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September 5, 2001

A compilation of articles written by Madison County School students.

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A new face in the neighborhood
One of the new and friendly faces of the high school includes our new assistant principal, Dr. Sheila Parker.
Dr. Parker comes to us form Clarke Central where she's had 16 years of experience and has obtained four degrees form the University of Georgia.
At Clarke Central, she taught geometry. In Dr. Parker's opinion, the main difference between Madison County and Clarke Central is the slower paced atmosphere. "The students are more courteous and more friendly to each other and the faculty," she remarked.
Dr. Parker is very active in the community. She and her husband of 13 years, Douglas, are members of and teachers of the singles Sunday School class at Beech Haven Baptist Church. She's also a member of the Junior League of Athens, an organization that raises money for child welfare projects. Dr. Parker notes, "Giving back to the community makes you a well-rounded and understanding person. You also realize what's important in life."
What advice does Dr. Parker have for the students of Madison County?
"Every student should be involved in extracurricular activities. Studies have shown students with interests in other activities do better academically and in their future goals," she said.
Be sure to look for Dr. Parker - maybe she'll have some math tips!

The great soft drink debate felt at MCHS
The topic of many discussions the first week of school was the recent change from Coca-Cola to Pepsi products. When discussing their favorite soft drinks, students are very opinionated.
When asked why the school switched from Coke to Pepsi, Principal Robert Rhinehart replied, "It was a situation in which we went through a year end review with our current beverage provider. We took proposals with Pepsi and Coke, and at that time the Pepsi proposal was more attractive to us."
According to Mr. Rhinehart, our school will have a larger profit off soft drink sales, as a result of signing with Pepsi. The school should make about 30 cents for every drink sold.
Most students have already noticed the new Pepsi scoreboards, which were purchased to replace the old Coke scoreboards.
Student opinions have varied as to which beverage provider they prefer.
Junior Josh Hill said, "I think Pepsi drinks are more fitting for our school, because Pepsi is the new generation drink and we are the new generation."
In junior Penny Longwell's opinion, "The only thing good about the recent change from Pepsi to Coke is Mountain Dew."
It seems that a large amount of the student body shares Penny's opinion. Mountain Dew has proved to be one of the most popular soft drinks with students, the Mountain Dew machine becoming sold out the first week of school.
However, senior Josh Stephenson looks at this new change from a different perspective. "I prefer Coke products because Sprite is my favorite drink," Josh said.
Junior Lindsay Mason takes a traditional stand, saying, "Coca-Cola is the ultimate American drink."
In the end, only time will tell whether the transition from Coke to Pepsi will live up to the administration's expectations.

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Girl Scout recruitment night scheduled

Girls and adults are invited to attend Madison County Recruitment Night for the Girl Scouts at Hull-Sanford Elementary School or Comer Elementary School on Thursday, Sept. 6, at 7 p.m.
For more information, contact Mollie Carow at 1-800-300-4475.

New names, new faces at MCHS this year
Strolling through the halls this year, many new faces can be spotted - not students but teachers. There are 12 new additions to the teaching staff this year.
Christy Drew has been added to the faculty as a business education teacher. We welcome Susanna Blackstone, Christy Belfield, and Deborah Chandler to the English department. Melissa Mathis is new to the Social Studies department and Steven Mason is new in the Phys Ed department.
The one department that has grown the most this year is Special Education, with six new teachers. They are: Laura Hunningan, Tammy Bothelo, Candice Southal, Michelle Brantly, Audrey Norman and Alice Herndon.
Not only has the faculty grown, but the administration has added Dr. Sheila Parker as assistant principal.
The guidance office has recovered from its recent losses by adding Dr. Ayo Bendele and Mrs. Wanda Krewer to the roster.
So, as you walk through the halls this year, be sure to greet all these new faces and make them feel welcome.
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