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JUNE 18, 2003


By: Angela Gary
The Banks County News
June 18, 2003

A ‘rising star’ honors a ‘country legend’
One is a legend who has been entertaining country music fans for more than half a century.
The other is a rising star who has already won numerous awards and sold millions of CDs.
The “legend” is the oldest member of the Grand Ole Opry at age 83. The “rising star” is the youngest member at age 30.
While they have an age difference of more than 50 years, Little Jimmy Dickens and Brad Paisley have a lot in common. They both love to fish. They’re both from West Virginia. And they have both been performing since they were very young.
The two are great friends and have performed together many times. It was Little Jimmy who came on the Opry stage and invited to Brad to join the prestigious group. Brad has featured Little Jimmy in his last couple of music videos. They also enjoy heading out to the lake together for a day of fishing. Brad wrote about some of their fishing adventures in his new book, “Jug Fishing For Greazy and other Brad Paisley Fishing Stories.”
I experienced one of the most moving scenes between the two men at Brad’s fan club party last week in Franklin, Tenn. Brad often invites Little Jimmy to his fan club parties so it was no surprise to see the Opry legend take the stage and entertain the crowd with some of his comedy.
The emotional moment came later in the party when Brad called Little Jimmy back to the stage. He presented him with the CMA award he won in 2002 for the video for “I’m Gonna Miss Her (The Fishin’ Song).
“I believe you are more deserving of this than I am,” Brad said. “This is the CMA Award for Video of the Year from last year, and it’s yours. And I’ll get the name plate changed to yours for you.”
There were already more than a few tears in the room before an obviously emotional Little Jimmy responded, “I wish you wouldn’t change the name. Just leave it like it is. And count me as a friend. And any time you need me, you know where I am. I love you, Brad Paisley. Thank you for your kindness.”
It is so wonderful to see “rising stars” such as Brad remember the true legends of country music. Little Jimmy has made a mark in country music that will never be forgotten. He is a true Southern gentleman and it’s wonderful to see younger stars honor him.
Angela Gary is editor of The Banks County News and associate editor of The Jackson Herald. She can be reached at
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By: Phillip Sartain
The Banks County News
June 18, 2003

Skipping Pages
I like to go to the beach. And I like for my wife to go with me. We both like to sit in the sand and relax. You can learn a lot about your spouse that way.
Whenever we travel to the beach, my wife always takes along several books to read. And so do I. But I can’t ever seem to keep up the pace. My wife reads books faster that Stephen King can write them. In fact, she reads them so fast that it makes me suspicious. I hate to say this, but I think she cheats.
I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a slow reader. It’s a trait I inherited from my Father — he can take a whole afternoon to read the local newspaper. Whenever I read a book, it’s a struggle. I labor and sweat over every word on every page. I even read the page numbers slowly.
On the other hand, when we’re on vacation, my wife devours books like a shark on a feeding frenzy. Every time I turn around, she’s slamming another book shut. It’s just her way of saying, “Well, little tortoise, I finished another race and you’re the loser.” It always makes me want to draw up into my shell.
And while I’m still hung up on page one of whatever I’m reading, she snatches up another book and she’s gone like a hare. It’s unnatural.
On our last trip, I decided to confront her. We were down on the beach when I noticed that she was nearing the end of War and Peace. “You’re cheating again,” I said. “You just started that book this morning.”
She just ignored me and kept on flipping pages. “Everybody can tell you’re only reading every other page,” I told her. “That doesn’t count.”
“No I’m not,” she answered without stopping.
I knew I had her this time. “Okay then, let’s take this little reading comprehension test I just happened to have with me.”
She glanced at me and said, “You’re jealous, aren’t you?”
“No I’m not,” I argued. “I just want a little verification. If you’re going to pretend to read fast, I want proof.”
“Get a life,” she told me as she turned the page. She was reading at the same time she was blowing me off. That was the last straw.
“You know, you’re not fooling anybody,” I accused her, admittedly sounding a little childish. “You’re skipping the boring parts and just reading the dialogue. You might as well be reading the Reader’s Digest Condensed Version.”
I was still sulking when she slammed the book shut and gave me a smile. “Pretty good book,” she said. “You ought to take a year off from work and read it sometime.”
Then she laughed and walked off down the beach. It was like having your wife kick sand in your face. But I got over it. When I finished what I was reading, I took the comprehension test myself. I would have made a perfect score, but I missed the question about kryptonite.
You just can’t afford to skip any pages when you read a Superman comic book.
Phillip Sartain is an attorney in Gainesville.
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