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 April 4, 2001

By Frank Gillespie
The Madison County Journal
April 4, 2001

Frankly Speaking

Amazed at audacity of 'race baiters'
I am always amazed at the audacity of the race baiters. They are determined to use the race card at every opportunity if they can gain personal wealth or power from it.
Now these hustlers have come up with another gimmick to take our money without earning it. They want the government, or someone, to pay "reparations" to blacks for the impact of slavery.
I have so much to say on this subject that I may not be able to keep it within my usual 400 words. So I will address the key issues today.
First, I have never owned a slave. Neither did my father, or my grandfathers. None of the blacks living today were ever slaves in the classic sense. Neither were their parents or grandparents. Only those people who were held as slaves deserve to be compensated and they are long gone.
The slaves were paid reparations. The occupying union government established the "Freedmen's Bureau" to help freed slaves transit into a free lifestyle. The bureau was charged with providing money, land and equipment needed to allow newly free slaves to become independent.
Actually, what the race baiters are trying to do, with considerable success, is to reestablish the slave system. By keeping their fellow blacks under their control, they can use them to facilitate financial shakedowns of America's large corporations, and keep money flowing from the federal treasury to promote their radical left-wing political agenda.
They use the same basic tactics to enslave modern blacks that the plantation owners used in the old South. They keep them ignorant and dependent. Slaves were never taught to read or do math. Owners were careful to limit their work experience so that they were not able to become self-sufficient.
Slaves were provided with food, clothing and housing by the owner. They were never given an opportunity to obtain these most basic needs for themselves. If the slave wanted to eat, stay warm and dry, or have clothes to wear, he had to go to his master.
Modern slave masters, such as Jessie Jackson, the NAACP and other radical left black organizations, use the same techniques. They promote ignorance in the black community by arguing that striving to do well in school is "white." Any black child that works hard to achieve good grades is ridiculed. Those who embrace their ignorance and demand "respect" without earning it are glorified.
At the same time, they try to keep blacks dependent on them for their livelihood. They promise to get them good jobs through "affirmative action." They claim they are caring for poor blacks by keeping them on welfare. Now, with these programs being denied them, they start this effort to win reparation payments for them.
As long as the so-called black leadership can keep their fellow blacks ignorant and dependent on them, they will have total control over the black community. Blacks will vote as they are told (Democratic). They will attack other cultures as directed (Southern flags and songs.) They will do as they are told in order to get food, clothing and shelter without working for it.
Reparations are another way for radical blacks to rip off America's economy and force their political agenda. It is vital that they are stopped and the black masses freed from their new slavery.
Frank Gillispie is founder of The Madison County Journal. His web page can be accessed at His e-mail address is

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By Ben Munro
The Madison County Journal
April 4, 2001

In Other Words

The idiot's guide to NASCAR
Just as every southerner flavors their tea with sugar, everyone below the Mason-Dixon line is obligated to know their NASCAR.
Being a good patriot of the South, I attended my first stock car event a couple weeks ago to become oriented to the sport.
Needless to say, I definitely could have used a racing spectator's instruction manual on my recent trip to the Cracker Barrel 500 at Atlanta Motor Speedway.
Yeah, I knew the guy who finished first would be the guy celebrating with the champagne, but other than that, the finer points of the sport elude me.
So since I know about as much about auto racing as Martha Stewart, who better to pen an introduction for those who share my ignorance of the fast-paced sport?
Other than reaffirming that I am a NASCAR idiot, here were my various findings from the race track in Hampton.
OK, I'm sure hard-core racing fans will want to hurl stones at my head for this one.
In my infinite wisdom, I assumed that the 500 after Cracker Barrel or Daytona meant this was the number of times the guys in the fast cars go around the track. Makes sense right?
After three hours and 250 laps and several lead changes in the hot Georgia sun, in a classic moment of stupidity I turned to my friend and asked, "Man, this thing's only half way over?"
I'm glad I didn't say that too loudly or I would have been physically assaulted by the boisterous NASCAR throng surrounding me. Apparently, this was the equivalent to wondering why the guy with a lower score in golf wins.
Three hundred and twenty-five laps equal 500 miles Ben - that's the mystery of the number.
I used to think caution laps after a wreck were racing's version of the time out, not realizing that they actually counted on the lap total.
Hey, the yellow flag laps looked like leisure time from my naive perspective. All the racers, once they reduced their speed, suddenly started swerving wildly about the track as if they were in bumper cars at the county fair.
This was no time to be joking around, I thought.
Newsflash, Ben - they weren't. The excessive swerving serves to keep tires warm.
Ah, good idea. I wonder if a cop would buy that excuse from a motorist on the highway.
Jeff Gordon might want to hire a personal secret service to escort him around and take bullets for him. He sure needed one that day. In fact, even William T. Sherman would win a popularity contest in Atlanta over the man who pilots the rainbow-colored 24 car.
On lap 10, I was awakened to people's sentiments about the "Rainbow Warrior."
Gordon maneuvered by rookie Kevin Harvick to take the lead and he received the kind of reception that John Rocker would get if he was performing standup comedy at "Show Time at the Appollo."
Middle fingers were raised in the air, curse words were bantered about, babies cried and women screamed. It was hilarious.
A guy with no shirt on and a tattoo of a naked woman engraved on his neck, turned to me and grumbled, "I don't know about that ole Gordon. He's too nice and I don't know about all that rainbow colored (expletive)."
One hundred and forty laps later Gordon ran out of gas and this same character, who looked like he came straight out of a Harley convention, acted like Christmas had come early, yelling, pumping his fists and grabbing my hand and giving me a high-five.
Apparently, the late Earnhardt is more popular in the NASCAR nation than Budweiser beer. I knew who he was and understood his power on the track but didn't realize what a Southern icon he was till I saw the love-fest in Hampton.
Fans of the Intimidator went nuts after his car (with a different body, new number and new paint job), driven by Harvict, took the checkered flag. That shows devotion - to rally around basically a transmission and a set of wheels that used to belong to the legend.
Ben Munro is a reporter for The Madison County Journal.
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