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Sherry Lewis
The Banks County News- September 1, 1999

Remembering all the good times

It was a normal Monday night. I arrived home late from a meeting and was planning to relax for a few minutes before getting down to work.
I checked my messages and caller ID and noticed that I had a call from Northeast Georgia Medical Center. I didn't get too alarmed because I had a message from a woman who is a nurse and I thought she was calling me from work. As my messages continued to play, I heard my Dad's voice. "Just wanted to let you know that Mama had a stroke today." The words that he spoke were enough to catch my attention but the tone of his voice is really what got to me. My dad, the strong conservative type, was about to cry. "It doesn't look good. Keep her in your prayers," he continued.
I guess at that moment my mind traveled back to my days as a child. She was a feisty redhead who was going to speak her mind no matter what. Which (other than the red hair) actually sounds like me some of the time. Over the years, she has become somewhat frail, but she still has a sharp mind and a shrill voice that says exactly what she thinks.
But traveling back in time, I must admit that we have had some good times. Being somewhat materialistic, I thought of one of the best days I ever had with Mama Langford. I remember her driving from Gainesville to Buford to pick me up in her pink-and-white car. It was the summer before I entered first grade and we were off for a day of buying school clothes. I remember that she bought me several dresses and, if I look back in my yearbook, I find myself wearing one of them in my first grade picture.
I also remember when she and my aunt Rita would pick me up and take me to Six Flags. At that time, this was a special treat and I would lie in bed counting the hours until morning and our adventure would begin. Today, I look at a trip to Six Flags as corporal punishment.
Also, Mama Lang took great pride in keeping my hair cut. She was not just her granddaughter's hairstylist; she was a beautician by profession. She worked at Belk's in Gainesville for years and later at J.C. Penney's at Lakeshore Mall. She usually cut my hair during one of our many Sunday afternoon visits, but on other occasions I got the royal treatment at the salon.
Thinking back over the years, it makes me happy and it makes me sad. I spent a lot of time thinking about the things I wish I had said and the things I wish I had done for her. I'm going to keep the faith and just maybe I'll have the chance.
Sherry Lewis is news editor of The Banks County News.

The Banks County News
September 1, 1999

Time to move forward on road
Webster's Dictionary defines charity as "spiritual love for others...The virtue by which we love God above all other things and our neighbor as ourselves...Tolerance in judging other people."
It's quite ironic that "Charity" is the name of a road in Banks County where neighbors are at war with each other. Deputies have been called out to the road numerous times and one man has been arrested for allegedly hiring a hit man to kill a couple in the neighborhood.
The feud stems from whether Charity Road is private or public. The board of commissioners has been pulled into the middle of this feud, but their decision is not likely to end the bitterness among some of the residents of the road.
The BOC has pledged to make a decision on the matter within the next two weeks. While everyone might not agree with what they decide, everyone needs to accept it and move forward. There are far more serious concerns in our county and nation than whether or not the county will maintain this road.

Letters to the Editor
The Banks County News
September 1, 1999

Thanks for help in Baldwin
Dear Editor:
I am very thankful to mayor Mark Read and the Baldwin City Council, Rep. Jeannette Jamieson and anyone else who worked to allow those small children in Baldwin to attend their neighborhood school.
Our school situation in Georgia is totally unfair to many families. There are situations where families pay taxes to two counties and have to pay for their child to attend the nearest school of their choice.
We desperately need a change. In a letter Congressman John Linder states: "We need school choice in America. You should be able to take your child and your education dollars to a private school if you wish. Unfortunately, the existing regime focuses too much on boundaries and not enough on solutions."
If anyone agrees with me on this, then contact your representative. We can all make a difference.
Laura Wilbanks

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