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MAY 14, 2003


By: Angie Gary
The Banks County News
May14, 2003

Never too early to make career plans
With graduation time ahead, young people throughout Banks County are making career plans. While some people wait until the last minute to make career plans, others have known what they want to be “when they grow up” since they were very young.
I spoke to area fourth graders at Career Day Monday morning. The students were attentive and had some important questions about my job. “What do you like least about the job?” “What is the salary?” “What kind of skills do you need?”
It was great to see students so young thinking about these important questions. While I knew I wanted to be a reporter when I was in elementary school, I certainly never thought about those things.
One of the best questions was “what do you like least about the job?” I was honest and said the hours are at the top of that list. This was something I didn’t really think about until I had graduated from college with a journalism degree in hand, but it’s something you need to consider. This job brings long days with many nights and weekends devoted to work. I’ve missed many social events over the years and spent countless 16-plus hour days. I had never thought about this but it’s a serious consideration for those searching careers.
The question on the skills needed is something that young people also need to research. I had assumed that English and writing were the only skills I would need. I didn’t like math in my early school years and took the minimum requirement in college. I didn’t think I would need math skills.
How wrong I was on that one. How can you write an election story or a budget story without at least basic math skills. Science and history are important too because you might be writing a story on a new scientific discovery or interviewing a veteran of World War II. It would be helpful to have at least some background information before you attempt these stories.
It was enlightening speaking to the students. I was able to reflect on my own career choice while providing information on journalism as a career. I’m glad the teachers are thinking ahead and encouraging elementary-age students to begin thinking about careers.
Your career choice might change over the years, but it never hurts to start thinking about what direction you want to take as early as possible. I know there has been a lot of stuff involved in my job that I didn’t consider.
Angela Gary is editor of The Banks County News and associate editor of The Jackson Herald. She can be reached at
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By: Adam Fouche
The Banks County News
May 14, 2003

Parents: Watch out for Oreos
The newest threat to kids these days isn’t drugs. It isn’t alcohol. It isn’t crime or bad neighborhoods or even pornography.
No, a new monster has reared its ugly head that seeks to claim the lives of innocent children. That monster is an Oreo cookie.
Media outlets broke the news early this week that a lawyer in good ole California filed suit against Nabisco claiming that its line of Oreo cookies could kill kids
The associated press reports the attorney as arguing that “the trans fatty acid that makes the filling creamy and the cookies crisp are too dangerous for children to eat.”
The public interest lawyer has asked for a complete ban of the dangerous cookies in California. Parents, you must heed this warning immediately.
Don’t worry with talking to your kids about drugs and marijuana and cigarettes. No. Those are much more minor worries for you now.
The small round pieces of cookie and cream goodness are far worse for your child than any illegal narcotic could ever be.
In fact, we need to take this thing one step farther. Instead of just Oreos, we must ban all cookies.
Get rid of chocolate and powdered sugar and brown sugar and even fake sugar too. No more donuts and no more Skittles.
Throw away your vanilla wafers and Kit-Kats. Put out the cupcakes and honey buns and Little Debbies.
We should get rid of apple pie, pecan pie, key lime pie, chicken pot pie, peach cobbler and cheesecake with cherries on top and that golden brown graham cracker crust.
No more cake and ice cream at birthday parties. Instead, serve celery and carrots without ranch dressing.
No more Easter candy or Christmas candy or Valentine candy (big savings there) or Halloween candy. Instead, pass out radishes and turnip green leaves and (ugh!) rutabagas.
Your kids don’t need to taste all these delicious foods. They could kill them. And it’s our duty to protect children from such horrible monsters as giant, kid-eating Oreos.
While we’re at it, let’s just ban everything, from sweet tea to Cow Tails to Fruit Roll Ups. And let’s sue everybody for everything.
Only then can we make the world safer. Only then can we rid this planet of wholesome treats, replacing them with less harmful narcotics.
Please people. I’m begging you. We can’t let this go on any longer. We must rise up and ....
Aww, the heck with it. I’m hungry. I think I’ll just have some Oreos.
Got milk?
Adam Fouche is a reporter for MainStreet Newspapers His email address is
The Banks County News
Homer, Georgia
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