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OCTOBER 22, 2003


By: Angela Gary
The Banks County News
October 22, 2003

Capturing the perfect holiday photograph
With pumpkins to be found across the county and Halloween costumes running low at local stores, my thoughts recently drifted to...Christmas.
Yes, Christmas. You have to plan early and I decided to capture the perfect photograph for my holiday cards for family and friends.
I got out a tall Santa this weekend and put it in front of the fireplace with a red rocking chair. I put a red bow on a big white basket and sat it beside of the festive holiday scene. I had the background all ready and it was time for my models. I was sure it would be easy. How hard can it be to get a 2-year-old boy and a 22-pound cat to pose for me? Add to the merriment a Santa suit and hat on the 2-year-old and plans to stuff the big cat into the basket.
I had a big job ahead but I had the picture in my mind of the photo I would need for my Christmas cards this year. My cat, Quincy, has been the model for my Christmas cards for 10 years. I decided to add my nephew, Jake, to the photo this year.
I had already tried the Christmas pose about a month ago, but was unsuccessful. I put the decorations up and decided I just wouldn’t have cards. I was a little upset, not to mention hot and sweaty, after wrestling with Quincy and Jake one morning. I had a wrapped box instead of a basket. Quincy would not get in the box. Never mind that he loves boxes and usually gets into every one that comes into the house. Not only did he refuse to cooperate, but Jake was not going to put that Santa hat on his head. No way. I finally got a few shots of Quincy in action jumping out of the box as Jake threw the Santa hat to the ground. Not exactly the festive scene I wanted to capture for my cards.
I tossed the wrapped box in my living room and was disgusted to find Quincy curled up in it one day when I got home from work. His paws were leaning over the box and he was smiling at me. It was the perfect pose. I could just imagine Jake at his house running arould laughing away with the Santa hat perched on his head.
About a month after this disastrous photo shoot, I had calmed down enough to try and capture the festive holiday scene again. I opted for the basket this time and had high hopes that all would go well. Surprisingly, it did. I put Quincy in the basket and he stayed put. He even curled up and smiled at me. I then convinced Jake to put on the Santa hat and sit in the red rocking chair. He did! Wonder of wonders, my two boys actually cooperated for this shot. I can’t wait to see the results.
Angela Gary is editor of The Banks County News and associate editor of The Jackson Herald. She can be reached at

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The Banks County News
October 22, 2003

Hug a public safety worker
They are often taken for granted. The public expects them to be available in time of need but often don’t thank them for their service.
They often get abuse on the job, including being cursed at and even physically attacked.
They put their lives on the line many times to make our county safer.
Our public safety workers have a thankless job but it is one that provides a much-needed service. This week has been declared “Public Safety Appreciation Week” in Banks County.
If you see a deputy, fire fighter, EMT, E-911 operator or other public safety employee, give them a kind word or a hug. Let them know we appreciate all they do to make Banks County a safer place to live and work.

Get to know the candidates
City elections are coming up Nov. 4 in Alto and Lula. These city council seats are important as those elected will lead the growth of these two towns over the next few years.
A debate will be held in Lula Thursday night with the candidates invited to speak.
Voters in Lula are encouraged to attend and find out as much as possible about the candidates.
A report of the debate will be included in next week’s issue for those who can’t attend Thursday’s event.
Questionnaires have also been sent to all of the candidates in both towns. Those who respond will have their answers featured in the Oct. 29 issue.
Also, be sure to check these out before heading to the polls. An informed voter can make a difference.
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