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Sherry Lewis
The Banks County News- July 21, 1999

How would you spend your last day?
It is a rare thing for me to sit down and watch a Braves game but I did watch a few minutes of the game against the New York Yankees on Thursday.
While watching, I saw the camera focus in on this handsome young man who I quickly recognized as John F. Kennedy Jr.
It seemed as if he had the world by a string as a publisher and maybe even a political hopeful with thoughts of a bright future. I'm sure he and his bride had many plans together, but all of these dreams came to a halt when that plane went down.
All of the fame and fortune in the world could not buy this couple another day, which is true for all of us. I have thought about that smile I saw on his face and remembered that it was only hours before he would head out on that fatal trip. I wondered how he spent his last day on this earth and wondered if he would have spent it differently had he known.
From the television screen, it looked as if he spent his last evening with another fellow enjoying a good baseball game. I wondered where his wife was and I figured she was probably getting ready for their trip.
The thoughts of this tragedy have made me stop and remember that I am not immortal and wonder how I would spend my last day on this earth. My thoughts have not centered on who I would spend the day with or what I would do but rather how I would be remembered by the postmaster, the store clerk and the people I do newspaper business with on a weekly or monthly basis.
On Monday, it was a subconscious thing at the time, but I noticed I greeted people more cheerfully and found myself telling them to "have a good day." I also found myself listening more and realizing the people that I meet each week in my job are human beings with feelings and concerns just as I have.
Sometimes I get so busy with deadlines that I feel like a robot bouncing from one place to the next. Also, I took a good look around at the beautiful blue sky, the trees and flowers that I usually take for granted.
This is a day that I will remember for a while. I saw many things and many people that I am truly thankful for. I wonder how our lives would be if each of us would live just one day a week like it would be our last.
Sherry Lewis is news editor of The Banks County News.

The Banks County News
July 21, 1999

Time to get ready for another school year
School children will be returning to the classroom in less than one month. Parents will likely be busy in the coming weeks getting school supplies together. In all of this hectic activity, parents should also begin reviewing reading, writing and math skills with their children.
Teachers often spend the first few weeks of each school year reviewing what they taught last year. It would benefit students and their teachers if the children get back into the habit of reading and doing schoolwork.
Parents of younger children will also be taking their children to get inoculations soon. The Hepatitis B vaccine offered in Banks County by the school system and health department is something that should be utilized.
Parents of children in the target age group are being encouraged to discuss the "Partnership for Prevention of Hepatitis B Program" with their children and to be on the lookout for information which will be distributed by the school.
Let's all do everything we can to ensure that our children have the best school year possible.

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