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Angela Gary
The Banks County News- September 8, 1999

A special 'Granny'
One of my last memories of her is from Christmas. I sat beside of her in the crowded, noisy living room as we opened presents. She opened a package with several rings in it. She shyly pointed them out to me and smiled.
Her smile brightened her face. It was kind of a mischievous smile. It was like she had a secret or had something fun planned. It was a sweet smile. She was a sweet woman.
I didn't see Sallie Morris much. I didn't even know her name until I heard she had died. I only knew her as "Granny." Many people knew her by this affectionate name.
The grandmother of my friends, Gail Suggs and Beckie Sanders, I only saw her at family get-togethers. But I know how special she was to her family and how important she was to them.
Other memories come from the years before she moved into the nursing home. She lived beside of her daughter, Margaret Sanders, and was always standing outside in the yard before we left for trips. She didn't want to miss anything.
The last few months had been especially hard. She was sick a lot and was aging rapidly. It wasn't easy for her or for those who loved her. After a bad weekend, her life ended last week after 85 years.
While the tears flowed from those who loved her, they weren't all because of her death. She is no longer in pain and is in a better place. The tears were for those she left behind. Those who will miss her smile and the good times from when her health was better.
A grandparent is a special person who is there when you need them. From my own experience, I know how easy it is to take these special people for granted. I have lost both of my grandfathers, Howard Clark and Alfred Gary, and a man I thought of as a grandfather, F.C. Carter. You seem to think they will be around forever and then they are gone.
Grandparent's Day will be observed on Sunday. This is not as popular or celebrated a holiday as Mother's Day or Father's Day, but it should be just as important. Be sure to tell your grandparents how important they are to you. These special times together become memories that you will cherish always. I have lots of special memories of my grandfathers and I know that Beckie and Gail have many of their Granny.
Angela Gary is associate editor of The Jackson Herald and editor of The Banks County News.

The Banks County News
September 8, 1999

Festival to offer plenty of fun
Everything from a parade to a watermelon seed spitting contest to a bluegrass band will be featured this weekend in Homer for the annual Banks County Festival. In addition to all of the fun-filled activities, the festival also always offers plenty of opportunities for people to socialize by catching up with old friends and making new friends.
The Banks County Chamber of Commerce spearheads this annual event and numerous volunteers give their time to make it a success. Don't miss any of the fun this weekend.

Letters to the Editor
The Banks County News
September 8, 1999

Reason no one qualified
Dear Editor:
We're responding to the editorial, "Wanted: Candidates for Election" for the Town of Alto. We would like to express our view of why the election had to be canceled because no one qualified for the seats.
According to the information coming from the minutes of the Town of Alto's council meeting held on September 9, 1997, there were approximately 18 people present at the meeting, which included the mayor, council, clerk and visitors. During that meeting, the mayor submitted his letter of resignation effective September 15, 1997. The meeting was later adjourned. Everyone was leaving and then the meeting was reopened with the mayor and four of the council still there.
They then appointed the mayor pro tem to serve the unexpired term left due to the resignation of the mayor during the original meeting that night. They also appointed a citizen of Alto to serve the unexpired term of the council who was appointed as mayor. There were some concerned citizens that love their town and were going to enter the race for council and possibly mayor, if no one else would come forward. After hearing what took place after closing a meeting and then reopening the meeting after everyone had left, they felt like this was like having a closed meeting to appoint a mayor who was already mayor pro tem and did not have to be appointed. The mayor's position should have been put on the ballot for the citizens to elect as they choose. Maybe this could have some bearing on why no one came forward for qualifying.
Grover Stewart and Benny Pierce

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