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AUGUST 7, 2002


By: Angela Gary
he Banks County News
August 7, 2002

Are there any side effects?
Anyone who has read my column before is probably aware that I read my medical book entirely too much. The huge volume was a birthday gift from my sister one year. I actually asked for it, but everyone in the family has regretted that I ever received it.
I’m always misdiagnosing myself and driving my family crazy. My mysterious illness that had left me in pain for two years and a handful of doctors baffled wasn’t the ovarian cancer that I was sure it was from reading my book. It was just a small non-cancerous polyp that was hiding from the doctors. Once they found it, it came right out and I had no more pain.
Too bad I had two years of pain and lots of time in bed with my medical book trying to diagnose myself. My family keeps trying to find my medical book and hide it from me.
Anyway, all that history is to get around to the latest thing that my family wants to hide from me. It’s those nice little print-outs you get at the drug store that lists why you are taking a medication, how you should take it and what the side effects are. You really shouldn’t read those side effects. They can be really scary. The side effects often sound worse than what you are being treated for.
Last week, I got a medicine to take for bronchitis, which is pretty bad but not near as bad as one of the side effects listed. It stated: “May cause mental changes.” That is certainly a new one. I have never heard of taking medication for a virus-type infection causing “mental changes.” I asked my co-workers and family to let me know if I started acting “mentally different.”
As I’m known to be a bit moody, it was likely difficult for them to tell if I was mentally different or not. Sharing the side effects slip did cause a few laughs at work and at home.
This same medication listed two more side effects that I found pretty funny. It said that it could cause “increased appetite or loss of appetite.” That one still has me a bit confused.
I guess the pharmaceutical companies want to be sure and cover all their bases, but I’m sure I’m not the only one who gets alarmed and starts looking for symptoms.
Angela Gary is editor of The Banks County News and associate editor of The Jackson Herald. She can be reached at


The Banks County News
August 7, 2002

Support Chamber
The Banks County Chamber of Commerce has many exciting plans in the works or already under way.
The second Women in Business lunch is planned. This event is a wonderful opportunity for women in the community to get together and discuss important issues they are facing. Be sure and support this endeavor.
This is just one of the new activities of the Chamber. Others will be announced in the coming months. Let’s all support this organization as it grows and expands its offerings.

Community support is heart-warming
The community has joined together to support a Banks County woman who has battled a kidney disease for most of her young life. She is now dealing with dialysis several times a week.
The community joined together for a fund-raiser last week to help raise funds for the medical bills associated with such an illness. It is wonderful to see so many people from different walks of life joining together to help out a fellow countian.
Thanks to all of those in our community who make Banks County such a special place to live and work.

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