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APRIL 7, 2004


The Banks County News
April 7, 2004

Good to see community involvement
It’s good to see people getting involved in our smaller communities.
Volunteers cleaned the roads in Baldwin over the weekend, while people went to Alto for the spring fling.
A citizen’s group is becoming more active in Gillsville to work toward community improvements, while the long-time active Lula citizen’s group has a new project in the works.
This kind of civic involvement is heart-warming.
People often step back and wait for someone else to make a difference instead of getting involved themselves.
Everyone working together will lead to a brighter future for all corners of our county, from the small towns to the bustling intersections.

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By: Angela Gary
The Banks County News
April 7, 2004

Popphan served community well
People across Banks County will miss Winford Popphan as he retires from the Department of Natural Resources. He served this area well, from tracking down litterers to hosting gun safety awareness to keeping tabs on our fishing lakes.
In some communities, people aren’t even aware of who their ranger is but that was never the case in Banks County. Winford Popphan was out in the fore-front keeping us informed about environmental issues and safety concerns.
For two years, I have tried to make it to one of his gun safety classes for ladies and something has come up. This year, it was a sinus infection that left me on the couch all weekend. I had planned to catch the gun safety course a few hours that morning and then take my mother to a late afternoon Easter tea. The entire day was scrapped because of another sinus infection—my second one this year.
I hate that I missed the opportunity to learn gun safety from a master. Several members of our staff, including Shar Porier, Anelia Chambers and April Reese Sorrow, have attended these sessions and said they enjoyed them and learned from them.
Gun safety is important for all people, especially women who are often the victim of violent crimes. I know many women who have taken these courses over the years have been thankful for someone taking the time to teach them gun safety and use.
Former reporter Adam Fouche also spent some time out on the water with Winford and always came back with great stories and photos from their experiences. Winford has always been a wealth of knowledge about Banks County and was willing to share it with all of our young reporters.
We all appreciate what Winford did for Banks County and wish him well in his retirement. Everyone deserves to enjoy those golden retirement years by spending more time with their families, traveling and exploring their hobbies. We wish him well and thank him for a job well done.
Angela Gary is the Editor of the Banks Coumty News. Her email is
The Banks County News
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