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NOVEMBER 10, 1999

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More than just the basics - students learn survival skills
You are stranded in the woods. No matches, no food. Civilization is miles away and you have no idea when you will see another human being. What do you do? Thanks to Paul McClendon, the educational director at the State Botanical Gardens, Tammy Westmoreland's English classes now know how to survive.
McClendon came Tuesday, Nov. 2, at Mrs. Westmoreland's request. Her students are reading the book "Walk About" and she wanted to give them a better perspective on survival in the wilderness. McClendon informed the students of different edible plants and insects, encouraging the students to partake in the "fine dining." They stood amazed when McClendon produced fire "magically" in minutes using only rocks and sticks. Freshmen Lee Huth commented, "I thought the technique he used to build a fire was very interesting."
Mrs. Westmoreland's classes thoroughly enjoyed the visit of this informative survivalist and truly learned "life lessons."

Spotlight on Brittan Ayers
Young children dream of becoming many things. Some will become doctors, lawyers or politicians. However, many will become teachers and mentors.
We are lucky to have a new mentor this year in the guidance office at MCHS. Her name is Mrs. Brittan Ayers.
Ayers, who grew up in Franklin and Oglethorpe Counties, has always wanted to be a teacher.
She proved to be a very active member of her high school, participating in such things as cheerleading, Beta Club and serving as Student Council president.
After graduating from high school, Ayers attended the University of Georgia to become a math teacher.
This is both her first year at MCHS and her first year as a counselor.
"I have felt very welcome by both the faculty and the students," Ayers said.
Like all other people, Ayers likes to kick back and relax every once in a while. In her free time, she enjoys reading and going to the lake to ski and ride the jet ski. Ayers also enjoys spending time with her two Jack Russell terriers, her brand-new kitten and her husband.
Many may find high school a stressful time and students may look to the guidance counselors for advice and help. Ayers' cheerfulness and willingness to help are sure to make a very positive impact on the school year.

Students of the week announced
Congratulations to Seth Brown, J.J. Burton, Brandon Chicotel, Heather Jones, Ashley Sanders, Shawonna Curry and Tawana Moon for being selected as "students of the week."
Students are selected for recognition by their teachers and each student has a choice of an early-to-lunch pass for themselves and a friend or a parking permit for the teacher's parking lot.

Local bodybuilder visits school
Middle-weight bodybuilder Melissa Marino recently talked to physical fitness classes. She discussed her career as a bodybuilder and how she has attained her current status.
Marino gave tips on how to diet and exercise. She also flexed a few muscles. Marino has been bodybuilding for seven years. She weighs about 145 pounds, bench presses 250 pounds and squats 375 pounds. Marino works out three hours a day at the YMCA in Athens.
Students were given the opportunity to ask questions and make comments. Marino was very attentive and answered them all. We would like to thank Melissa Marino for taking the time out of her schedule to talk to us.

MCHS club pictures taken
Every five minutes, students stood up and walked out of class, and teachers made no attempt to stop them.
Sound strange? Not really, considering that it was Club Picture Day.
Students left their classrooms at their clubs' scheduled times, headed to the gym and filed into the bleachers to have their pictures taken for the 1999-2000 Hilltopper yearbook.
Club advisors used lists of paid members to ensure that only people who had paid their dues for that club were allowed in the pictures.
Because all clubs were not included on the club cards issued at the beginning of the year, the cards could not be used as passes out of class.

A new talent in the marching band
Chad Coulter may be just a freshman, but he thinks he knows it all.
Coulter is a talented percussionist at MCHS and does know it all - about percussion instruments, that is.
This is Chad's first year in the Red Raider Marching Band. With his unique talent, he slid easily into his position as one of only two freshmen in the "pit." Chad has played xylophone since the seventh grade and currently plays for both the marching and symphonic bands. You may have heard Chad's solo "Axel F" during the football games.
But the xylophone is not all Chad knows how to play. In fact, he can play all of the percussion instruments, but right now his main interest is in the quads. To further this interest, he is taking quad lessons at UGA form a former member of the Blue Devils Drum Corps. Chad plans on playing the quads for the marching band next year.
"I like to play the drums because I get to hit stuff with big sticks," Chad said.
He hopes to compete and march in DCI (Drum Corps International) by the time he is a senior.
People from around the world audition for a drum corps like the Blue Devils, Carolina Crown and Crossmen. If Chad is successful, he will be able to travel and perform all over the world.
Chad is also involved in many other activities. He attends Colbert Methodist Church. He has been playing tennis since the fifth grade and plans on playing for the school in the spring.
After high school, Chad hopes to march in UGA's Red Coat Band.
Right now, he spends what is left of his time on the computer and practicing the quads, managing to keep his grades up despite his busy schedule.
"Chad is very talented," band director Paul Anderson said. "He is able to play all percussion instruments. Chad is a true percussionist, not a drummer."

DCT student of the week named
This week's DCT "student of the week" is Marsha Arnold.
Marsha has been employed as a cashier at the Bread Basket in Colbert for almost six months.
Her outgoing personality, true dedication to her job and determination to be an exceptional worker make Marsha a valuable employee.
She enjoys working and says she has learned to be more responsible through the DCT program.
Although her future plans are not yet decided, this program has helped Marsha prepare for her life after high school.
Her employer, Randy Michaels, says he appreciates the hard work she does.
"Marsha is a very dependable employee," he said. "She works her assigned schedule and fills in on short notice. She is well-liked by her co-workers and customers."
Congratulations, Marsha!

Roger and Rory Raider
Dear Roger and Rory,
I have a problem with a friend. She has missed several days of school this year and is failing most of her classes because of this. She asks me for help getting caught up by allowing her to copy notes and such. I do not mind this, but when she is in class and not paying attention or sleeping, she again asks for my notes. It is one thing to be out, but another to be goofing off or sleeping. I feel used and very mad. She was in class today after being out most of the week and she was sleeping. I told her she had better wake up before she got even farther behind, but she did not. I do not know what to do with my friend who is slipping into very bad habits. Help.
Yours Truly,
All Used Up

Dear Used,
You should not let anyone use you for anything. It is not right. You should not be made to feel like less than you are. Tell your friend that the things you do are for her and that she should either start coming to school and do her work or not to bother asking you for help. She needs to learn now that there will not always be a safety net to catch her. For the rest of her life after high school, she will be on her own. No one will be there to protect her from getting behind or help her with her notes every day. Tell her you are tired of being used and you will not help her if she does not get her act together. A friend is someone who helps you in a time of need and who you can help when they need it. But if someone is constantly coming to you for something and you are not feeling that person sincerely appreciates your help, then stop being so nice to the person and stand up for yourself.
Roger and Rory

FCA sponsors fright night hayride
To get everyone in the fall season, FCA sponsored a hayride. Some huddle leaders told stories to scare the riders as they went by. The riders got off of the trailers in Ila. They walked deep into the woods and were "spooked" by sounds of the night and by other students running from behind trees as they walked in the dark. As they rode, they passed a "haunted" house. Ghosts flew through trees and sounds came from the house to give the spectators a fright.
Everyone enjoyed roasting their own hotdogs over a bonfire after the ride was over. Before the ride, Coach Mike Osborne spoke about coming to know the Lord Jesus Christ. Lives were touched and everyone had a great time.

Mustang Weekly
Madison County Middle School basketball teams named
Congratulations to the 1999-2000 Madison County Mustang basketball teams. Team members include:
Courtney Arrowood, Laura Baird, Jessica Barrett, Latoya Cobbs, Ashley Dinsmore, Melissa Elrod, Kelli Grimes, Ryan Gutherie, Genny McDonald, Heather McDonald, Mandy Perry and Jill Thomas.
Jessica Bentle, Kimberly Edins, Rebecca Faulkner, Jamie Fitzpatrick, Loryn Griffeth, Rebecca Hancock, Amber Klinger, Abbi Osley, Brandi Robertson, Taylor Sapp, Erica Smith, Tasha Sorrells, Kerri Lynn Stith and Bonnie Westbrook.
Blake Austin, Brent Bird, Keno Gantt, Tobias Gantt, Emarkeo Jackson, Ben Jeffers, T.C. Ledford, Seth McCain, Micah Sales and Nate Sapp.
Bryan Bird, Josh Booker, Corey Boswell, Dwayne Drake, Russ Drake, Donte Montgomery, Kyle Norton, Will Ryder, Matt Seawright, Lee Shivers, Antoine Strickland, Ty Tolbert and Michael Young.
The girls' teams are coached by Veronica Hunter and the boys' teams are coached by Tim Drake. The first game will be on Saturday, Nov. 20, at the middle school gym. The first game begins at 10 a.m.

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