Commerce Council To Rule On
Zoning Issues Monday Night
The Commerce City Council will decide Monday night whether to approve zoning changes for three developments.
The council will act on recommendations from the Commerce Planning Commission that it:
·re-zone approximately 80 acres at the corner of Mount Olive Road and Ridgeway Road from agriculture to Planned Unit Development (PUD) to build "Kensington Park" subdivision. The planning commission voted to recommend the change, which was requested by Cochran Properties, Gainesville, whose proposal called for about 150 houses and a smaller number of condominiums and a 6.3-acre commercial area. The planning commission's recommendation to rezone the tract does not mean that all of the proposals presented by Cochran will be accepted, however.
·re-zone from R-3 to R-2 (multi-family to single-family) 25 acres at the end of State Street at the request of Tom Cronk, who plans to develop 46 lots and build houses on speculation.
·deny a rezoning request by Henry J. Dills to change a lot on Neal Street from R-1 to R-5 so he can replace his single-wide mobile home with a new double-wide.
·deny a request by Heather A. Toney to rezone a lot on Park Street at Troy Street from R-2 to R-5 so she can put a mobile home on the property.
·amend the city's zoning map to declare property along the Ila Road from Broad Street to the bypass be zoned commercial. The change is being made to reflect the actual use of land on the street.
In other business, the council is expected to give final approval to its fiscal year 1999-2000 budget of $18.1 million. The final version will include year-end figures from the 1998-1999 year, which ended June 30, but no spending changes from the budget approved June 13.

City Must Spend $28,000 To
Patch Streets Due Resurfacing
It is going to cost the city of Commerce about $28,000 to get four city streets ready to receive $15,000 worth of road resurfacing.
Several sections of the streets have pavement virtually crumbling, said City Manager Clarence Bryant, meaning the city must perform a "deep patch" on those sections before new asphalt can be applied.
"The streets are shot. They've got to be re-done," Bryant said. "If you just cover it up, it (the cracks) will just come right through and you'll have to do it again."
The worst street is the one in front of Bryant's house.
"We've got to do three patches on Woodland Trail; almost two thirds of the street has to be torn up and redone," he said.
The city has hired one contractor to perform the patches. That means removing the pavement at least four inches down.
"They're going to pass the pavement (on Woodland Trail) after about an inch," Bryant joked. The contractor will install rock and two inches of "binder asphalt," Bryant explained, to prepare the road for resurfacing. The work should take a day and a half. Another contractor will provide the resurfacing under the Department of Transportation contract.
Work is expected to begin soon on the patching. In addition to Woodland Trail, the DOT will resurface Pine Street and Andy Court, both of which need patching.
The city voted in March to use some of its special purpose local option sales tax money to resurface Washington Street, Willow Street, Orchard Drive and King Street.


Your Favorite
Recipe May
Be Worth $100

So you think that recipe handed down through the family for generations is that good? The Jackson County Area Chamber of Commerce invites you to submit it to a panel of judges Oct. 25 and find out.
The "Favorite Recipe Contest" is a part of the Taste of Jackson County & Business Showcase to be held Thursday, Nov. 4, from 5 to 8 p.m. at the Commerce Civic Center, and those planning to submit entries must be there to present the cooked and prepared dish.
Categories include main dish - casseroles, meats, poultry, pasta, etc.; side dishes - potatoes, hot or cold salads, vegetable dishes, breads, rolls, etc.; and sweets and desserts ­ cookies, cakes, pies, candies, pastries, etc.
First, second and third-place prizes will be awarded, and winning recipes will be published on the chamber's web page. Entrants are encouraged to submit any stories relating to the recipes.
Prizes are $100 gift certificate to Quality Foods for first place; $50 gift certificate for second place; and $25 gift certificate for third place.
Entries will be judged by non-chamber members on general appeal, taste and appearance.
Members and non-members may enter the contest by sending their name, address, company or group affiliation if any, daytime phone number, name of dish to be entered, recipe and story, if any, to Elizabeth McDonald, Jackson County Area Chamber of Commerce, P.O. Box 1444, Commerce, GA 30529 or by email to jacksoncounty
For information, call the chamber at 335-1896.


Jackson Has Two Sites On
EPD Hazardous Waste Roster
Hazardous Site Roster
Two Jackson County sites are again listed on the hazardous waste list by the Georgia Environmental Protection Division.
Griffith Oil Company, Arcade, and the former county landfill near Jefferson, are among the 426 sites in the state reported as having hazardous waste.
Griffith Oil Company has long been a concern due to the oil and hazardous materials found at the site. The latest listing from the EPD states that the site has a "known release of tetrachloroethene in the ground water at levels exceeding the reportable quantity." Seven other substances were also found in the groundwater and the site has been found to have benzene in the soil. Six other substances were also found in the soil.
Larry Kloet with the EPD said that the state received a $1 million dollar settlement against the company to go toward the clean-up. Georgia has already spent more than $1.24 million at the site, making it one of the largest clean-up efforts in the state. The EPD has removed oil and hazardous materials from tanks at the site and in the ground.
As for the former county landfill, the EPD says the site has released dichloropropane in the ground water, along with 23 other substances. Jackson County solid waste superintendent Tom Page said the county monitors once a quarter for this chemical and others at the landfill site. He said the county makes sure that any chemicals found do not "migrate" off of the landfill. He added that dichloropropane is found in all landfills. Page said the county will continue to monitor the groundwater as long as chemicals are found.


Commerce man charged with burglary after being found in bank
A Commerce man who said he was "looking for a telephone to call the police" was arrested early Saturday morning when First Commerce Bank employees saw him behind the teller counter before the bank opened for business.
Police Chief George Grimes said William Venable, 48, 132 Elizabeth Street, was charged with burglary and obstruction of law enforcement officers.
"The bank employees arrived and found the door unlocked and saw a stranger behind the teller counter," Grimes explained. "He was saying he was inside trying to find a phone to call us."
Officers found a $100 note from Ecuador and two dollars in Jamaican currency, Grimes said, which reportedly were taken from desks in the office.
"He was not able to get any U.S. currency," Grimes said. "It was all locked away in the vault, and it would have been impossible for him to get at it."
The suspect was able to enter through a door apparently left unlocked by a cleaning crew, the police chief said.

Commerce woman charged with drug violations
A Commerce woman was charged with drug violations after a traffic stop by a deputy with the Jackson County Sheriff's Department.
Melissa Cox, 22, was charged with possession of methamphetamine, possession of marijuana and operating defective equipment.
Officer Thomas Trudnak pulled over Cox after seeing her driving on Hwy. 98 in a car with a broken windshield. The officer reportedly found a syringe on the floor of the car, several syringes and three roaches with a green-leafy substance in them in a purse in the car and a red bag under one of the car seats with a bag of green leafy substance it. Another bag with an off-white powder was also found in the car, according to the officer. Also reportedly found in the car was another syringe with a liquid substance in it, a silver spoon and seven unused syringes.

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