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NOVEMBER 3, 1999

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The next Audrey Hepburn?
Lights, cameras, action... a movie star is made. At least, that is what junior Charity Askins aspires to be. She would like to work in performing arts and theater when she becomes an adult and is thinking about attending DePaul University in Chicago.
Charity is paving the way to success by involving herself in the drama club and chorus. She has performed in two school productions and will be in the upcoming play "The Lost Elevator." Recently, she was chosen to attend a meeting in Atlanta for the Georgia Governor's Honors program. She was nominated in Atlanta.
Aside from being an excellent student, Charity is very talented in other areas of creative arts such as drawing and writing. Patty Coulter, her art teacher, said, "Whenever Charity aspires to do something, she always does it whole-heartedly and to the best of her ability."
Charity is also known for her splendid personality. "Charity is the kind of person you want to hate because she is so good in everything she does," said junior Arrie Brown. "But she is so nice, you just have to love her."
Charity's helpful and caring nature is summed up in a simple comment.
"In my life, I want to make a difference," Charity said. "I want to be remembered for the good things that I have done."

Roger and Rory Raider
Dear Roger and Rory Raider,
I am having a problem at home with my mom and step-dad. They are always fussing at me about my brother. My brother has done some really stupid things since he has moved out of the house. My step-dad thinks I am going to follow in his footsteps because I like doing things with him. I love my brother a lot and my step-dad is trying to make me stop being around him when he is at the house (which is not often). I do not want to have to choose between the two of them. Please help!

Dear Torn,
Sometimes step-parents just do not understand their step-children. Sure, they try, but since they do not have that biological link that most parents have, they do not "click" with their step-children. Your step-dad obviously does not know you well enough to trust you. I mean, he knows you, but he thinks you are more vulnerable then you really are. He is trying to protect you from becoming like your brother. It sounds to me that you know about all the things your brother does and you accept him for those things, but you know in your heart that you will not pick up his bad habits. Try to tell your parents this and maybe they will gain more respect for you and allow you to see and talk to your brother more. Help your mom and step-dad to understand you and in return you will better understand them. Good luck.
Yours Truly,
Roger and Rory Raider

Senior parent meeting held
Your senior year of high school is very important. To make the most of it, your parents, teachers and friends have to support you.
Recently, senior parents met to discuss financial aid, scholarships and admission requirements. This meeting was conducted by guidance counselors Susan Young, Brittan Ayers and financial aid consultant Michelle Garrison.
Parents were informed of SAT and ACT dates, scholarship deadlines and college application deadlines. They also received information on the HOPE scholarhip, financial aid procedures and local college admission requirements. The meeting lasted about an hour and proved to be only the start of a year full of preparations for graduation.

Red ribbon week held at MCMS
Red Ribbon Week was recently celebrated at Madison County Middle School. This week, sponsored by the Y-Club, is designed to remind people that "Drug Free is the Way to Be."
Mr. Jason Booth, the Y-Club sponsor, helped the Y-Club members get Red Ribbons ready to put up in our school. Also, all students and teachers were given a red ribbon to wear throughout the week to remind them to be drug free.
As part of Red Ribbon Week, the seventh grade students were treated to a special assembly by the Madison County High School PRIDE group. The PRIDE group performed several skits and did several songs and dances to entertain the seventh graders. Most of it was funny, but it all had a serious point to it - that a world without drugs is a better world. They stressed to all of us that the best way to stay off drugs is to never start using them. We appreciate Mrs. Sally Boleman, the leader of the group, and the entire PRIDE group taking time out of their busy schedules to do this assembly for us.

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