving as evidence of money for $1,500 to attend a private school.
Some Democrats think this will ruin public education, but Bush hopes the schools will strive higher to keep the funding.

Freestyle portraits taken
Tired of picking up your pictures only to find that your best friend's head has been cut off due to bad photography?
Or maybe you had too many people try to squeeze into one photo and those two on the ends are missing?
Well, we hope that you did not miss your chance to have a picture with all your friends, without the worry of missing body parts, red eyes, or not enough space. Students had the opportunity to get a photograph taken with their group of friends, called a FreeStyle Portrait.
On Thursday, Jan. 25, a professional photographer from Life Touch Prestige Portraits visited the school. Students got together with their boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend, or their whole group of friends, and made a memory that will last a lifetime!
Photographs were taken of groups of two to ten, costing only $8 per person in the group. Each individual that had their picture made will be receiving one 5" by 7" and four wallet-size pictures.
Students will also have the chance to get individual shots taken sometime next month for spring pictures.

Students dance the night away to benefit former student
A school dance was hosted Friday, Jan. 19, to honor Lacey Wilkes, a former student who was seriously injured in an automobile accident. The dance followed Miss Raider and ended at midnight.
The dance was sponsored by Skills USA-VICA and planned by Jennifer Helms, a member of VICA, and a friend of Lacey's.
Students Kim Barrett, Candace Ellard, and Jennifer Helms, along with the construction class were responsible for undertaking the dance.
The profits, as well as donations, which totaled about $2,000, will go to Lacey and her family.
About 50 people attended the dance.
"In my opinion, the dance was definitely a success, but I think anything done to benefit another person is always a success," said school dance chaperone and drafting teacher Jim Ring.

Student teacher creates jazz band
Music, anyone?
One of the more elaborate student teacher projects in recent memory is the creation of a jazz band. The band will consist of alto saxophone, trumpet, trombone, rhythm (electric bass, electric guitar, and drum set), auxiliary percussion and keyboard.
Mr. Ed Ledford, the band's student teacher, didn't want to be like other student teachers.
"Every student teacher has to do a semester project," Ledford said. "Most of them organize things. I figured that I would do something more interesting."
Students interested in learning more about jazz band can just show up at one of the rehearsals, which are every Monday afternoon from 4:30 to 6 p.m.

Kay Farmer makes a difference
Making a difference! That's what the teacher I am featuring is doing at MCHS.
Ms. Kay Farmer is an agriculture, basic ag, livestock production, horticulture and leadership teacher in her first year of teaching at our high school.
The thing that Ms. Farmer enjoys most about teaching is interacting with students and helping them to learn about agriculture and to become involved in the FFA (Future Farmers of America). She expresses that what she likes best about this school is the students. Ms. Farmer feels that a lot of the students have great attitudes and are always smiling.
"I became a teacher to make a difference in someone's life," Ms. Farmer said.
Farmer is not married. Some of her hobbies and favorite activities outside the school are reading, working with her cows, cooking and baking things.
When asked what she considers to be the biggest problem facing educators today, Farmer had no comment.
"Making a difference to my students and teaching them things that they can use outside of my classroom" is what she finds to be most rewarding.
We hope that she has a good experience in her first year here and we hope she will come back next year.
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