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May 9, 2001

By Adam Fouche
The Jackson Herald
May 9, 2001

Time to bring in the bullpen
For as long as I can remember, baseball has pretty much been my favorite sport.
Mainly, I can play baseball. I can catch the ball. I can throw the ball. And I can hit the ball.
And unlike football, you don't have to know a three-ring binder full of offensive and defensive schemes. Now, that's not to say there's no strategy to baseball. I think baseball is one of the smartest played sports and a good coach is a necessity for a successful program.
Baseball is just one of those sports that anybody can get going in the back yard. You just make the old bush first base, the oak tree second, the property marker third and scratch a mark in the grass for home plate and you're ready to play.
A key component of the sport is pitching. A good pitcher can win ball games for you and bad pitcher can-well-a bad pitcher is just a bad pitcher.
But sometimes, even the good pitchers get tired. They throw too many pitches. They pitch too many games too close together. They throw too hard. Eventually, a pitcher's arm gets tired and he's got to ice it down and take a break for a few days. He can't keep pitching and pitching and pitching.
As a columnist, I guess I'm kind of like a pitcher. I've thrown out some columns that have been well received. I've thrown out others that have not gone over too well. But I always threw out what I thought-and still think-were the right columns.
Well, I guess I'm in need of a little ice and a few days on the bench. So this summer, you probably won't see me on the editorial page. In fact, you probably won't see me at all.
I'm going down to Augusta in a few days to do a management internship at a newspaper company. I'll be there until August, so Banks, Jackson and Madison counties will get a break from me for a little while-a much-deserved break.
By the time you read my column, I'll be relaxing on a beach in Florida, taking a little pre-summer vacation. But in August, I'll be back. And I'll be ready to shake up and stir this editorial page once again.
Until then, y'all calm down a little bit. And don't take me so seriously all the time. You keep doing that and you're liable to give yourself high blood pressure.
Adam Fouche is a reporter for MainStreet Newspapers. His email address is


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By Tim Thomas
The Jackson Herald
May 9, 2001

The coaching shuffle, Part 2
Okay, okay, wait a minute. Just when I think last week's error-fraught column on coaching changes couldn't get any worse, Kevin Jacobs goes and really makes me look like an idiot.
Thanks a bundle, pal!
Jefferson principal Pat Blenke had already given me the evil eye after last week's column named Brandi Corbett the front-runner for Jacobs' former ­ now current ­ post. Evidently that possibility put a scare into whomever the front-runner really was. Wonder what this latest news will do to that person?
You can be sure Jacobs has heard a hundred references to former Georgia Tech coach Bobby Cremins since his decision to stay at Jefferson (as in, he pulled a Cremins), and rightfully so. What a riot.
Jacobs apparently didn't want to leave to begin with, but was made one of those offers that he couldn't refuse, so he didn't. Now he has.
At any rate, now we must go back a couple of weeks to the "Don't blame Jacobs" column that appeared in this space and retract most ­ if not all ­ of what was said.
Here goes:

"A void that won't be easy to fill"
Guess I really missed that one, huh?
"Most anyone in his right mind would accept the Buford post"
This one was already qualified with the statement that soon followed it: "Jacobs has often been accused . . . of not being in his right mind."
"It's no secret that Dragon coaches aren't exactly the highest-paid around"
Stay tuned; we may just find out that's changed.
"Let's all wish Jacobs good fortune"
Looks like that wish may have come been granted, though not in the way we would have expected.
"Except on those nights when the Lady Wolves and Lady Dragons meet"
Of course, now we've got to rescind that phrase.
Just one more last poke at you coach, and I must thank one of your fellow employees for this one. I had made the statement that you knew what you were doing when you decided to go to Buford. Well . . .
Seriously, though, welcome back, Coach J. It's certainly going to be an interesting season next year.

The latest word from Jackson County is that the BOE (which I incorrectly said was meeting last week) will likely consider a recommendation for Ron Garren's replacement at its work session Thursday and monthly meeting Monday. Whomever they pick, best of luck to you. But don't sell your house just yet.

If readers will indulge me, I'd like to take the last few lines to say so long to coaches Rusty Hendricks, Ron Garren, Al Darby and Bill Roberts, and anyone else I may have left out. All four of these guys have made this job much easier, and it's been a pleasure to know each of them.

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