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February 14, 2001

A compilation of articles written by Madison County School students.

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Brown: The computer whiz of the Hilltopper staff
Who skipped first grade to later become the computer editor whiz of the Hilltopper staff?
Meet Arrie Brown.
Arrie is a senior who lives in Hull and sells cellular phones at Best Buy. She is in the Drama Club, is secretary of National Honor Society and works as computer editor for the Hilltopper staff.
Vanessa Kirk said: "I enjoy working with Arrie on the yearbook staff. I don't know what we will do without her next year."
Arrie plans to go to Georgia College and State University in Milledgeville next year. As of right now, her career plans involve becoming a teacher of high school English or business, but she says her plans are "subject to change at any time."
In her free time, Arrie enjoys going to local concerts with her friends and designing web pages for personal and commercial use.
"Arrie's the most popular geek I know," said Leannah Hamann. "She wows us with her computer expertise every day and I am forever indebted to her."

DCT feature: Justin Smith
Taking your pet to the vet and worried about the care it will receive? Well, have no fear -Justin Smith will be there.
Employed at the Comer Veterinary Clinic about 10 miles from his home in Hull, Justin holds the position of animal caretaker, which he has had for two years. Justin's way with animals is something unique - caring, gentle and respectful.
"I really enjoy being with the animals and taking care of them," he said. "I feed them, give them water, walk the dogs...It's really a lot of fun."
With graduation close around the corner, this senior has begun to make his plans for the future. Expecting to attend Athens Technical College, Justin wants to major in accounting. He commented on what he has learned from his job and how it will help him at college.
"I have been taught many things one needs to know about: responsibility, careers and everyday life," he said. This knowledge will surely be useful in the years ahead.
Justin is hoping that the future will allow him to stay at the Comer Veterinary Clinic, at least through the summer. His supervisor, Starla Rutledge, praised him, "Justin is a hard worker. He is very thorough and when asked to do anything, I can expect it to be done with no questions asked. He is a true joy to have as an employee."

Lari Scarborough has a real sense of purpose
Mrs. Lari Scarborough has a very real sense of purpose at the high school. As one of the guidance counselors, she has the responsibility of getting schedules straightened out for students, helping upperclassmen get college information and dealing with all the standardized testing that goes on in the school. As you can see, guidance counselors are very busy.
Mrs. Scarborough has been at the school for five years now and she has been a positive asset to the school the entire time. Her first year at the school she coached the volleyball team. She says her favorite part about being at the school is the students. She enjoys spending time with the students and working with them without having to be a disciplinarian.
Mrs. Scarborough enjoys being a counselor because there are always a variety of activities to be done. She says there are never two days that are alike and something is constantly going on in their office. She also likes getting to meet the new people that are constantly coming in the office. In her viewpoint, the biggest problem facing educators today is student apathy. She said there is a lack of motivation and that students could really excel if they only applied themselves more.
On a more personal side, Mrs. Scarborough is married with two children. Her oldest son, Ethan, is 10; Jake is 8. Some of her favorite pasttimes include sports, which her children are involved in. She also likes to take mini-trips with her family. While she is not spending time with her boys, she likes to read books by Stephen Kig, historical fiction and murder mysteries.

Vanessa Kirk is an active junior
Vanessa Kirk is an active junior who is enjoying high school very much. With this year come unwanted stresses, but she relieves them by spending time at the go-cart tracks watching her boyfriend race his go-cart.
She works at Zeb's BBQ to help make extra spending money. This helps her do one of her favorite things, spend time and money with friends. They love to go out on the weekends.
Vanessa is also involved at school. She is a member of Y-Club, the secretary of the anchor club and on the Hilltopper staff. She is taking health occupation classes to prepare for her future.
After high school, she wants to go to North Georgia College for two years and major in pre-occupational therapy. Then she wants to transfer to the Medical College of Georgia and major in occupational therapy.
She is looking forward to going to prom this year. There are many things that she wants to accomplish this year.
She eagerly anticipates her senior year, but she is really excited about the summer ahead.

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Yearbook memories
Many memories are created during the high school years of a student. Each year students have the chance to capture these memories by purchasing a yearbook. To most students having a yearbook is important so that years from now you can look back and laugh at all the memories you made.
Junior Kelli Fitzpatrick commented "I wouldn't remember high school if I didn't have the yearbook!"
Students who plan to purchase a yearbook need to stop by room 108 as soon as possible. So far this year, about 550 yearbooks have been sold. The price is now $40 for everyone.
Don't be left out on yearbook signing day, purchase your yearbook.

Faucett has taught two languages for 14 years
"Buenos dias, clase," and so begins another day for Mrs. Sylvia Faucett, a Spanish teacher at MCHS who has been teaching here for 14 years.
No only does she teach Spanish II, III and IV, but she also teaches ESOL English, which is English taught to people who speak another language at home. She also sponsors the Multicultural Club.
So what does she do in her spare time? She sings with her husband, Robert III, and her three children: Joey, Jamie and Elizabeth.
"Spiritual decisions" led Mrs. Faucett to take up teaching.
"I love to be with the students and I felt that it was my purpose to become a teacher," she said. "The most rewarding thing about being a teacher is knowing that I am helping the students."
Daniel Sartain, a former student, said: "It was a new experience every day. I found her class exhilarating."

Are students' academic performances affected by involvement in sports?
Studies have shown that students involved in after school activities are less likely to be involved in criminal incidents.
The question is, do the activities students choose to participate in, mainly sports, interfere with their academic performance?
Most students that are part of any team at school will tell you that they spend from 10 to 15 hours per week, after school, practicing for that sport. However, these same students will also tell you that on average, they will only commit five hours per week to studying, doing homework, and other academic-related activities pertaining to school.
Deidre Davis, who participates in volleyball, basketball, and soccer, has her own theory as to how sports affects her school work. "Being able to balance sports and academic courses gives me the feeling of inner satisfaction and makes me strive harder to do the best I can, on and off the playing field and in and out of the classroom," she said.
To be involved in most sporting events at MCHS, students have to maintain certain averages. When asked about this, Matt Baker, who plays football, basketball, and runs track, said, "Knowing that I have to keep my grades up, I strive to do my best and maintain a good average."
Other athletes, like Matt Kittle, who plays football, wrestles, and runs track, feel like some coaches influence them to balance their time and encourage them to put their education first. "Coach Hybl is a great mentor who pushes us hard to do well in life," says Kittle.
Liz Willoughby, a basketball cheerleader, enjoys being involved in after school sports. She had the following to say:, "I enjoy cheering, but sometimes I would rather be able to hang out with my friends or dedicate more time to my school- work rather than spend so much time at practice."
The general statement that all the athletes I talked to shared in common was summed up well by Robert Geiger, who plays football, wrestles, and runs track. "Sports gives us the discipline we need to succeed in life. If we learn to balance our schedules now, it will help us in the future," Geiger said.

Reduce, reuse and recycle
FCCLA is sponsoring a phone book drive to collect old phone books for a county-wide competition between schools. So far they haven't collected many phone books, but are hoping to collect more. Their goal is to collect one phone book from each student. The drive will last from Feb. 5 to Feb. 16. The books collected will be recycled into mulch and used to stop the washing away of the roads.
"Recycling phone books is a good way to get the clutter out of your home, help the environment, and beautify the roads," says Ms. Sabrina Bennett, sponsor of FCCLA.
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