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January 23, 2002


By: Angela Gary
he Banks County News
January 23, 2002

Meet our staff
Faces always seem to be changing on our staff and we recently added a few new ones to the news department. I thought I¹d give our readers a little information on the new faces and describe the job duties of all news staff members.
As editor, I come up with story ideas, hand out the assignments to the reporters, write the editorials or ³our view² column and oversee layout of the paper. That means if you¹re upset that something didn¹t get covered or didn¹t get on page one, it¹s my fault. Yell at me, not the reporters.
A quick look at the main staff members handling news for The Banks County News is as follows:
€Adam Fouche is a senior at the University of Georgia and is handling all sports coverage for us. He graduates in May and has decided to stay on with The Banks County News. His duties will be increased then and he will also be covering the county board of commissioners, all county government, county planning commission, crime and court and various other duties in the news department. He will still be the main sports reporter, although he may recruit help during the busier sports seasons.
€Kerri Graffius is one of the ³new faces² on the staff. She covers the Homer City Council and other occasional news meetings for Banks County. She writes a column and handles the layout for many of the pages in The Banks County News. She also coordinates church news for the paper.
€Another ³new face² on our staff is Yve Assad. She is our staff photographer and can be spotted at sporting events and other activities throughout the county. She also scans photographs such as weddings and school events that are turned in by our readers each week.
€Shar Porier covers the city councils in the outlying areas of Banks County, including Baldwin, Alto, Lula and Gillsville. She also writes special features, a column for the editorial page and photographs many festivals, celebrations, wrecks and fires. She also covers the Banks County Chamber of Commerce¹s monthly breakfast, the county department of family and children services and the health department meetings.
€April Murphy handles all of the legal notices and obituary notices. Lawyers and funeral home directors in the area are very familiar with her as she coordinates these items, typesets them and lays out the pages.
€Jana Adams is features editor for The Jackson Herald, but her face is often on this page as she sometimes writes a column for us. Her features from the Maysville area, which is also in our coverage area, are also in The Banks County News. Jana is also integral in the layout of the paper each week. She puts together page one and other miscellaneous pages each week.
€Rochelle Beckstine is no longer a full-time staff member, but she still covers the board of education and writes an occasional column.
€Anelia Chambers is the smiling face that most visitors to our Banks County office are most familiar with. She is an asset to all of our departments as she takes the news, advertising and printing that is handed in at our Homer office on Mondays and Thursdays of each week.
Angela Gary is the editor of The Banks County News. She can be reached at


The Banks County News
January 23, 2002

Strange move in Alto
Actions of small-town governments can be confusing at times, but a recent action by the Alto Town Council is beyond confusing. It just doesn't make sense.
The Georgia Environmental Protection Division has said it won't issue a permit for the town to drill any more wells. The council ignored this and agreed recently to drill another well. What's the point, if the EPD won't permit it?
According to the EPD, four of the town's 11 wells have contamination. It sounds like Alto leaders need to clean up the wells they have instead of wasting money drilling a new well that the EPD won't even permit.

Contact legislatorswith your concerns
The new legislation session is under way now and Banks Countians are encouraged to keep a close eye on what goes on at the state capitol. Be sure to contact our legislators with your concerns as the session continues.
Banks County is represented by Rep. Jeanette Jamieson and Sen. Mike Beatty. Their addresses in Atlanta are as follows:
Rep. Jeanette Jamieson
417 The Capitol
Atlanta, Ga. 30334
Phone number: (404) 656-5064
Sen. Mike Beatty
313 Legislative Office Building
Atlanta, Ga. 30334
Phone number: (404) 656-9218

Send us a letter
The Banks County News
Homer, Georgia
Telephone: (706) 367-5233 Fax: (706) 367-8056

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