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DECEMBER 15, 1999

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Cheek named DCT Student of the Week
Currently employed at Hughes Cabinet Company since the second of November, senior Kevin Cheek holds the position of plant manager. He hopes to someday achieve his goal of becoming a criminal justice lawyer or working in law enforcement.
Cheek said DCT has helped him a lot financially. The money he has earned helps him pay for necessities such as clothes, as well as a chorus trip to Disney World this spring.
Supervisor Jackie Hughes has been very impressed by Cheek's work so far.
"Kevin has been very punctual and cooperative," said Hughes.

Moon named for All-State First Team
"My first reaction was ecstatic and surprised," said senior Tawana Moon, who was named as an alternate for the All-State First Team in softball. This honor will allow her to play in Columbus during the summer if someone should decide they do not want to play.
Tawana has played softball all four years of her high school career and this is her first time being nominated for this award. When asked if she would play softball in college, she replied, "Maybe." Tawana also said that softball has given her the skill to put aside her differences with people and play with a team attitude.
Congratulations to Tawana Moon for a job well done!

Cash is an enjoyable teacher
Many students would say that Mr. Deron Cash's way of teaching is fun. That would be an understatement. In his six years of teaching he has taught Economics, World Geography and Current Issues in a unique way.
"I chose to teach social studies because it has always been enjoyable to me and something I liked doing," said Cash.
Junior Travis Moak said, "He is a very interesting teacher. His teaching style is unique and his humor makes his classes very enjoyable."
In his spare time, Cash enjoys having meals with family and friends, watching movies, reading, listening to music, writing and gardening.
Although he may not be close to retirement, Cash already has plans to own a few greenhouses, a small fish pond and a large library.

Juniors celebrate class rings
The junior class congregated in the lunchroom after school last Wednesday to pay for their class rings. The junior class sponsors, Mrs. Sabrina Bennett and Mrs. Renee Carey, hovered about keeping everything running smoothly. Refreshments, including a cake, cookies and drinks, were provided. While they waited, the juniors admired each others' rings. Most juniors got their rings on Wednesday; however, if they could not stay after school, they could pick them up on Thursday during their lunch period.

Volleyball holds awards banquet
The 1999 Volley Raiders held their annual awards banquet on Tuesday at Ryan's in Athens. Players received awards for being first, second or third year members. Most valuable player (MVP) and captain awards were also given out.
Certificate of participation awards were given to all first-year members: senior Dongwen Cheapoo, sophomore Kelli Fitzpatrick and freshmen Jenna Faulkner and Colleen Cavanagh.
Members who participated for two years received letters and will receive their jackets soon. They include senior Angelia Clark, juniors Nicole Cavanagh and Kristine Coley and sophomore Leah Hardeman.
Third-year award plaques were given to seniors Heather Hanley and Natalea Ferrell and juniors Christy Clark and Stacy Reese.
The "Captain Award" was given to Heather Hanley and the 1999 MVP, for the second year, was Angelia Clark.
Congratulations to the 1999 Volley Raiders on a great season.

Roger and Rory Raider
How to get help with MCHS traditions?
Dear Roger and Rory,
Being a first-year student at MCHS without an older sibling, I often do not know or I am confused about special events and other things that go on. Who should I ask for help when I do not understand some of these traditions?
Traditionally Out-of-it

Dear Traditionally,
I was fortunate to grow up with two older siblings, so knowing the traditions was not hard. However, in your case I can see where there might be a problem. Find someone you can trust, or a teacher and ask them about these things. Madison County traditions can be a lot of fun if you are educated about them and you know what is going on.
Roger and Rory

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