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Madison County's Drew Brantley (left), Brad Kirk (center) and Drew Sparks (right) celebrate after the Raiders' 32-13 win over Jackson County Friday. The victory was the team's first of the year. (See page 1B for the story).
Photo by Travis Hatfield

City elections set for Tues.
Voters to decide Danielsville mayor's post, Comer council seat
Voters in Danielsville will choose either Glenn Cross or Ray Watson as their mayor Tuesday, while Comer residents will pick Carla Ingram or Randy Williams for the city's District 2 council seat.
Here's a brief look at each candidate:
Cross, Danielsville's mayor for the past two years, has been a Madison County resident for the past 28 years. He is an outside sales representative for Farmer's Hardware in Athens. Cross graduated from high school in Alabama and received a trade degree from Athens Tech in electrical heat and air in 1978.
Prior to being mayor, Cross served on the Danielsville City Council for two years.
The incumbent said his favorite thing about Danielsville is its "friendly people and small city atmosphere."
He said the city faces a challenge establishing ordinances in language that can be followed by everyone. Cross allowed that it "takes a Philadelphia lawyer" to understand current city zoning regulations.
"We're trying to get them (city ordinances) in simple terms so everybody can understand," said Cross.
Cross added that he won't quit as mayor, "though a lot do (quit)" before their term is up, he said. He also said he will work to keep burdens low on city residents.
"I'll do everything I can to keep taxes and utilities low and to keep the city operating in a good, efficient manner," said Cross. "I want to keep the community safe with good police and fire protection. And I think the community should be informed and involved....Whether I'm elected or not, I still want to be involved in the city."
Cross and his wife, Joan, who teaches at Danielsville Elementary School, have three children - Cody, an investigator with the Madison County Sheriff's Department; Susan Anglin, who lives in Madison County; and Len Black, Elberton.
Watson, who was born in Arcadia, Fla., has lived in Madison County since he was 5 years old.
He finished the 10th grade at Danielsville High School but did

Pumpkin patch kids
BCarlton family nurtures surprise pumpkins

Ethan and Heath Gilley of Carlton have to look no further than their own front yard for a pumpkin this Halloween.
They have their very own pumpkin patch growing right by their front door.
Their mother, Janice Gilley, thought nothing of it when she mowed over the strange vine growing by the front door last spring.
But several days later, she noticed it was back - this time with a bloom on it.
She showed it to Ethan, 7, and Heath, 6, and they began to discuss what the vine could be.
"We bought a pumpkin in the mountains last fall and sat it on the porch," she recalled. "And it rotted a little before we moved it."
She and her husband, also named Heath, speculated that it could be a pumpkin vine.
Mrs. Gilley decided to turn it into a learning experience for their two sons.
Instead of mowing the vine down again, she and the boys researched how to care for the suspected pumpkin vine.
Mrs. Gilley called a relative in Michigan, where they have pumpkin growing competitions, to ask for her advice.
After finding out the finer points of pumpkin growing, the boys began to nurture their vine, making sure to water it every day and put Miracle Gro fertilizer on it twice a week.
The vine flourished - a little too much.
"Our front yard began to look like a jungle," Mrs. Gilley said.
Soon there were a number of the orange blooms on the big vine and the family watched and learned how the blooms open to the early morning sun and close up in the

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