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July 25, 2001

By Shar Porier
The Banks County News
July 25, 2001

Enjoying life
Lying on my back, looking up at the clouds drifting lazily along a sky of vibrant blue. A whisper of a breeze gently nudges my raft. The still water of the pond breaks occasionally with the darting tails of goldfish and koi. The sun feels so warm, so good.
The cry of the baby red-shouldered hawk breaks through lazy thoughts. The parents are out hunting. I can see them gliding above the tree-tops, looking, looking Then one dives, disappearing behind the tangled mound of muscadine and wisteria vines.
Seconds later, it rises, a hapless snake writhing in its talons. Tiny chickadees and wrens send up a cacophony of trills and tweets. Whether happy about the demise of the snake or upset about the fearful surprise of the attack, I can't tell. The baby hawk falls silent, as do the little birds. Peace again returns to my little valley.
Dragonflies are busily skittering from cattail to cattail. Two brilliant blue ones meet, inches from my nose. They rise slightly and then come to rest, locked together in life's procreation, on the edge of the raft. Something in the water disturbs them and together they fly off. How they manage it still connectedWater spiders glide effortlessly, skating from here to there. Honeybees come to drink at the water's edge. A garden spider spins its intricate web in the sweet flag.
Thoughts drift, like the clouds above, to pondering this universe in which we live. Where do all these things come from?
Something wriggling and cool has joined me on my raft. Without looking, I can tell it's just one of the fish. A school of minnows has collected around my toes. They're jumping over my feet. Minnows playing leap-frog! I scoop up the flipping silver sliver and place it back in the water. It disappears in the shifting, shimmering assembly at play.
A shadow passes overhead and the minnows disperse and dive. The kingfisher alights on a thorny limb of the locust tree. It's eyeing the pond hoping for lunch. Another joins it. Then a youngster. It's a family deal. One peers at the shallow end of the pond, and in the blink of eye swoops down returning with a rather large minnow flipping around in its beak. The fledgling is crying and fluttering its wings. The other dives and dips to the rippling surface, rising with another minnow. The fledgling is now in a frenzy; looking back and forth from one parent to the other, it cries and beats its wings furiously. "Hey, one of ya give me one of them fish, right now!" They comply and both fish are happily consumed. In an instant, they're off, flying down the river.
Life. It's truly a miracle. How it all came about, I hope, remains a mystery. It's just too amazing. However life and all its rich diversity came to be over the millennia isn't what's important. Being here, a part of it, enjoying it, is enough for me.
Shar Porier is a reporter for The Banks County News.


Letter To the Editor
The Banks County News
July 25, 2001

Says agriculture was in county first
One more time, complaints about poultry houses have arisen. As usual, the complaints are from those who moved here to open their businesses and build their homes in our agricultural community. The newcomers do not consider the agriculture that is in the county until after they have made their investments.
Those who decide to come to Banks County are welcome here. However, they must consider that this community has always been an agricultural community and its poultry farmers were here long before they arrived. This should be considered when one of you poultry growers spends your hard-earned money for someone else's goods and services. Many of the small business owners have been here a long time and understand what a struggle it is just to survive.
Just remember that the next nickel you put into the cash register of those who complain could be the nickel used to put you out of the poultry business.
Alan Farmer


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