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March 27, 2002


The Banks County News
March 27, 2002

Plenty to do in Homer for Easter
Easter musicals, religious presentations and sunrise services are among the activities planned in Homer this weekend in observance of Easter. The huge annual Garrison egg hunt, along with family and church hunts, are also planned for Easter.
The many church Easter activities planned are listed on this week’s religious page. Be sure and check them out and attend at least one religious service during this special holiday.
Easter also means it’s time for the Homer egg hunt, which has received worldwide attention. The annual event brings thousands of visitors to Homer each year. We are thankful to the volunteers who continue to work hard to bring this annual tradition to our county.
Be sure and enjoy all that Easter brings and don’t forget the reason that we celebrate.


By: Angela Gary
he Banks County News
March 27, 2002

At last, I have a singing career
I can’t sing. I’ve never said I could, but I’ve always secretly dreamed of stepping up to the mike, opening my mouth wide and a beautiful, magical sound coming out. It hasn’t happened yet. Likely, it never will happen.
But...I now have the chance to sing for an audience that doesn’t seem to realize my lack of ability. He doesn’t notice that I’m so off-key that it hurts to listen to me. He doesn’t notice that I get the words wrong more often than I get them right. And, best of all, he doesn’t notice that I’m singing Christmas carols in March.
I have to admit that all of these wonderful factors will change before too long. Right now, my nephew, Jake, is only four months old and doesn’t know any better. He looks at me in wonder and fascination as I belt out “Away in the Manager” and “Silent Night.” I’m sure he’s thinking that his Aunt Angie has an amazing voice and sings the most wonderful songs.
My nephew loves for us all to sing for him. When no one is around, I cut loose and really perform for him. He loves it. I’ve never been one to sing because of my voice, so Christmas songs are all that I know. He doesn’t mind. He smiles and goos as I sing Jingle Bells and dozes off as I croon “Away in the Manager” over and over. Like I said, he doesn’t notice that I get a few words wrong or that the songs are seasonal.
It’s great. I finally have an audience for that singing career I’ve always wanted. It’s too bad that he will outgrow it soon and I’ll have to retire again. I’ll go back to singing really low at church or only singing aloud when I’m alone in the car.
I better enjoy my singing days while I have them.
Jake also loves when I make farm yard animal noises for him. It’s great. It can occupy him for more than 30 minutes. I just lean back, put him in my lap facing me and start “mooing” and “meowing.” I hope he starts making these noises in the middle of the night. It would probably startle my sister.
I’m enjoying Jake’s early months. I’m sure it will be harder to entertain him and keep up with him as he gets older. For now, I can be my silly self and he thinks I’m wonderful. I hope it lasts for a long time.
Angela Gary is editor of The Banks County News and associate editor of The Jackson Herald. She can be reached at

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