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February 28, 2001

A compilation of articles written by Madison County School students.

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VICA competes in regional competition last week
Last Thursday, VICA went to the regional competition at Lanier Tech in Gainesville.
There are many different ways to compete.
The three members who participated were Jennifer Helms, Kimmie Barrett and Jean Johnson. They all went for different contests.
Jennifer Helms participated in a prepared speech and was awarded third place.
Kimmie Barrett placed second in Basic Healthcare Skills. She will also go on to compete in state competition.
In the past, VICA has had two members to win at state.
Jean Johnson was the state parliamentarian and gave out awards to winners at the competition.

Jonathan Pou - a standout Raider
Meet one of MCHS's standout Raiders - Jonathan Pou. Jonathan, who is a junior, has an amazing amount of dedication and pride in his school.
You may recognize Jonathan from his Friday night football games back in the fall. He starred as #11, our outstanding quarterback, and also played free-safety.
"It was great. People doubted us, the Journal had us going 5-5, and not having a miracle season, but we played as a team, had some great coaching, got things done, and we made it 10-0," Jonathan commented on the season.
A football jersey is not the only uniform with a number 11 on it that Jonathan owns. In the spring, he pulls out his baseball jersey and doesn't put it up until after summer ball season is over. After being promoted to the Varsity squad his sophomore year, Jonathan, or "Pou" to close friends, contributes to the team as second baseman. He was known for his great defense skills on the field.
"I'm really excited about this year's team. We have a really good chance of making it to state," he said.
As if Jonathan is not already busy enough with his football and baseball practices, conditioning and games, there are still the academics. His morning classes are the ones that have given him a heavy homework load - ACP U.S. History, and ACP American Literature and Composition. Jonathan finished the day out with Food Services and his favorite class - Coach Hybl's weightlifting class.
After school hours, Jonathan participates in NHS and FCA, not to mention being very active at Moon's Grove Baptist Church. When all homework, practices, club meetings, and church events are finished, Jonathan likes to play paint ball with the guys. He added, "I also enjoy spending time at my second home, watching TV with my favorite lineman Brandon Hayes and his family."
So what about his real home?
Good question, easy answer.
Jonathan is truly a family man, and it shows. He does what he can around the house for his mom, and shares his love of sports with his dad.
"My mom and dad are very supportive with sports and my school work. Even though my dad travels a lot, he always tries to schedule his work around my football and baseball schedule so he can make it to the games. It's very important that he's in the stands when I play," he said.
His newlywed sister, Ashley, and brother-in-law, Tim Drake, are also very important in Jonathan's life.
Now that you have met Jonathan, you are sure to agree that he stands out when taking a look down Raider halls. He has helped carry our football team to a spectacular undefeated season, has goals of making state for his baseball team, keeps his academics high above the rest, and still stays close to the family he loves. Jonathan has become the definition of an overachiever.
Head football coach Tom Hybl praised Jonathan with words that are shared with many others who know him, "Jon is a quality young man, who does well in school and athletics. He is a leader with good character and solid work ethic, which shows in his athletic endeavors."

David Vaughn is continuously busy
If a typical high school senior is supposed to slack off and take it easy all year, then David Vaughn is not your typical high school senior.
David enjoys keeping busy, and with his fourth year as a varsity soccer player about to get under way, David knows that maintaining his already perfect physique will be the key to the team's success this year and spends some of his free time working out at the YMCA. In addition to soccer, David is currently pursuing a vocational diploma as well as taking a Diversified Cooperative Training class (DCT), where he has to be at the school every morning at 7:25 a.m.
In addition to school, David is employed at R and D Exterior Products where he operates a forklift and repairs broken toys. He also takes time during his busy day to teach Tae-Bo and basic training to all ages at the YMCA and occasionally enters marathons for competitive reasons. David recently competed in a marathon in Hawaii where he finished 10,548 in a field of 28,000.
"While I was running, I had to keep reminding myself that it was all mental and that I could finish," Vaughn said.
After graduation, David plans to attend Emmanuel College and pursue a career in Exercise Science.
"David is a really great friend. He can always make me smile and we make a great team at volleyball," said Lori Moon.

Death of a champion
The fatal crash of seven-time Winston Cup champion Dale Earnhardt on the final lap of the Daytona 500 devastated the world of NASCAR.
Earnhardt died when he crashed his Chevrolet Monte Carlo into the wall entering turn four at the Daytona International Speedway. By losing Earnhardt, NASCAR didn't just lose the best driver stock car racing had ever seen, it also lost its heart and soul. Earnhardt was more than a racing champion, he was a father, friend and devoted husband.
Born with a foot of lead and nerves of steel, Earnhardt began his racing career on the dirt tracks of North Carolina. While driving on short tracks, he developed his risky and bold style of racing which defined his career in order to win races and pay bills with the prize money. At the age of 22, he took over driving his dad's car and made enough of a name for himself that he earned a NASCAR ride, and in 1979 was the Winston Cup Rookie of the Year. The following year he won his first Winston Cup Championship. Seventy-six wins, 676 races and six championships later, Earnhardt became a living legend to NASCAR and its fans.
Everyone who knew of the "Intimidator" has a story to tell. Whether it is of his famous "pass in the grass," his numerous victories, or his only trip to victory lane, at the Daytona 500 after so many second-place finishes and almosts, each story is unique and cherished.
"My fondest memory was when Earnhardt won the Daytona 500 for the first time. I can remember the joy on his face when he climbed up on the top of his #3 Chevy," said junior Kelli Fitzpatrick.
A man who walked away from his numerous crashes in his racing career and who seemed bullet-proof could not walk away from last Sunday's crash. Earnhardt leaves behind family, adoring fans and a legacy that will live forever in the hearts of many.
"Dale Earnhardt was truly a competitive spirit that made racing exciting to watch. He will be sorely missed," said senior Jonathon Cole.

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Celebrating FFA
The week of Feb. 12 -16 was "Celebrate National FFA Week."
All week long there were activities planned to get the students involved in FFA.
On Monday, students had a chance to guess the weight of a rabbit during lunch. Tuesday, as you walked down the hall you saw camouflage - it was camouflage and "guess the weight of the pig" day.
Overalls were everywhere on Wednesday as students participated in Overall Day and tried to guess the number of seeds in a jar.
Thursday was FFA jacket and "guess the weight of the calves" day.
Friday was everybody's favorite day of the week. The annual Milk Chugging Contest was held during all four lunch shifts.
It was also FFA t-shirt day.
All the winners of the daily contests got prizes and the milk-chugging winner got a steak dinner provided by the FFA.
It was a fun-filled week for everyone involved.

College without scholarships would be no college at all
As the end of the year nears, seniors begin the long process of choosing a postsecondary school. With the decision many students have to consider how to pay for furthering their education. Financial aid is an important part of attending college. Some schools have high tuition, and these fees can be out of reach to the students who do not have help with the costs. The stress of balancing full-time college classes and a job to pay for them have considerably damaged the person's grades and job.
Many scholarships are offered through companies and programs. Students have access to these scholarships through their school counselors and Internet connections. High school seniors can apply for scholarships and by meeting the requirements they can be rewarded as much money for college as the company or program sees fit or designates.
Some scholarships are designed for certain colleges or programs of study. Companies, like Farm Bureau, designate awards for agricultural-bound students. Other companies, like Jackson EMC, award scholarships for certain colleges like Gainesville College. Many programs award students capital for being actively involved in their school and community. Seniors involved in leadership activities are eligible for other scholarships and grants.
Web sites such as give seniors the opportunity to receive daily e-mail notices when a scholarship has become available to them. FastWeb and many other sites offer a form to fill out based on the student's personal information. This form allows the company to narrow down the list of available scholarships to fit each person.
The key to finding the financial help needed is to start early and find what is best for you. Students should be encouraged to learn more about the money it takes to attend a post-secondary school. Applying for scholarships, financial aid, and student loans can help out with the rising cost of colleges and technical schools.

Y-Club visits pediatrics
Y-Club always stays busy. Every month they have a school and a community project.
There are chairpersons for each project area. Melissa Austin is the community project chairperson. This is an important job, because she is in charge of coming up with ideas for new projects each month. The January community project was visiting children in the pediatric ward of St. Mary's Hospital.
Prior to the trip to the hospital, several Y-Club members prepared goody bags to give to the kids in pediatrics. Y-Club members then left after school one day to go to the hospital. When they got to the pediatrics ward there were no kids there, so they left the goody bags for kids who will be coming into pediatrics in the future.
"Although we didn't get to talk to any little kids, I am sure that the goody bags will be a nice welcoming gift for kids coming into pediatrics, and that in itself gives me an awsome feeling inside because it will ease their fear of the hospital," Melissa said.
If you have any ideas for community projects, or if you have an organization that could use a little community help, please contact the Y-Club. All suggestions would be appreciated.

A new addition to MCHS
Mr. Stanley Pruitt is a welcome new addition at MCHS. This is his first year teaching.
Mr. Pruitt, who worked in his own construction business for the past 20 years, decided to find more time to spend with his family. Teaching enables him to share holidays, spring break, and summers with his wife Kathy, who is the curriculum director for Madison County Schools, and his children. His son, Thad, is a freshman at MCHS, and his daughter, Priscilla, is a fourth grader at Danielsville Elementary.
When asked about how he feels about teaching, Mr. Pruitt said, "I enjoy my job. I love every minute of it."
A student of Mr. Pruitt's, sophomore Josh Chandler, said, "He's a cool teacher who enjoys working with his students."
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