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SEPTEMBER 22, 1999

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Articles written by Madison County Middle School Students


Munro earns respect and admiration from her students
By Lori Moon
"I went to the same school that Julia Roberts attended," Leigh Ann Munro said about her old high school, Campbell High School in Smyrna, Georgia. No, Munro was not friends with the star, "She's much younger than me."
After Munro graduated from high school, she attended Kennesaw State University. She also attended UGA and University of North Florida. She says that she always wanted to be a vet, but realized that she just was not good enough in chemistry. Instead, she decided to be a teacher, because of her love for science.
Munro's first teaching job was working at an elementary school in Cobb County as a teacher's aide. She then came to MCHS, where she has been ever since. Munro loves her job as a biology teacher. "I meet some great kids. They make me laugh every day."
Of course, her students love her class too. Junior Lacinda Royston recalls, "I really enjoyed her class and learned a lot from her. She had a very distinct way of doing things so that her class never got old or boring."
Sophomore Tyler Beusse simply states, "Class (is) fun."
Munro says there is a low point in teaching. She does not appreciate when students are disrespectful. For the most part, though, her students respect her, as she does them. She learns something new and special from students every day. "(My students) have shown me that our youth are made up of some very bright and responsible young adults, contrary to what we often hear."
Although Munro has many responsibilities at school, she never neglects her responsibilities at home. She and her husband, Phil, have two children. Her son Ben, 21, is a junior at UGA, majoring in journalism. Her other son, Thomas, is 19 and a freshman at Young Harris College.
Munro does not have much free time between her family and teaching, but she finds time to spend with her "entertaining" animals. Since her son's (Thomas) sporting events are over, she has time for other things, like jogging and running. What else does Munro like to do? Impersonations. "But," she adds, "I don't do these in front of my students!"
Munro is well-known around the school, whether it is for her fun class, enjoyable discussions or game of charades. Sophomore Mays Dixon says, "It's the best class yet!"

First junior class meeting held
The Madison County junior class is flying into a new school year with a positive takeoff. Armed with valuable information about upcoming events, the junior class representatives, along with class advisors and counselors, held the first class meeting on Monday, Sept. 13.
Class rings were a very important topic to most people. A representative from Balfour, from which class rings are purchased, was on hand to talk about ring styles and payment plans.
Also, inquiries about pre-paid prom tickets were sailing about the room. These questions were answered when Sabrina Bennett, a class advisor, informed the juniors that their $50 for the ticket should be turned in by Nov. 23. The actual prom will be held in May.
Eleventh-graders are faced with many challenging tests besides the ones they take in their everyday classes. The graduation test must be passed in order to graduate from high school. The writing part of the test will be given on Oct. 5. For juniors who do not have an English class this semester, study sessions will be held. Also, juniors are advised to take the SAT as soon as possible (a requirement to enter most colleges). The pre-SAT, which prepares you for the SAT, will be given on Oct. 12.
These, along with other special events, are promising an exciting year for the junior class.

Roger and Rory Raider
Dear Rory Raider,
I have a big problem! I asked a guy from another school to go with me to our Homecoming game and dance, but now that he is coming, I really don't want to go with him! I just want to go to the game and hang out. What should I do?
Truly Stuck in a Rut

Dear Stuck,
Do not lead him on. Explain to him your feelings and what you want to do. Apologize for the inconvenience and if he still wants to go with you as someone to hang out with, then great. He will probably understand and just shrug it off and forget about it. Good luck.
Rory Raider

SAT prep classes offered
Madison County High School has offered SAT Preparation classes since 1984. The classes are taught after school from 3:15 to 6:15 on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday during the week before a (Saturday) SAT test date.
This total of nine hours of instruction is offered by the mathematics department at least four times a year and often-times more than that when at least five students want to participate in the class. Students pay a fee of $15, which is used to buy materials, buy supper for the teachers involved and to support the activities of the Academic Team and Math Team.
The instruction provided includes taking, scoring and correcting practice tests as well as general test-taking skills information and information about college SAT requirements and admission procedures. These classes have provided many students with opportunities to increase scores and have also helped the entire school realize that preparation and planning are important and pay off. Scores that at one time seemed out of reach for Red Raiders now seem ordinary as we expect many of our students to score high in percentiles.
The fall 1999 SAT preparation class schedule is as follows: session 1, Oct. 4, 5 and 7; session 2, Nov. 1, 2 and 4; and session 3-Nov. 29, 30 and Dec. 2.
Students should attend the session that is held the week prior to their Saturday test date. The fee of $15 is due the first day of the session. Sign-up sheets are posted on the wall beside Room 23.

'Students of the Week' named
Madison County High School's "Students of the Week" for Sept. 20-24 are Crystal Berryman, Waldeena Castleberry, Jennifer Grizzle, Matt Kittle, Lakita Everett, Emma Nash and Lara Sanders. These students, who are chosen weekly by teachers, are awarded the privilege of parking in the teacher parking lot, if they drive, or getting to leave the classroom early for lunch.

'The Lost Elevator' cast and crew announced
"Many will enter, few will win," as the contest disclaimer goes. That certainly seemed to be the case with the auditions of the 50-plus students for the fall play "The Lost Elevator." The decision as to who got picked to be cast members was so difficult that Tammy Westmoreland and Deron Cash, Drama supervisors, decided to put some of their favorite auditioneers into another play, "The Bald Soprano."
"The Lost Elevator" is about a group of very different people that get stuck in an elevator. The cast of "The Lost Elevator" is as follows: Brannon Rogers, Big Easy-going Man; Steven Hacket, Engaged Young Man; Addie Johnson, Housewife; Brandi Bates, Messenger Girl; Charity Askins, Engaged Young Lady; Tyler Embler, Book Salesman; Arrie Brown, Romantic Old Maid; Stephanie Cobb, Girl with Dentist Appointment; Sarah Sjoberg, Nice Old Lady; Nick Ravotti, Elevator Operator; and Leannah Hamann, Lady in a Hurry. The student director is Ashley Waller.
"The Bald Soprano" is a scene study about two couples bored with everyday life. The cast of "The Bald Soprano" is as follows: Jennifer Sams, Mrs. Martin; Bryce Hix, Fire Chief; Steven Hacket, Mr. Smith; Marlana Phillips, Mrs. Smith; Jessica Bullins, Voice Clock; and Steven Boutwell, Mr. Martin. The student director is Ashley Poole.
Many students were selected to be on the stage crew, which includes such jobs as prompter, props/lighting, costumes, make-up/hair and publicity. The job of stage manager goes to Stacy Griffin.


Bishop in eleventh year at MCMS
I recently had an opportunity to interview Mrs. Dianne Bishop. Mrs. Bishop likes to read, camp and travel. She recently took a trip to Alaska over the summer. She has a son, Adam Bishop, and a husband, Wayne Bishop. She has a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in education from the University of Georgia. This is her eleventh year at Madison County Middle School. She is a sixth grade teacher and the team leader of team 6-2. She has taught sixth grade for 10 years and remedial reading for one year. I can personally say she is a great teacher and I thank her for taking the time to do this interview with me.

MCMS football season opens
The new 1999 Mustang football season is here and we are all ready. This year we hope to win. Now let's take a look at the remaining 1999 football schedule: Sept. 25, Hart County, 6 p.m., away; Sept. 30, Elbert County, 5 p.m., home; Oct. 7, North Habersham, 5 p.m., home; and Oct. 16, Stephens County, 7 p.m., away.
The Madison County Middle School band will be playing at the home games. Come out and support our team as we tackle our opponents and run to victory.
The Mustangs were victorious over Franklin County 20-6 Sept. 14 and South Habersham 30-8 last Thursday. Way to go, Mustangs!

D.A.R.E. program held at middle school
The seventh grade students at Madison County Middle School recently completed the D.A.R.E. program taught by Madison County D.A.R.E. officer David Patton. Mr. Patton taught the students the importance of saying no! He also taught us to stand up for your rights and to not give in to peer pressure. We also got prizes in D.A.R.E. classes like pens, pencils, water bottles and other things with the D.A.R.E. logo on them. I personally enjoyed D.A.R.E. because it helped me and my classmates learn to work through our problems. At the end of D.A.R.E. class, we got T-shirts with a cool D.A.R.E. logo on them and a certificate. Thanks to the Madison County Sheriff's department and our school for allowing us to participate in the D.A.R.E. program. Also, thanks to Mrs. Terri Myers and Ms. Cathy McKenzie for helping us with our D.A.R.E. class.

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