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NOVEMBER 24, 1999

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Young actors prove to be standouts
So much talent all crammed into one night. On Thursday, Friday and Saturday of last week, the Drama Club presented "A Night of One Acts." The cast performed to a full house. The actors were students in the Drama Club and drama classes.
On Thursday,"The Bald Soprano," which was put on by the Drama Club, started the night off. A good choice to begin the evening with, the actors captured the awe of the audience with their brilliant performance. The short play was about the life of middle class English couples. The actors fully portrayed their characters down to the English accent.
Then the drama classes took over with their performances. These included excerpts from "Three on a Bench," "Romeo and Juliet," "Whose Life is it Anyway?," and "Harvey." On behalf of Cheri Crumbley who played the part of Mercutio in "Romeo and Juliet," Ashley Burford, a member of the audience, commented,"I was astounded when Cheri entered the stage and stole the show." The part certainly seemed to come naturally to her.
The old saying, "saving the best for last," was true for the last play of the evening. "The Lost Elevator," also performed by members of the Drama Club, was about various people stuck between the 12th and 14th floors in an elevator together. The act shows how they react in different ways to what is going on. Standout Leannah Hamann performed extremely well as "a woman in a hurry."
"I was very worried about the performance, but it turned out really well," she said after the play.
Another outstanding performance was by senior Steven Hackett, who made quite an impression in both "The Bald Soprano" and "The Lost Elevator."
This year was the first for the Drama Club in its own auditorium. The plays in the past were held in the cafeteria, which required a lot more work and preparation.
The night was enjoyed by all. The audience left talking about the plays, and students stayed behind to compliment their classmates on their performances. Different one-act plays were performed on Friday and Saturday night, while "The Bald Soprano" and "The Lost Elevator" were performed all three nights.

MCHS Y-Club holds necessity drive
In the morning before you head off to work or school, what do you do? You probably shower and clean up to make yourself look presentable. Could you imagine not having the money to buy soap or a comb and having to go to work or a job interview looking unkempt? How long do you think you would work there, assuming you get the job? Probably not long.
Working with the Athens Covenant Community Ministry, the Y-Club organized a school-wide drive to collect the personal care necessities to help people with this need. The response to the Y-Club's call was tremendous for their November community project. For about three weeks teachers collected designated products from students, and on Nov. 18, 1610 items were delivered to the ministry.
The Y-Club would like to thank each teacher and student who helped to make the project a success.

Anatomy rules for Ms. Robin Jones
Ms. Robin Jones' goal is to prepare students for college. She feels if she does not prepare them she is not doing what she should. Many times the things she makes her students do are not very much fun, but they all serve a purpose. She receives satisfaction in just knowing or in them knowing they succeeded in college. She takes teaching very seriously. She feels it is very important because it affects so many people's lives.
Jones wants students not only to learn science but to like it as well. Her favorite thing about teaching is when her students finally understand it and she can see it in their eyes. She calls this the "Eureka Syndrome!"
Junior Randall Ballenger said, "You can tell by the way she teaches that she really cares about each and every one of her students. She wants the best for them."
Jones was born in California and grew up in Sarasota and Ocala. Her mom is a nurse and her brother is a music teacher. She graduated from Vanguard High School in Sarasota. Jones went to college at Central Florida for three years, then moved to Georgia in January of 1981 to finish her schooling at the University of Georgia.
When asked why she became a science teacher, she said, "My love of science. I took a lot of science classes, and I love to work with kids. It was just a natural combination."
Jones has been teaching for 13 years. She taught for six years in Social Circle and has completed seven years with Madison County High School. One of her dreams was to be a forensic pathologist, but she realized that it was just a dream, as she was more suited for a teacher.
Her number one priority in life is her daughter Catherine, who is "her blessing from God." Her other hobbies are exercise, doing things around the house and other small home projects.

Ronnie and Rochelle Raider
Dear Roger and Rory,
In middle school, my grades were straight As, but now that I am in high school it seems that I have better things to do than homework. My grades are still good (A&B average) but I want them to be straight As again. How can I get back on track?

Thanks a lot,
Slightly Slipping

Dear Slipping,
High school is a bigger pond than middle school. There is more work to do as well as more activities to participate in and events to attend. It is like a warm-up for life, in which you will always be bombarded by several things to do at once. High school, however, is the foundation for life as well. If you do not get a good start in high school, you could end up paying dearly later. Take your time and do your homework. Study now in preparation for the future. Good luck.

Roger and Rory

MCHS academic team says: 'Just call me egghead'
Name the mountain with the highest altitude in Europe. You have 5 seconds. Could you answer this question with the pressure of a stopwatch counting down the seconds behind you. The varsity academic team can.
With three home matches behind them, the academic team has proven that they can stand up to tough competition. So far they have competed against Jackson County, Commerce and Jefferson, and stand undefeated. The average score for our team is 301 and for our opponents is around 200.
Four juniors are on the team including: Cynthia Jones, Mira May, Drew Perry and Bonnie Simmons. The seniors on the team include: Bradley Ash, Artemus Angles, Mary Burger, Tim Costyn, Donnie Hatcher, Mark Highland and Nick Mattox. Senior Tim Costyn is the current captain.
As junior Cynthia Jones stated, "It is hard as a junior competing for playing time, but with Costyn as the captain there is never a dull moment," proving even exercising your brain can be fun!

Basketball Raiders kick off season
The players thundered down the court, the crowd cheered and the cheerleaders jumped and shouted. This looked like a regular basketball game. Wrong! It was the red and gray games. The varsity and JV basketball teams mixed their teams together to form the red and the gray teams. Varsity cheerleaders cheered on the gray teams while the JV cheerleader rooted for the red teams. The girls' game started at 10 a.m. and the guys' began at 12 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 13.
Both the guys' and girls' gray teams were victorious. After a great job on Saturday, the season looks to be one filled with many victories.

Students of the week named
Students of the week for Nov. 15-19, were as follows: Joseph Mahoney, Kelli Fitzpatrick, Phillip Smith, Matt Cleghorne, Laura Adams, Marcus Lang, Robert Geiger, and Steve Austin.
These students were chosen by their teachers for exemplifying great behavior in the classroom. Their names were announced over the public address system by principal Allen McCannon on Monday morning. These students were given the choice of an early-to-lunch pass or a parking pass for the teacher parking lot.
Congratulations to our students of the week.

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