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By Ben Munro
The Madison County Journal
September 15, 1999

Keep your keys in hand
My simple advice to the rest of the world: before you step out of your car and lock the door, make darn sure you have your keys in your hand. It will make your life a lot easier.
With that said, it shouldn't be hard to figure out what my delimma was on Friday night at West Hall as I was supposed to be covering the action on the field in the match up between the Raiders and the Spartans.
Friday had already presented itself with a rocky start - bombing a test, getting back a bad paper. The evening would just see my stupidity reach a climax as some hasty and forgetful actions on my part left my keys locked away in my Honda Civic.
Various explitives raced through my mind as I stared at those keys through the window of my car, contemplating how I was going to get out of this jam with the game already started.
I calmed myself down and realized that they have people at these games that help out in these sort of situations. I could get this fixed in a good15 minutes. No prob.
Boy was I wrong.
"No we can't help," an officer told me. "The sherriff took away our tools because the department got sued for scratching a car one time that had the keys locked in it."
Legal problems. "Just my luck," I thought to myself as my simple, careless action of closing and locking my door grew more serious as the night wore on.
Several more attempts were returned with the same response: "No tools," "Don't know how to do it," "So and so could do it but he's not here."
And as the problem escalated, I felt increasingly dumber for causing such an ordeal which was keeping me from doing what I had driven an hour to do - cover a football game.
Finally, an assistant principal told me that he had some tools that could open my car. He just had to find them. You guessed it, after a 20-minute search of the front office, we never found them.
It was finally time to call for outside help so I called a wrecker who could supposedly be there in 10 minutes.
I went to the front of the school and waitd and waited and waited. Nothing. Fifteen minutes passed, 20 minutes passed, 30 minutes passed and so on as I stood by myself while the second half action roared in the back ground.
I had not taken a note all night long. What I though I could fix in 15 minutes time was taking all night.
So finally I gave up and called another locksmith who said he could be there in 10 minutes. I was going to be happy if the simply showed up.
And just as I walked out, a blue wrecker truck (the original locksmith) pulled up suddenly.
"Hey did you call about keys in a locked car?" a guy shouted.
"Yeah, I did (about an hour ago!)," I said.
Well, this was finally about to be over, or was it?
When the guys got to my car, they didn't even have a flashlight.
"Uh, we think the flashlight rolled outta' our truck," said the locksmith's assistant, who seemed like he had one too many Budweisers.
So the guy whips out his lighter to try to give the locksmith light to see by - this was going to take forever. Finally, after 15 minutes of this, the locksmith gave up and announced that he was leaving for a minute to go and buy a flashlight. The game was over by this point.
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So I was left to sit there and talk with the seemingly intoxicated assistant who was telling me how great he thought his boss was and how he went around and helped out people along side of the road free of charge.
The generosity speech prompted me to ask, " much will this cost me?"
"40 bucks," he responded. "You can't beat his prices."
The way the night was going, a discount wasn't going to happen.
So finally the locksmith returned and went to work again for another 20 minutes at my car door. After getting nowhere he scratched his head and started to pull down the window just enough to slide a coat hanger down into the car and unlock the door. That took all of 30 seconds.
But the ordeal was over as I forked over $40 and sped away into the night. I had missed the whole game and came away with my wallet a lot lighter. All because I didn't stop to think about what i was doing.
Oh well, I guess you can call it just one of those lessons in life.
Ben Munro is a reporter for The Madison County Journal.

Frank Gillespie
The Madison County Journal
September 15, 1999

Frankly Speaking
Affirmative action: device to maintain slavery
Two news stories have come out of Atlanta in past weeks that are strongly inter-connected.
Mayor Bill Campbell and his supporters have issued dire threats against the Southern Legal Foundation which has filed a lawsuit asking that the city's Affirmative Action program be eliminated. Approximately half of Atlanta's third grade students may not be allowed to advance to the fourth grade because they cannot read.
How can these events be connected? In my opinion, affirmative action is one of the devices used to maintain modern slavery. If you want to keep a people enslaved, you simply keep them ignorant and dependent. Campbell and his friends don't want the Atlanta's black community to become literate. They might just read enough to start thinking for themselves.
The liberal politician thinks that the average person is not capable of taking care of himself.
It is the role of government to run their lives for them. As long as people are dependent on government, their political power remains strong. That is the goal of Affirmative Action.
"Why bother with all that hard study," they suggest to black children. "We will use Affirmative Action to see that you have a good job, even if you can't qualify for it."
Of course, these poor kids will never benefit from the city's affirmative action programs as they now exist. All the advantages go to a handful of rich black friends of the city's political leaders. The only role the poor blacks of Atlanta serve is to justify the continuation of this rip off of the American taxpayers.
The early civil rights leaders were very successful. Any person of any color can achieve anything they wish in America if they are willing to make the effort. There are a large number of black Americans with high paying jobs and serious responsibilities who contribute greatly to our national economy and culture. Most achieved their positions by hard work, not affirmative action!
If Mayor Campbell and other so called black leaders are truly concerned for their children's future, they would be using their time, money and efforts to teach their children to read.
Better yet, they should be teaching the parents how to teach their children to read. Most of their parents read no better than their third grade students.
If these kids are taught to read and motivated to achieve in school. They will become knowledgeable, achieving adults. But then they would not need those liberal social programs. Mayor Campbell, the NAACP and other liberal black "leaders" would have to find another, hopefully more productive, method of building their power.
The best "affirmative action" the leaders of Atlanta can take is to teach their children to read and think for themselves. With a good education, and one must be able to read to achieve a good education, all Atlantians will have an opportunity to succeed without liberal government giveaway programs.
Frank Gillispie is founder of The Madison County Journal.

The Madison County Journal
September 15, 1999

Says some are trying to deceive voters
Dear editor:
As a Bible-believing Christian, I quote the Bible quite often. I apologize if it sounds as though I am judging other people. The bible says we are not to judge others. In other words, we cannot judge anyone to go to Heaven or to Hell. If you will read my letters carefully, you will notice that I am not judging anyone, not saying anyone in particular is going to Hell. I do not know where any particular person is going. That is not my job.
In 1 Corinthians 2:15, we are told the spiritual judgeth all things. Notice the word, things. The Christians are to judge things. That is what I have been doing. Politics are dirty in Madison County. Things.
Some people want the voters to be stupid. We are expected to believe Louie Clark and/or his supporters killed those cows in order to scare off the opposition, when in fact, the cows were not killed; not even stolen. And now we are expected to be stupid and support the acts of revenge by recalling the commissioners. Things. Those are the kinds of things I judge.
It is interesting to me that I have received a number of comments lately from people who support the things I have mentioned in my letters to the editor. Not all of them came from Christians. Don't you find that interesting? You don't have to be a Christian to have good morals and to be able to see that politics are dirty in Madison County.
1 Timothy 4:1-2: "Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times, some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils; speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron."
It is obvious to most Bible-believing Christians (those who read the Bible) that we are living in the latter times. The second coming of Christ seems to be near. That is one reason why I encourage people to get right with God while they still have time. One of the signs is the way people seem so willing to give heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils. And people whose conscience is so seared that they think nothing is wrong with the lies which they speak in hypocrisy. Politics are dirty in Madison County. Revenge. Hatred.
Beware. We will all go to a judgment.
Have a good day. Hope to see you in Heaven.
George Boutwell

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