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November 3, 1999
Baldwin should tax all residents or do away with property tax
Baldwin officials have argued for months over whether the town's residents living in Banks County should pay a property tax. The town already taxes its Habersham County residents.
City attorney David Syfan and Mayor Mark Reed are right on the mark with their opinion that both sides need to be taxed. It is not fair to split the county in half and make one side pay property taxes and the other side not.
It's time for this matter to be settled. It shouldn't have to take the state attorney general to tell the council that what they are doing is not fair. The council needs to take a stand on this issue and tax both sides or do away with the property tax all together.

News, ad deadlines moved up for next week

News and ad deadlines have been moved up for next week due to the Veteran's Day holiday on Thursday, Nov. 11.
The deadline for classified and display ads will be at noon on Friday. The legal deadline will remain the same, noon Thursday.
The news deadline will be 5 p.m. Friday. This includes school, social and other news submitted to the paper.
The papers will be available late Tuesday night on the news stands and will be delivered by mail Wednesday. The change was made because the post offices will be closed on Thursday, Nov. 11.
The news offices in Jefferson, Homer, Danielsville and Commerce will remain open for the holiday.

By Amanda Roberts
The Banks County News
November 3, 1999

I can see!!!
My senior year in college is when it happened. I tried to ignore it. This happens to people who are ... you know ... old. I'm young. It can't be happening to me, I would say. I ignored it for a long time until I couldn't stand it any longer. I had to admit it: my eyesight wasn't what it used to be. I couldn't see the board. I couldn't read road signs. Everything from afar was blurry. I had to go to the eye doctor. I couldn't believe I had to wear glasses.
I hated those glasses!! I refused to wear them. I had at least 50 excuses explaining why I couldn't wear them. My next eye exam was awful. My vision was only getting worse. CONTACTS!! That's it. I will wear contacts.
My sister, Angie, has worn them forever. Why didn't I get them in the first place? Little did I know that contacts would only be a bigger thorn than glasses. I went through five different kinds. Every pair danced around in my eyes. One pair was lost somewhere in my eyelids for about two days. Daddy pinned me down and about rolled my eyeball out of my head. That's enough!! No more contacts. Something else must be out there for me.
Aunt Peggy came to my rescue. She told me about corrective eye surgery. We watched a video about it. This painless surgery was the way for me. I couldn't make the appointment fast enough. Angie would be so happy for me. I can always count on her for support. When I called her, the response I got was ... NO!! YOU'LL GO BLIND!! YOU'RE NOT SERIOUS ... I'M TELLIN' MAMA!
Well, this really made me want to have the surgery. I would prove her wrong. I wasn't nervous at all until the night before. Angie called to inform me that she and Mama were going to be there with me. Every step of the way. Great, a worrywort and a pessimist.
We arrived at the doctor's office early. First mistake. I didn't know you could sit in the waiting room and watch the doctor perform the surgery. Then there was the TV screen which showed the eye and every move the doctor made. Angie was like a cat on a hot tin roof. I almost had to blindfold her. Before the procedure began, they game me a few "relaxers." I wish Angie and Mama could have had some. They needed it more than me. I decided to go first so Angie and Mama wouldn't have a nervous breakdown. The surgery didn't last long at all and was really painless. Having to stare at a bright light was the hardest thing for me. Other than that, it really wasn't bad. I could almost see clearly the minute I got up. I thanked God it was over and everything went successfully. Angie finally calmed down.
The doctors are great! They called to check on me and have made several appointments to continue checking my vision. My vision is 20/15! I can't tell you how wonderful it is to not wrestle with contacts or wear glasses all of the time. Thank God, I can see and I didn't listen to Angie.
Amanda Gary Roberts is a resident of Homer and a fourth grade teacher at Maysville Elementary School.

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