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SEPTEMBER 29, 1999

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Articles written by Madison County Middle School Students

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Softball, a different perspective
As our team huddled up for our last home game, I found myself nervous and tears came to my eyes and ran down my face.
I would never huddle up with these team members at our field again. I would never give the team anot
her pep talk.
I would never look in these stands and see friends and family cheering us on. I would never look to the coach for signals. I would never step up to this place to bat again.
I would never steal another base on this field. I was coming to the end of my softball career at my school.
This year's season has been the most fun. There is some special memory I share with each one of my teammates.
I thank Tawana Moon for always being there for me, for giving me tips for batting and loosening me up when I was nervous.
Heather Jones and I always slapped gloves when we were playing defense, and she always believed in me.
Shelley Bates had a dimpled smile as I waited for the word "baaet" to come out.
I always shared "stories" with Valerie Norman.
All I need to say about Amanda Lewis is that she brightened every day with her unique personality.
When I first started playing softball, I was in the fifth grade. It was slow-pitch then. Tawana Moon and I started the same year and on the same team.
My coach, Dean Adams, taught me so much my first year. I was an outfielder. I got to be the bat girl for All-Stars that year because he wanted me to see what it was all about.
Then I played on the middle school team and also at the recreation department.
When I reached high school I was so overwhelmed with the upperclassmen. In tenth grade I realized high school slow-pitch is a totally different game.
I really wanted to play fast-pitch that year to get a start on it, but played varsity instead. I was the catcher and loved it! Then my 11th grade year came along.
It was the worst year of my softball career. I thought my playing fast-pitch was over; I did not think I would ever hit the ball.
The next summer I was on a travel team. We played in big tournaments in Atlanta. That season I hit the ball. I love softball now.
Our coach, Steve Bates, taught me so much about the game.
Now that I might be ending my softball career, I see things differently when I step on the field. I know I have to play my best and "do whatever it takes to make the play." Coach Doug Kesler always said this when we went on the field.
This is probably my last year of softball and I will definitely miss it. I will miss little things like the way my glove smells. I will miss the way my dad gets all uptight when we are on our way to a game.
I will miss the way my mom gives me pointers on hitting. I love the game and will never forget my teammates and the great times we shared!

Homecoming court voting begins
Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who's the prettiest of them all? That is what students were trying to decide during the advisement period held last week.
Students voted on who they wanted to be on homecoming court by circling names on ballots. Seniors who were at Probe Fair went by Dr. Clark's room to cast their votes.
Freshmen were allowed to vote for two representatives, sophomores three, juniors four, and seniors chose five. Nominees will be announced and voted for the week of the homecoming game ­ Oct. 22 against Jackson County.
One senior will be chosen as homecoming queen, and one underclassman will be chosen as maid of honor during the game's halftime.

Students of the week named at MCHS
The students of the week for Sept. 20-24 are: Susan Couch, Nick Ayala, Brooke Kesler, Addie Johnson and Calvin Shelton.
These students will receive either a lunch pass, which will allow them to leave early for lunch, or a parking pass to park in the teacher parking lot.


Softball team offers thanks
The MCMS girls' softball team would like to express a special thanks to Coach Doy Arrowood and Coach Buddy Logan for all of their hard work this year. We would also like to thank Mrs. Terri Myers for being a very dependable scorekeeper. They have helped the season go smoothly.

Middle school band performs
The Madison County Middle School Band is made up of sixth through eighth grade students. Throughout the year students learn new songs and do fund-raisers to help support the band. Around fall, Christmas, and spring each year students get a chance to perform a selection of songs they have learned.
The band also plays at football games and pep rallies to help fire up the Mustangs. A big thank you goes out to Mrs. Jo-Beth Guest for working so hard to help our band be so great.

Accelerated Reader Program gives students incentive
Accelerated Reader is a program for students to read books and take computerized tests over them. Most teachers use the Accelerated Reader points as part of their reading grade for a nine weeks. Different books have different point values. Students that gain 15 or more points receive some type of reward at the end of the nine weeks. Accelerated Reader is a wonderful program to reward students for their reading efforts. All students are encouraged to READ, READ, READ and get their AR points!

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