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March 20, 2002


The Banks County News
March 20, 2002

Good to seecitizen’s care
Too often the only people at a city council meeting are city employees and reporters. Citizens usually stay away from these night-time meetings unless they are concerned about a specific issue that will impact them. It usually takes something like a landfill locating in their back yard to get the attention of citizens.
That’s not the case in Alto where a large crowd turned out for a night-time meeting, no less a Friday night meeting. They were concerned about a wide array of issues, including a vacant council post, a new city employee and salaries.
While politicians usually don’t like being faced with some of these heated discussions, it is good for government to remain open and have this input from the citizens. There may be no answers at first, but the issues presented are important ones and ones that need to be addressed.
One of the issues discussed that can be immediately addressed is the vacant council seat. Council members pointed out that it would be too expensive to hold an election to fill this post. An election doesn’t have to be held as the council has the power to appoint someone to fill in. With all of the important matters facing the town, it is important that a full council be in place to guide the future.


By: Angela Gary
he Banks County News
March 20, 2002

Look for me on TV next week
I wrote a few weeks ago about my new obsession with going to live tapings of television programs. I sent off postcards to most every show that is taped in New York City in hopes that I would get more free tickets for my upcoming vacation. I got really lucky and received tickets to three shows that will be filming while I’m in the city.
For all of you who are home during the day or up during the wee hours of the morning, be sure to catch the programs as I continue with my television appearances. You just have to scan the audience really fast as the cameras are usually focused on the guests and hosts. I don’t know why that is. Just look for dark hair and red. I’ve found that wearing red works best because it stands out in the crowd.
Anyway, my first appearance will be on The View on Thursday, March 28. I don’t get to watch The View since it comes on at 11 a.m. during the week, but I was glad to get tickets because Barbara Walters is one of the hosts. I have been watching and reading about Barbara for years and it will be cool to get to see her in person.
I also have tickets for Live With Regis and Kelly for Friday, March 29. This show comes on at 9 a.m. every morning, so I don’t get to see it either. I am also looking forward to going to it though and meeting Regis. He has become a household name with all of his recent success in the talk show and game show worlds. His new host, Kelly Ripa, seems pretty perky which should make it a fun show too.
I also have tickets for Late Night With Conan O’Brien for both Thursday and Friday. I probably won’t go both nights, but will wait and find out which night has the best guests. It is taped in the afternoons, but is televised at 12:30 a.m., which is way past my bed time.
I’ll have to set my VCR to tape these programs while I’m gone, so I can see if I get any camera time. I’m just sure some director or producer is going to spot me in the crowd and decide I should be a star or something. If that happens, I’ll just stay in New York City. If not, I’ll be home soon to share my adventures.
Angela Gary is associate editor of The Jackson Herald and editor of The Banks County News. She can be reached at

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